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Archive of Our Own (AO3) is an open-source, non-profit repository for fanfiction and other user-contributed fanwork. Created in 2008, the site hosts 7 million works in more than 40,000 fandoms. AO3 has received accolades for its curation, organization and design, done by readers and fanfiction writers.

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In the video games category, Dragon age has more than 60,000 works. The fascinating and complex world of Thedas is perfect for fans, enriching lore and mythology with new and exciting adventures. Some of these fanfics mix modern elements with Dragon ageIt is a fantasy and medieval setting, while others stick to the Thedas of the games. All these works prove to what extent the enthusiast DA fandom is and why the franchise is still relevant today.

ten Life after Bull

Iron Bull in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The possible betrayal of Iron Bull during the events of the Intruder No one saw the DLC coming. The sting of losing a limb so close to the inner circle is more significant than the game recognizes. It is even worse if the Inquisitor is in a relationship with Bull at the time of the betrayal.

Life after Bull defines the action of the months after the tragic events that took place in the Exalted Council. The Inquisitor, Veda Adaar, deals with the after-effects of her life-changing adventure and the betrayal of the one she loved. Author hawlibear paints a nuanced portrayal of grief in a world as ruthless as Thedas, where a song of bards can be as deadly as a blade of Qunari.

9 The singer and the swordsman

Angry Fenris in Dragon Age 2

Fenris, the brooding and brooding elf companion Dragon age ii, is the star of this work by author Verdigirl. The character, who did not return for Inquisition, still has an active fan base in the DA community, mainly because it is a romance option for Hawke, man and woman.

The singer and the swordsman follows Fenris as he encounters an injured fugitive in an alleyway. The work combines elements of romance and action, mixed with politics and magic that are the hallmarks of Dragon age universe.

8 Proposal

Romance between Dorian and Inquisitor

Romancing Dorian in Inquisition is a mad rush. While the in-game love story is both passionate and endearing, the result at the end of Intruder is bittersweet at best. Dorian, always idealistic, believes that Tevinter can be saved from corruption and betrayal. After the death of his father, he leaves the Inquisitor and returns to his native land, in the hope of reforming it.

the Intruder the epilogue states that Dorian and the Inquisitor continue their relationship despite the distance, but author queenofthejungle believes more details are needed. His history, Proposal, takes place between the confrontation with Solas and the end credits of Intruder.

7 It’s always darker before dawn

The Inquisitor breaks up and shares a moment with Cullen on the Skyhold Balcony at the end of the game in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Cullen’s character has come a long way since he first appeared in Dragon Age: Origins. His traumatic experience with the mages left him magically tired and scarred, suffering from all that he has gone through. Inquisition deals with his traumas, giving more depth to his character.

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Romance as a mage forces Cullen to confront his own idiosyncrasies and prejudices. It’s always the darkest before dawn – a work of author Anigel – insert some domestic drama into the fantasy world of Inquisition. After a heated argument, Inquisitor Aryn Lavellan breaks up with Cullen and the story follows the consequences.

6 The eyes of the hawk

Alistair and Hawke fade in during Here Lies the Abyss in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Video games feature several NPCs whose fate is to die. Players often don’t question the end of these characters, accepting that they are programmed into the game to fulfill that specific objective.

Author created toys with this concept in the story The eyes of the hawk. The plot follows a girl who dies and finds herself mysteriously reincarnated as a video game character. Things turn for the worse when she realizes that her NPC’s fate is to die again. As she navigates the world of Thedas, she discovers new abilities and tries to find a way to escape her seemingly inevitable fate.

5 The sun will shine again and it will rain

The Inquisitor speaks to his advisers at the Winter Palace in Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Murder mysteries are always fun and exciting, and when done right, grab the reader’s attention like no other genre. Author dementxa take this approach with history The sun will shine again and it will rain. The plot follows Tamarion, a young mage from Kinloch Hold, who accompanies his mentor to heaven. There, he finds himself embroiled in a murder plot.

Along with the mystery hook, the story features a romantic relationship between Cullen and a male inquisitor. Described as a slow-burning story with mutual languor, The sun will shine again and it will rain will satisfy players who wanted Cullen as a romance option for both male and female Inquisitors.

4 Herald of time and space

The Witcher season 2 Ciri

Some of the best and most creative fanfics are the result of combining two universes. Author poetikat writes a story where two similar worlds collide, with unexpected and fantastic results.

Herald of time and space follows Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, better known as The witcher Ciri, as she responds to a letter from another world and is transported to a new reality. After surviving the Conclave explosion and being hailed as Andraste’s Herald, Ciri becomes the Inquisitor, and her journey through Thedas takes a turn for the worse.

3 Second, third and hundreds of chances

Dorian in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Fans not only love to make alternate stories for well-known franchises, but they also love to ship characters to each other. Cullen and Dorian share a funny and slightly flirtatious scene in Inquisition, enough to make many fans wonder how the two would be a couple.

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Second, third and Hundreth chances presents the two characters as the protagonists of a story of friends to lovers. To make it even better, author artemine gives the story a modern feel and places the action in the world of flight attendants and pilots. Creativity emerges from each chapter of this work.

2 The road, the hidden truth and you

Varric in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Author mrs_theirin had the incredibly inspired idea to shoot Dragon age in a romantic comedy. She put it into words, and the result is charm The road, the hidden truth and you. The plot follows Varric Tethras, who convinces his close friend Eden Hawke to act as his fake date for his girlfriend, Bianca’s wedding.

With all the elements of a classic romantic comedy, this story puts Varric at the forefront. The Surface Dwarf and Writer is one of the most popular characters on the show, and it’s high time he became the star of a story.

1 Standing in the rain

Some companions sit at the tavern and share a drink in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Author Ricecake93 is behind this immensely creative story. Standing in the rain tells the story of Mia, a girl scout, judo champion and pianist who, although not an avid gamer like her sister Ria, wakes up in the world of Thedas. With only a vague knowledge of the game’s plot, Mia must now fight her way through a dangerous yet exciting storyline.

Standing in the rain is another great example of the creativity that inhabits the Dragon age fandom. It’s a funny, daring and original idea that only adds to the complexity and captivating quality of the Dragon age universe.

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