10 Best Adult Anime Shows On Netflix According To Ranker

Fans of BioWare’s fantasy role-playing game, dragon agehave been informed by Netflix that there will be an anime series based on the game franchise. The official Netflix trailer for Dragon Age: Absolution was uploaded to Youtube on June 10 and received a lot of positive attention, hinting that it could be another hit in Netflix’s long line of adult animation hits.

Although not all anime series have flourished, many anime series that are either Netflix originals or shows it hosts have massive audiences. And since there are so many choices, private soldier asked fans which shows are truly the best.

Note: Ranking Lists are live and continue to accumulate votes. Some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten inner work

Reagan Ridley screaming to remember to fill out his scorecards.

Conspiracy theories have been around for years and continue to be a topic of interest and debate. And for those interested in conspiracies and crude humor, inner work has plenty of quirky and hilarious moments to keep audiences engaged.

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In inner work, many of the conspiracy theories people know about are real, and behind the scenes to keep them hidden from the public is the US shadow government organization Cognito Inc. This organization tries not only to control the world, but also to keep the secret conspiracies. with help from main character Reagan Ridley and the rest of the crew. These teammates include, but are not limited to, reptilian shapeshifters, a human-dolphin hybrid, and an intelligent mushroom.

9 Paradise PD

Since the resounding success that brickleberry had with its target audience, the creators decided to try making another series in 2018 after brickleberry ended. This upcoming anime series would have a similar premise of predominantly human characters and a talking animal.

Many of the same voice actors from the animated series brickleberry returned to star in the series Paradise PD, the steamy comedy where crime is rampant, the police are incompetent and the K9 is addicted to drugs. And I hope we’ll talk more about a season 4 soon.

8 Love, death and robots

Not all series stick to one story. Some tell an anthology of tales with different characters each time. And for those who prefer a series with a different story in each episode, Love, death and robots is perfect.

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Each story differs in genre, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and comedy, providing viewers with new experiences with each new episode. It’s not just different stories; each episode also varies in animation style and setting, giving them all a truly unique look. Anyone who loves anime shows for the real art will love the series.

seven BoJack Rider

Not every show has to be a steamy comedy. Some anime shows have a good level of these moments while having a very in-depth storyline.

BoJack Rider has many layers, and it all surrounds the life of failed ’90s sitcom actor, titular BoJack Horseman. Its story is much deeper than just a tongue-in-cheek, bawdy adult show, and because of that, it’s gained a huge following, and many fans are hoping that it will one day have its own animated film.

6 Blood of Zeus

Ancient Greece and Greek mythology have been a constant presence in all forms of media, and one of the newest additions is Blood of Zeus.

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The anime series is set around the story of Heron after discovering that his father is Zeus. His goal as the son of Zeus is to save the world from a demonic army. But Heron wasn’t taken from the actual mythology of Zeus and his children, he was created as an original character to put a different spin on the myth rather than using a full myth as a storyline to differentiate himself.

5 Big mouth

Tito looks evil in Big Mouth

Growing up is hard. It’s always hard to learn new things and socialize better with peers. But puberty is a monster in its own right, and the show Big mouth decided to personify this monster in his show.

The creators of Big mouth used some of their own experiences when creating the series and added fuzzy, perverted hormonal monsters that act as gatekeepers for tweens. Mature topics are tackled in a hilarious and relevant way, which is why Big mouth is such a runaway success.

4 F is for family

Bill Burr introduced audiences to not only his hilarious comedy comedy, but also a great animated series set in the 1970s titled F is for family. And it’s no secret that it’s become one of the most popular anime series on Netflix.

With its simple and iconic catchphrases, fun family duo, and some of the great supporting characters interacting with the family, the series is packed with fun factors. One big thing that’s become synonymous with the show is Frank’s endless threats to put his kids through a wall, and his interactions with his laid-back, drug-addicted neighbor Vic have also become a fan-favorite gag.

3 hoops

Unfortunately, great shows that find an audience don’t last forever. And hoops was a series that was unfairly cut short despite its quality.

The show centered on a hot-headed, foul-mouthed high school basketball coach who believed his team was horrible at the sport. Despite the lack of confidence in his team, he hoped to be able to overthrow them and qualify for the big leagues. This plan was only to improve his life and not theirs.

2 Q-Force

TV shows that include secret agents and task forces are certainly familiar and well-trodden territory, but some have more variety than others. And for viewers interested in an anime series with good portrayal and action, Q-Force is the good show.

As one of the new Netflix animated series that includes LGBTQ+ representation, Q-Force has a great cast of characters and gorgeous artwork to go along with it. It has received a lot of positive comments and has a lot of wry humor that will hit many marks with viewers.

1 The Midnight Gospel

Specific animation artwork can appeal to an audience with a particular look, and if there’s one show with trippy artwork that appeals to viewers, it’s The Midnight Gospel.

The show revolves around an astronaut, Clancy Gilroy, who lives on the Chromatic Ribbon. The chromatic ribbon is a web-like membranous planet that sits in the middle of a colored void. And in addition to harvesting natural resources and new technologies, Clancy interviews guests from different worlds for his space show. It’s an undeniably unique series that has obviously gained a sizable fan base.

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