Alan Partridge dies in ALPHA PAPA?


A-HA! Did the Norwich-based Radio DJ actually survive his own film in 2013?

On the television, ALAN PERDRIX remains alive and well. Now in his mid to late sixties (Steve Coogan plays Alan a decade older than him), he is the star of THIS TIME, a parody magazine show. There are also podcasts / audiobooks and an assortment of viral content to maintain the media myth of man.

And STILL… his film debut dates back to 2013. ALPHA PAPA was a decade in development. A number of arguments have been made around Hollywood. Alan goes to America was moved by BORAT. Partridge v ISIS was deemed a bit too dark and, again, beaten in theaters by FOUR LIONS.

A compromise has been found. Hostage-taking, yes. But on a small scale and played for a laugh. Nothing too serious, controversial, dark or out of the real Alan patch (UK, Norwich / Norfolk Digital). We were talking about cold opening a James Bond style. But even that was deleted. We ended up with a tight, funny, insightful, well-crafted comedy movie. ALPHA PAPA captures the spirit of Partridge’s television exploits, while opening up format and content in a measured way.

But did the character actually survive in the end? It’s a bit ambiguous. Consider the following:

    • ALPHA PAPA ends with the song ‘The Number One song in Heaven’. IE: Did Alan really die and go to the afterlife?
    • Alan now has his own show on the BBC. Basically ? THIS IS partridge paradise. Incredibly perfect ambition, realized?
    • Although largely light and comical, ALPHA PAPA has its dark undertones and surreal qualities.
    • Alan is downcast, no doubt. And hurt, even? He is cold. And Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney) meant business.
    • There are a lot of religious foreshadows in the film. Alan undoubtedly finds God in this one?
    • Comedy characters can and do die. Frequently, in fact. Black viper! Kenny from South Park. Etc.
    • The character has arguably come full circle in the film. Nowhere to go ?
    • THIS TIME WITH ALAN PARTRIDGE has moments of brilliance, of course.
    • Corn ALPHA PAPA It was the last time Coogan / Partridge had a laugh for a second.

CONCLUSION: THE PARTRIDGE IS ALIVE! But her character, brand, and sitcom will need an adjustment in time to keep the myth going. If you want his adventures to end at ALPHA PAPA? There is still a case. Anyway, real world presenter, RICHARD MADELEY is more than sufficient as a substitute.



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