Alert: Imminent Fourth Reich!

Is Russia about to fall into a trap in Ukraine? What are the forces that can want him to invade? Should Russia’s insistence on protecting its sphere of influence be compared to Hitler’s claims to Europe or to the American Monroe Doctrine? And what could be the consequences of an invasion? Could this lead to war? Could the resulting sanctions cripple the Russian economy?

Something about this time reminds you of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, the fateful strategic mistake that led him and his country to ruin.

But I think I can do better. When we want to look for an explanation for the rise of the extreme right in the West and elsewhere, we try to study the Second World War. But it was more a consequence of a precedent that broke our world. The First World War, known to its contemporaries as the Great War, turned the world upside down, paving the way for the Third Reich and World War II. And if you notice the triggers were pretty similar. In those days, large armies took a year to mobilize and the war could have been stopped at any time, but an abundant amount of misunderstanding and miscalculation would give you a war that would break the seals of hell.

You are often told that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by Serbian terrorists led to war. But his death didn’t matter so much. Due to his choice of marriage, he was a marginalized figure within the royal family. As for the two warlords, Russia and Germany, many still do not pay attention to the fact that their monarchs were cousins ​​and best friends. In fact, their letters written mostly in English to Nicky (Tsar Nicholas II) and Willy (Kaiser Wilhelm II) are part of the public record. To top it off, we must mention another of their cousins, Georgie (British King George V). With that kind of familiarity, the three cousins ​​led Europe into war and ruin.

The Tsar relinquished power following unrest and his country would soon withdraw from the war following the Bolshevik Revolution. The Kaiser had to abdicate in 1918 and the country remained rudderless until the Nazis took over. Conspiracy theories about the causes of the Great War abound. In fact, a 900-page report on the munitions industry’s role in starting the war called the Nye Report was presented to the US Congress in 1936.

Wars have consequences. The great wars doubly. If you look at the annexation of Crimea, you will notice that it was not without consequences either. It was more or less the time when far-right politics exploded in Europe, leading to Brexit in a year and Trump in two.

This time, if an invasion of Ukraine takes place, there are clear signs that whatever the reaction, it will lead to a further rise of the far right around the world. In fact, if you look at how far-right pundits like Tucker Carlson frame the conflict and how it is misinterpreted by mainstream pundits. Carlson’s job is not to avert war, only to keep right-wing America out of it. Why do you ask? For when liberals and moderates have exhausted their energies and goodwill in avoidable conflict, the far right can pick up the pieces and shape America and Europe in its own image. Liberal pundits call Tucker a Russian stooge. But it could be much more than that. And the Western intelligence community’s habit of blaming Putin for everything that goes wrong is further testament to their flawed programming which has its roots in the war on terror and Huntington’s thesis on the clash of civilizations.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the far right is playing four-dimensional chess with the established institutions of the world. The resources needed for such a large campaign go beyond anything the Russian economy could provide. There are richer countries that could do it. Western allies have unlimited access to Western resources. And now a Nazi spirit. And allegedly a spiritual connection with the closed spiritual cultures of the West.

Just days before India’s republic day, his government did something unthinkable. He extinguished the eternal flame commemorating India’s Unknown Soldiers and replaced it with the statue of Subash Chandra Bose, an Indian freedom fighter who raised his own army, allied with the Axis powers , provided an Indian legion to Nazi forces and died prematurely. This statue was a signal that India was now what the RSS-BJP wanted it to be – a Hindu Rashtra and not a modern republic. Indian war heroes would later be referred to as mercenaries by a retired general Bakshi. When people pointed out Bose’s tragic choices, they were told he was bigger than those choices. It may be true. People are more complicated than their choices. But the reason a BJP government chose their statue is due to the exact same choices. There is a tendency for the BJP to praise these individuals in history. For example, the big statue of Sardar Patel is there because of his Islamophobia. Godse is celebrated because he killed Gandhi. And on.

In my previous articles, I have already highlighted the contributions of a Maximianaximiani Julia Portas known in India and among Western neo-Nazis as Savitri Devi Mukherji through her connections to Savarkar and Hindutva thought. Recently, she was called Hitler’s priestess because she believed that Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu. His works today contribute to esoteric Nazism. She came to India because she believed that all humans should not be treated equally and the casteism of India understood the world. Through various connections like these, upper-caste Hindu Indians believe they can find their place in a Nazi world by capitalizing on Aryan mythos. Putin and his detractors are all encouraged by their vessels like Aleksander Dugin and Steve Bannon. The Fourth Reich is just waiting to be born.

Another say. You can also see India’s shadow in the anti-vax campaign across the world. For a time, he called for the suspension of vaccine patents. When it wasn’t to be, anti-vax propaganda exploded around the world. The current Indian government also came to power in 2014.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 29and, 2022.

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