Are you looking for small loans for your immediate needs?

Are you looking for small loans for your immediate needs? With this article updated in October 2018 , we can help you get more information about it and we will tell you how to access the financing you need through traditional banks or financial institutions (in the branch), or online. The small loans attention not to be mistaken by mingling with microloans , will allow you to get small amounts of money. In recent times the Small Loans are more in demand, for many reasons.

What are small loans?

The small loans are part of the category of non-finalized loans , which differently from those finalized the applicant, must not declare in any way the motivation of the financing. Even bureaucratically this type of loan is advantageous as requiring small amounts will not have difficulty accessing it, the process is very slim just send the required documentation to the institution that will provide funding, this procedure can also be done online so you can get very quick acceptance times of the practice. The documents to be forwarded are:

  • Identity document
  • Fiscal Code
  • Paycheck

Small loans: types and to whom it is addressed

The small amounts of liquidity that you could receive, you know a minimum of 1,000 up to a maximum of 10,000 euros . Below we will list the different types of loans that belong to the “small loans” category.

  • Revolving cards: the revolving cards are credit cards that allow you to pay the monthly expenses in many small months in the following months. This advantage is accessed without any particular guarantee, the disadvantage is that management costs and costs are not economically inexpensive.
  • Loan changed : this type of loan is very useful for applicants called bad payers , in fact this in the case of non-payment of installments allows the lender to proceed with the seizure of the debtor’s assets.
  • Assignment of the fifth salary : characterized by the charge of the installments directly on the paycheck, in fact the employer must perform this procedure respecting the limit granted or maximum 20% of the net salary.
  • as well as for employees who receive the payment of the installment in the payroll, the assignment of the fifth can also get pensioners, the only difference is that the charge will be made by INPS on the pension.

The shopkeepers / merchants have the possibility to request small amounts of money for various reasons such as for example to buy a house , a property, a television or any other item to use at their store or shopping center. In the situation described above it will not be disbursed the sum on the current account but the applicant will have the opportunity to defer the payment of the purchased product.

Up to what can you request?

In the same way we have different types of loans, according to the agency that grants the small loan we will have different amounts payable. For example, funding for finalized purchases or revolving cards, a maximum amount of 10,000 euros can often be obtained. Differently in the case of a loan through Inpdap the amount granted will vary according to the duration of the contract and the salary. For small annual loans, you will probably be asked to pay your salary or pension in the case of two-year loans for about two months, for three-year loans up to three months and for four-year loans up to four months’ salary or pay. retirement.

How to get a small loan?

Would you like to request and get a small personal loan quickly? The quickest and easiest procedure is to request online . On the web it is possible to compare several proposals at the same time, the comparator shows the most advantageous and suitable offer, so you can proceed. If your position is not listed among the bad payers or protested, it will be enough to send the requested documentation. Let’s see what we need together:

  • Identity card
  • Fiscal Code
  • Documents attesting the ability to repay the credit

To attest the repayment capacity, the applicant can show the paycheck and the CUD model . In the case of Inpdap loans, there is a somewhat different circumstance, in fact you must have precise requirements:

  • To be registered in the unitary management of credit and social services
  • Having made the payment of the institution’s contributions
  • Being aged between 18 and 70
  • Being resident on Italian territory .

Do you meet the above requirements? Then you can go to the INPS most convenient for you to request the necessary forms to request this type of financing. Usually the financing body requires as a guarantee:

  • the last 6 paychecks
  • the CUD model or the Single Model.

Small loans for protestors

Did you make late payments or did you not pay the installments? Do you therefore belong to the category of protestors or bad payers? If you have a paycheck, you have the possibility to request without any difficulty the assignment of the fifth salary . Otherwise you will need a guarantor. It is necessary to make a distinction between small and large loans , because if you need a minimum loan or less than 5 thousand euro it is more feasible to provide it in a short time, even without the signature of a guarantor.

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