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July 19, 2022

Talking About Research, founded in 2008, encourages everyone to play a role in communication, dialogue and education about animal research. For some, public awareness and advocacy is a natural extension of their work. For others, time and energy can be a hindrance. The questions could be:

  • Where do I start?
  • Are there materials available to help?
  • How to contact interested people?
  • My institution/employer is reluctant to speak out, how can I encourage them to do so?

Recognizing that time and energy can be barriers for those with other full-time jobs, Speaking of Research has a long history and a wealth of resources to help.

Useful resources

Reading list

Wondering about some of the main themes that are being addressed in animal research awareness, education and dialogue? There are several basic and evergreen themes worth knowing if you are new to animal research or looking for a shortlist of readings to help others. From the more than 500 posts on the Speaking of Research site, we have selected a few that deal with some common topics, including fundamental issues, ethics and philosophy, the role of basic science, tactics of debate, misrepresentation, regulation, animal welfare. , and others. See the list at the end of the article.

What can you, your institution or your scientific society do?

Speaking of Research has many posts and resources to answer questions, encourage awareness, and provide advice on starting (or improving) communication. Occasionally, we hear from people who want to engage in public education about animal research, but who encounter obstacles in their institution or business. Speaking of Research believes that institutions, organizations and individuals involved in animal research and testing have an obligation to support research and public engagement. This graphic provides a simple illustration of our view on best practices and why they should be a common approach.

Here are some of our recommendations.

Media and photo briefings

Are you speaking with a journalist? Do you need a concise briefing document to provide to your communications office? Speaking of Research has been publishing news outlets for the US, UK, Germany and Canada for many years. We update them every year with current statistics for each of the countries. The briefings are concise – 2 pages – and offer basic information on animal research. We encourage you to share them with your media, communications or public relations department and to use them yourself as a resource that you can offer to journalists and other interested individuals. If your country is not included and you would like to help us create one, please contact us. SR also provides photographs that you can share with others and use in your own presentations.

Website Templates

Looking to improve your establishment’s website? Or to create one? Since 2014, Speaking of Research has researched, found, analyzed, indexed and rated nearly 400 institutional websites using a rating system developed by SR founder Tom Holder. Find templates and advice here: Animal Research Declarations

Talk about animal research

The members of the Parlons de recherche committee regularly give lectures on animal research to various audiences. Find some of those that are publicly posted here:

Number of animals in the world

For over a decade, Speaking of Research has tracked, analyzed and published publicly available statistics on the number of animals in research and testing. Our World Animal Numbers page is a popular resource. To our knowledge, this is the first and only source that collects and publishes animal count reports from countries around the world. Find them here: Animal Research Statistics

Many hands, many voices

Speaking of Research believes that the community involved in animal research, public education and advocacy should work together to maximize their reach and impact for common goals. We often feature the efforts of other organizations, individuals and institutions and we appreciate those who help amplify and disseminate our work. We encourage you to browse, browse and use the resources offered by the many individuals and groups who work hard to share animal research news, views and ideas. You can find them here:

Would you like to guest post or get involved?

Over the years, Speaking of Research has hosted numerous guest articles by writers ranging from scientists to directors of public outreach, members of other advocacy organizations, veterinarians, university administrators, animal caretakers, animals and others. You can find them here.

Speaking of Research is a committee of volunteers who volunteer their time and energy to run the website and blog, answer questions, speak to members of the media, help scientists and institutions under attack, and create materials that everyone everyone can use.

If you would like to join us, please contact us. Learn more here: Get Involved – Speaking of research.

Reading list

  • Ethics, philosophy and starting assumptions
  • Value of basic science and how basic discoveries lead to medical advances
  • Should drugs have labels that include animal research and testing?
  • Bans and other legislative campaigns against animal research
  • Openness and transparency
  • Common Tactics of Anti-Animal Research Campaigns
  • Common Debate Tactics and Misrepresentations of Animal Research

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