Assassin’s Creed Valhalla teases content roadmap for next two months


Ubisoft has unveiled a roadmap for upcoming content in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla over the next two months.

Well, this is more of a “preview” according to the developer, with the finer details of each upcoming addition being very vague. It all kicks off on November 9 with the launch of Title Update 1.4.0, featuring a “free play activity” called Tombs of the Fallen. The graves were accidentally leaked last week through some PlayStation trophy additions, but it’s still unclear what exactly the graves are related to.

Later in the week, the start of the limited-time Oskoreia Festival event, which runs from November 11 to December 2. Ubisoft doesn’t seem too interested in revealing things for this either, without any details on exactly what the event entails. Data mining earlier this year suggests that he will share a lot of content from ancient festivals, but will also focus heavily on wild hunting, a popular element of folklore in Norse mythology.

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The mystery continues until December when Title Update 1.4.1 lands, with as much information as we’ve had on everything else so far. Not a lot of big, basically, although the thumbnail is pretty festive. Maybe I’m too curious for my own good, but it’s weird to keep everything so secret. Valhalla fans, however, will be sure to be drawn to a decent flow of content over the next couple of months.

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