Aubrey Haddard shares new single “Green As Ever”

New York-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Aubrey Haddard drops her effervescent second single, “Green As Ever,” today, along with the accompanying summer music video. Haddard’s second album, Awake And Talking, will be released August 19, 2022 and is available for pre-order now, via Beverly Martel Records.

The project’s lead single, “Just A Wall,” which premiered with The Line of Best Fit, saw Haddard examine his own thinking and begin to find self-acceptance. The Line of Best Fit wrote that it was “sublime, emotional and anthemic” and that “Aubrey Haddard channels Orpheus”.

Similar to “Just A Wall”, “Green As Ever”, Haddard continues to draw on mythological themes in his lyricism. Haddard’s airy voice floats over a synth beat, “According to mythology we play a part / Don’t tell me when summer ends / I’ll be gone.”

After reading Michael Pollan’s book The Botany Of Desire and learning about human relationships from a plant care perspective, Haddard found herself creating what “Green As Ever” would later become. Haddard explains, “In the summer of 2020, I swapped my shared bed in Brooklyn for a mattress on the floor of my childhood home in the Hudson Valley, where much of the record was written. Matt Peiffer (mix engineer Awake And Talking) had lent me his copy of The Botany of Desire, in which Michael Pollan discusses the reflection of human desires in the way we interact with plants. ways for them to become only the best, exactly what we want.”

Referencing the song’s lyrics and subject matter, Haddard wonders if she can shape her life exactly the way she wants, like humans do with plants. Haddard says: “According to mythology, we play a role. And when that role comes knocking on my door, don’t expect me to answer. Maybe I’m destined for something, but maybe I’d rather run away. Maybe I could manipulate my life in every way to be exactly what I want it to be, or maybe I’ll just give up.”

Haddard once again teamed up with Josh Rob Thomas to direct the summery, dance-filled music video for the track. Wrapped in nostalgia, “The video was shot on the street where I grew up,” says Haddard. “It was a leap of faith, with the choreography being the focal point. The song is really an ode to summer and I wanted to reflect that in a youthful way.”

The video shows Haddard among lush trees and tall grass, running down his empty rural street from his childhood, as the sky changes from day to night. There’s a boundless, carefree energy Haddard exudes in the video that captures the essence of the song’s message. As she runs, she sheds all attachment – blooming both fiercely and independently – on her own terms.

“Green As Ever” is just the second taste of Aubrey Haddard’s second nine-track LP released this summer. Awake And Talking, highlights Haddard’s self-examination as she navigates the nuances of love and her relationship to art, and grapples with existential questions through different lenses. During the production of the album, some of the great songwriters of the late 90s and early 90s – everyone from Stereolab and Oasis to Björk and the Cocteau Twins – were part of the strong rotation of Haddard, as their concept writing and harmonic approaches provided much inspiration. Along with songwriting partner and multi-instrumentalist Charley Ruddell and drummer Josh Strmic, the trio gathered in cozy places like their weekly rehearsal space, Haddard’s childhood home upstate and their home studio to create this collection of songs throughout the year before following them. the one-week course in the summer of 2021. Now with a more mature and renewed perspective, Haddard’s intimate yet bold sound is both confident and delicately fearless.

“Awake And Talking is about finding purpose,” Haddard explains. “It defies perception – how many ways can you look at the world before you find your place in it? It’s about destiny and the journey to self-acceptance. And, like everything I create, it This is about my own personal experience over the past few years. This record gives me a sense of power and confidence in the face of uncertainty and it brings me great joy to know that it could offer a little to everyone who listens to it.

After attending Berklee College of Music and releasing her debut album Blue Part, Haddard won Female Vocalist of the Year and Singer-Songwriter of the Year at the 2018 Boston Music Awards. following two years, Haddard spent time as both a headliner and a supporting cast, gracing the stages of Firefly, Mountain Jam, Waking Windows and a host of other premiere festivals in 2019. She has opened for several globally acclaimed bands including The Dip, Ninet Tayeb, Lawrence, Liz Cooper & The Stampede and The National Reserve. In 2020 and 2021, Haddard released four single singles – “Thin Line”, “Sweeter the Honey”, “Portuguese Red” and “National Tragedy”, leading her to today’s most accomplished work to date. .

Haddard has already caused a stir as praise poured in from several frontrunners. Glide Magazine said, “between his guitar playing and his vocal strength, Haddard is definitely an artist we’re going to grab as soon as we can”, while Atwood Magazine wrote that Haddard’s music is “cheerful, upbeat indie rock. sparkling…perfect for a daytime dance party.”

“Green As Ever,” allows Aubrey Haddard, from Mother Nature’s earthly embrace, to take a nuanced perspective on nurturing, while exploring her ability to tend the garden of her life as she chooses. The bubbly and delicate mythology-inspired indie-pop song “Green As Ever” is out everywhere now. Haddard’s upcoming second LP, Awake And Talking, arrives August 19, 2022 via Beverly Martel Records, and is available for pre-order now. Find Aubrey Haddard on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and stay tuned for more from the rising musician.

Watch the music video for the new single here:

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