Author Kevin Missal launches another popular KARNA mythological fiction


Karna The King of Anga, was launched and celebrated at the Bella Italia Holiday Inn, Aerocity, Delhi on September 17, 2021. The book launch was followed by an eye-opening ceremony and a brief discussion of the book with a few honorable guests. and an editor (Simon & Schuster India). Kevin Missal aims to describe the history of friendship, love, betrayal and power through this magnum opus Iron Age of Indi around 900 BCE.

Born in the arms of the Ganges, Vasu (Karna) grew up in the raging province of Anga. His life shaped by a fate that was not fair – neglected by his, deprived of his birthright – he was brought up to lose himself in an abyss of desires and disappointments. Cursed by his guru, hurt by the only woman he loved, excluded from society for being the son of a suta. With his only armor, hope, he ventured alone on an unforgettable journey.

It is the story of Vasu’s survival, endurance, unwavering courage in the face of all adversities. And finally, to become the greatest warrior of all time… KARNA. In an ultimate battle against his nemesis – the insidious, dishonorable and all-powerful, Jarasandha, for a title he knew he deserved.

From a sutaputr to a leader of the people, it is a saga of betrayal, lost love and glory. Kevin has recreated an epic hero through his story. The book is available at all major bookstores and e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

About the Author –
Kevin Missal is a 25-year-old author and entrepreneur who has found tremendous success with his Kalki series. It has sold over 200,000 copies, translated into more than 5 languages ​​and sold two film rights. His books have been published by Harper Collins India, Simon and Schuster India, and Penguin India.
Carving his own niche and his own style in the writing world, Kevin has manifested a hold over his readership. It weaves the words together in a way that is most relevant and has character development that ensures engaging and engaging chapters.
He is a TedX speaker, nominated for Youth Achiever 30 under 30 of the Hindustan Times. He is also an entrepreneur, his company “HubHawks” is a creative marketing agency working with the biggest brands.

– By Shivam Madaan

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