Batman Poster Imagines the Batmobile in the 80s Grindhouse Vengeance Movie

A fan poster for The Batman takes Robert Pattinson’s updated Batmobile and turns it into a vehicle reminiscent of Stephen King’s Christine.

New version The Batman gets an 80s grindhouse twist in a poster that turns the Batmobile into Stephen King Christina. Finally, Matt Reeves’ long-awaited DC movie The Batman arrived. The gritty version of the iconic hero was originally slated to premiere last year, but delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic pushed it back to 2022. Even after just three days in theaters, The Batman really started to make its mark at the box office, earning an impressive $128.5 million to become the second-highest opening weekend of the pandemic era.

The Batman stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, now more tortured than ever as he sinks into his fight to save Gotham City from itself. In Bruce’s second year as Gotham’s vigilante, a masked killer (Paul Dano’s Riddler) begins taking down some of the city’s biggest public figures. What follows in The Batman is a twisted mystery that feels like the crime dramas of decades past rather than the typical superhero movies of today. At the same time, Reeves has found unique ways to explore parts of the Batman mythology, which is no small feat considering how many times the Caped Crusader has been depicted in film.


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A key part of Batman’s operations is his Batmobile, and the new film definitely puts its own spin on this iconic vehicle. Reeves said that The BatmanThe version of the Batmobile was inspired by Stephen King’s tale Christina, which involves a cursed car that’s every bit as scary as most movie villains. Director Stephen Ford decided to take inspiration from Reeves and run with it by creating a fake poster for The Batman which adopts the same design as Christina‘s. Only, the Batmobile is in place of the possessed car. Check it out below.

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When he explains why his Batmobile takes after Christina, Reeves explained that Bruce’s vehicle had to have an animal-like appearance that would really scare people. Anyone who has seen The Batman will probably agree that Reeves succeeded in that goal; the Batmobile is best presented in an intense rain-soaked car chase midway through the film, and its first screen appearance sends chills to anyone who gets in its way. Christina and The Batman might seem like a weird combo, but it works perfectly here.

Reeves has been open about his many inspirations in the making The Batman, and watching the movie, it’s easy to pick up on the nuances. The film, although it is about a superhero drawn from the pages of a comic book, is nothing like a typical project of the genre. That’s partly because Reeves looked outside the superhero world while creating certain elements. The Batman upset the familiar character, and it’s safe to say it was a smart move.

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Source: Stephen Ford/Twitter

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