Biden addresses racial justice, says Trump is adding ‘fuel to the fire’


Now one of those four – Senator Kamala Harris of California – is a leading competitor to be the running mate of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee airs an ad in Hindi, and an Indo-American candidate advocacy group announces it will spend $ 10 million in this year’s election.

That group, Impact, will announce its plans on Tuesday with a new executive director, public interest lawyer Neil Makhija, who has called 2020 a “pivotal moment” for American Indians.

The American Indians are the second largest group of immigrants in the United States, after the Mexicans, but they represent only five members of Congress: Ms. Harris, Mr. Bera and Representatives Pramila Jayapal from Washington, Ro Khanna from California and Raja Krishnamoorthi from Illinois, all Democrats. Impact’s investment is an effort to increase that number, and also to elect Indian-American candidates to positions as low as local school boards.

Mr Makhija said in an interview on Tuesday that the group’s efforts would be focused on recruiting, training and supporting candidates, and while it is not explicitly aligned with Democrats, the group’s “values ​​certainly lean in. that Sens”.

According to research firm CRW Strategy, more than three-quarters of Indo-American voters supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Mr Makhija said they were also likely to support Mr Biden.

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