Brother of slain jewelry worker laments: cowardly killers


ANDY Alberto Macias-Hosein was a college professor who left his native Venezuela to seek a better life for his wife and son in Trinidad.

On Saturday he was killed at his workplace, a jewelry store, on High Street, San Fernando.

Macias-Hosein earned $3 a month in Venezuela. He got a BSc in Spanish, Literature, Latin with a major in Greek Mythology and was waiting for accreditation to get a TT teaching job.

While he waited, he worked wherever he found to support his family back home.

On Sunday, his brother Kenny said he was doing just that on Saturday when he was shot in the back by the men who robbed Ketan Jewellers.

“The human body is trained to do two things: stand still or run. My brother chose to flee, he did nothing wrong, and for that he was killed. Shot in the back by a coward.

He said Macias-Hosein was no threat to anyone.

“Andy wasn’t a bad person. He was just trying to make an honest dollar.

The four men who entered the High Street place of business, smashed a shop window and escaped with an undisclosed amount of jewellery, killing Macias-Hosein in the process.

A man from La Romaine has been detained while searches continue for the others.

The Hosein brothers were born in Venezuela, to a Venezuelan father and a Trinidadian mother who died in 2015. They had dual nationality.

Hosein said his brother had been coming here for years, spending months away from his wife, Denise-Ley and their son, 7-year-old Francisco Abraham Macias.

“Every night when he came home from work, he would go on WhatsApp and talk to his family and read a story for his son.”

Saturday night, when Macias-Hosein didn’t call, “Francisco asked his mom why his dad didn’t call.”

He said the child burst into tears when told what had happened to his father.

“They’re in shock. They’re in a mess there. My dad, he’s 78, he’s distraught.

“He (Macias-Hosein) was planning to return to Venezuela in April, spend a few months with his wife and child, and return to TT in August/September.”

He said that when the autopsy is done, funeral arrangements will be finalized. “He will be buried here. He always said where he died, bury him right there.

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