Business loan bad credit -Research and then Request a bad credit business loan

Research and then Request a bad credit business loan

The search for business credit to overcome Circumstances That Require Bad Credit Business Loans is usually complicated since that means knowing where to apply for it, the amount you can obtain and even the requirements they ask for. And for many entrepreneurs or owners of small or medium enterprises, it is a challenge to be able to comply with them.

Then we give you 3 options where you can find an accessible credit for your business with the option to get it immediately.

Financial institutions

The first option where you can get a loan is in the different financial institutions that operate in the country. You can find that some work through internet platforms to facilitate access to financing and offer from 100 thousand pesos and up to two million.

The requirements that they normally request are less or more flexible, compared with those of traditional banking. For example, they can request only your official identification and the documents that accredit your business, without asking for a minimum of years of operation or any guarantee.

In online loans, there are options specifically for businesses and the process is fast, compare before applying to any, as this may be the best option if you just start or your small or medium business is just operating.

Traditional banking

Traditional banking offers loans for businesses that have at least two years of operation and have a good credit history. They can offer amounts ranging from five to ten million pesos.

Among the other requirements are annual and partial declarations, bank account statements, documents accrediting the business, official IDs, proof of address and any paper they require to identify your financial movements. It is also necessary that you have a guarantee or guarantee so that in case you can not liquidate the credit, the bank has the insured payment.

Government institutions

You can also find a loan through government institutions that support entrepreneurs and SMEs. Some offer from 50 thousand and up to two million. Some of the requirements are that you are registered with the SAT, have at least one year of operations, have a good credit history, that the financial statements of the last year have been positive.

It is good to mention that although the request is made directly with them, the credit is operated by participating banks. So in addition to these requirements, you can be subject to some others that ask you, for example, a guarantee or guarantee.

Now that you know where you can get credit for your business, we encourage you to compare the different options that exist in the market to choose the one that suits your needs and capabilities.

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