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On October 7, 2021, the US Department of the Treasury released the Treasury Climate Action Plan, which represents the Treasury’s efforts to “strengthen the adaptation and increase the resilience of its facilities and operations to the impacts of change. climate ”.

Commenting on the publication, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said “climate change is not just a specter on the horizon, a problem for future generations.”

It is a current challenge, and we must adapt.

She continued.

The Treasury Climate Action Plan explains how our department should begin to change the way we work so that while we face the growing effects of climate change, our ability to serve the American people does not.

Yellen said.

The U.S. Treasury said it anticipates climate change will continue to be a significant global challenge and that aspects of its mission and operations will be affected by global warming, sea level rise, increased intensity and frequency of major weather events and energy impacts. availablity.

According to the US Treasury, the Climate Action Plan establishes five priority areas for action:

  • Rebuild programs and capacities that may have atrophied or stagnated in recent years

  • Address climate change impacts and vulnerabilities across departmental operations, including administrative, manufacturing and law enforcement activities

  • Ensure a climate-driven approach to manage the footprint of the Treasury real estate portfolio

  • Allow purchasing management to take fully into account the realities of climate change

  • Provide, measure and account for a financial investment approach appropriate to the climate objectives of the Ministry.

The US Treasury said that in addition to the priority areas above, the Treasury will monitor climate change data and science to adjust policies, programs and activities to improve its resilience and adaptation to risks and impacts. climatic.

A statement from the US Treasury said:

Guided by planned changes to federal procurement regulations, the Treasury will work to shape its procurement policies to prioritize climate change and environmental justice in purchasing decisions. The Treasury will also launch its Climate Literacy Initiative which will address the significant loss of expertise and general knowledge on the part of the workforce through education and dissemination of information developed specifically for this critical need.

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Ministry, University of Malta and Chamber of Commerce sign research and innovation agreement https://templodoconhecimento.com/ministry-university-of-malta-and-chamber-of-commerce-sign-research-and-innovation-agreement/ https://templodoconhecimento.com/ministry-university-of-malta-and-chamber-of-commerce-sign-research-and-innovation-agreement/#respond Sat, 09 Oct 2021 06:28:00 +0000 https://templodoconhecimento.com/ministry-university-of-malta-and-chamber-of-commerce-sign-research-and-innovation-agreement/

The Department of Equality, Research and Innovation, the University of Malta and the Chamber of Commerce, Business and Industry are committed to strengthening and encouraging research at university level post-doctoral research in collaboration with various economic operators.

The programs aim to harness the same basic research in sectors such as science and engineering, while promoting quality research in the country’s main economic sectors, according to a government statement.

The deal, which was signed on Friday, will lead to a stronger research and innovation sector and entered into force after a number of meetings with relevant entities, during which existing problems and gaps were raised. were discussed and suggestions for dealing with them as best as possible were welcomed.

This collaboration will lead to the creation of three major research schemes:

  • A mechanism in collaboration with economic operators;
  • A mechanism allowing individuals to choose the research field themselves in collaboration with the University and / or a private entity;
  • Other programs of individual actors in key economic areas, even in collaboration with foreign universities.

This agreement further strengthens collaboration between universities and the private sector for knowledge dissemination, while creating greater research opportunities for students wishing to continue their studies in our own country and creating more employment opportunities through to the same research conducted.

The Minister for Equality, Research and Innovation, Owen Bonnici, who presided over the signing of this agreement, said: “With this agreement, we are taking an important step in the right direction to strengthen the collaboration between academia and the private sector and so let’s pave the way for a robust ecosystem of research and innovation, which is the way forward for our country.

Pro-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer of the University of Malta Prof. Ing. Simon Fabri said that, “This agreement between the University, the Ministry and the Chamber of Commerce establishes a solid basis to further strengthen the research efforts of the University at advanced postdoctoral levels in collaboration with economic operators. We look forward to launching such scholarship programs, aimed at creating value for society and the economy. “

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Marisa Xuereb, said that “The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has for several years advocated for closer research collaboration between industry and academia. We are therefore very happy to see that finally a program to support this type of collaboration is set up at the post-doctoral level, and we hope that the initiative will grow and grow in the years to come. Research and innovation are the key to the progression of our companies in the value chain. The number of local researchers has increased dramatically in recent years and there is great untapped potential. It is high time to engage these promising minds in the research that can truly give our businesses a competitive advantage and provide these researchers with opportunities to make a tangible difference.

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BridGene Biosciences’ IMTAC ™ Small Molecule Discovery Platform Featured in Several Presentations at AACR-NCI-EORTC 2021 International Virtual Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics https://templodoconhecimento.com/bridgene-biosciences-imtac-small-molecule-discovery-platform-featured-in-several-presentations-at-aacr-nci-eortc-2021-international-virtual-conference-on-molecular-targets-and-cancer-therap/ https://templodoconhecimento.com/bridgene-biosciences-imtac-small-molecule-discovery-platform-featured-in-several-presentations-at-aacr-nci-eortc-2021-international-virtual-conference-on-molecular-targets-and-cancer-therap/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:05:00 +0000

SAN JOSE, California, October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BridGene Biosciences, Inc., a biotechnology company using unique chemoproteomic technology to discover and develop small molecules for high value and traditionally indestructible targets, today disclosed the research results of five presentations scientists at AACR-NCI-EORTC Virtual 2021 International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics. Presentations detail the company’s proprietary small molecule discovery platform, IMTACMT (Isobaric Mass Tagged Affinity Characterization) and its use in BridGene’s latest discovery of therapeutic candidates and the identification of new targets for approved small molecule drugs.

The conference starts today, October 7, 2021, and crosses 10 October 2021.

“We are delighted to have several poster presentations at this year’s AACR-NCI-EORTC illustrating how BridGene is bringing revolutionary capabilities to drug discovery and development,” said Ping Cao, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of BridGene Biosciences. “This is one of the most important scientific gatherings devoted to drug discovery and molecular targets. Overall, our presentations describe our IMTAC platform technology and its capabilities, the discovery of novel small molecule inhibitors for non-drug targets, and the identification of previously unknown targets for approved targets. small molecule drugs. “

Full poster presentations are available on the AACR website at https://www.aacr.org/meeting/aacr-nci-eortc-international-conference-on-molecular-targets-and-cancer -therapeutics /. The highlights of the presentations are as follows:

Presentation: A chemoproteomics platform to identify small molecule modulators of protein-protein interactions, discover new cancer targets and reveal previously unknown targets for well-known drugs

  • IMTAC has the potential to redefine precision medicine, discover new drugs and targets, and identify new indications for known drugs.
  • Using the IMTAC platform, BridGene discovered small molecule ligands for several ‘hard to drug’ targets and oncogenic mutations, including GTPases (eg, RhoA), transcription factors (eg, TEAD), splicing factors (eg, SRSF1), epigenetic factors of modulators (eg, WDR5) and E3 ligases.
  • IMTAC’s proteome-wide profiling capability has enabled BridGene to reveal, for the first time, new targets for well-known drugs.
  • The combination of IMTAC screening and phenotypic screening has uncovered new / unknown targets that lead to certain phenotypic changes in the disease.

Presentation: Identification of previously unknown targets for approved small molecule drugs using the IMTAC ™ chemoproteomics platform

  • BridGene’s IMTACTM profiling is a powerful approach to generate comprehensive target maps for small molecule drugs, both covalent and non-covalent.
  • IMTACTM used on different cells leads to the identification of different sets of protein targets
  • Known target kinases and previously unknown non-kinase targets have been identified for ibrutinib and sunitinib using IMTACTM
  • A TEX264 non-kinase target of sunitinib has been identified by IMTACTM, creating a new opportunity for cancer treatments.

Presentation: Discovery and development of new covalent inhibitors of YAP-TEAD transcription activity

  • BridGene is developing covalent small molecule TEAD inhibitors to treat mesothelioma, glioblastoma, liposarcoma, pancreas and other types of cancer.
  • BridGene used the IMTAC platform to screen its unique covalent library against living cell proteomes and identified three distinct sets of results (MCS Tanimoto coefficients at ~ 0.3 between two sets) for TEAD proteins with nanomolar affinity and high proteomic selectivity.
  • New and potent multiple small molecule TEAD inhibitors have been obtained with good pharmacogability.
  • BridGene TEAD inhibitors 1) exhibited anti-proliferative properties against NF2-deficient mesothelioma cell lines (NCI-H226, NF2 – / -) with low IC50 nM; 2) demonstrated the potential to disrupt TEAD-YAP protein-protein interaction in cells in an ELISA assay, 3) showed single-digit nM power to disrupt TEAD downstream gene expression in reporter cells MCF7-TEAD1 luciferase.
  • With high potency and proteomic selectivity, BridGene believes that these TEAD inhibitors could work as single agent therapies or work in combination with other agents to treat multiple cancers.

Abstract title: Discovery of a covalent inhibitor for an oncogenic RhoA mutantY42C

  • Inhibition of the RhoA protein is believed to offer a promising approach for the treatment of diffuse gastric cancer (DGC) that harbors the CDH1 mutation / deletion. Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) study shows that around 1% of DGC patients harbor the oncogenic mutant RhoAY42C.
  • BridGene screened its proprietary covalent library against RhoAY42C in living cells by targeted IMTAC screening to detect covalent ligands of the RhoA mutantY42C.
  • Pilot screen successfully identified covalent RhoA ligandY42C, BGS1933. Mass spec analysis confirmed the covalent modification of Cys42 in RhoA by BGS1933.
  • BGS1933 shows inhibition of cell growth CCK-81, a cell line containing RhoAY42C mutation.
  • SAR is underway to further improve its potency and selectivity towards RhoA Y42C.
  • The discovery of a covalent RhoA inhibitorY42C could enable BridGene to validate the protein’s role in GDM and facilitate the development of novel first-class targeted therapies for the treatment of gastric cancer.

Presentation: Discovery of new small molecule inhibitors for a WDR5 epigenetic modulator

  • BridGene used the IMTAC platform to screen its unique covalent library against living cell proteomes and discovered small molecule ligands for WDR5. WDR5 is a widely expressed protein and an increasingly attractive therapeutic target for many types of cancer.
  • The preliminary characterization of the “hit” compound, BGS1989, showed that it interacts with WDR5 in a dose-dependent manner and that it has the capacity to inhibit the activity of MLL1 methyltransferase at low µM power.
  • After a cycle of chemical optimization, the researchers identified an improved inhibitor, BGS2597 with nM potency versus WDR5. Work is underway to determine which WDR5 functions are modulated by BGS2597 and to improve its activity and selectivity for WDR5.
  • The WDR5 inhibitor discovered using the IMTAC platform provides an excellent starting point for the development of new drugs targeting WDR5-dependent cancers.

About the AACR
The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is the first and largest cancer research organization dedicated to accelerating the conquest of cancer. Through its programs and services, the AACR promotes cancer research and related biomedical sciences; accelerates the dissemination of new research results among scientists and others dedicated to the conquest of cancer; promotes science education and training; and advances the understanding of the etiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer worldwide.

About BridGene Biosciences
BridGene is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of innovative small molecules that drug traditionally non-drug targets, offering new pathways to treat disease. Using its proprietary chemoproteomics platform, IMTAC ™, BridGene is able to screen small molecules against all proteins in living cells to discover drug candidates for high value, previously non-drug targets. To this end, BridGene takes advantage of its proprietary and diverse library of labeled, drug-like small molecules. The ultimate goal is to enable the revolutionary discovery of small molecule drugs and to expand disease treatment mechanisms, with targets previously inaccessible to small molecules. BridGene can perform IMTAC screening for covalent and non-covalent molecules and discover new targets for disease treatment by deconvoluting the results of the phenotypic screening, which sets the company apart from its peers. The company is developing a diverse pipeline of first-class drugs for targets in multiple disease areas. For more information, visit http://bridgenebio.com/.

Tiberend Strategic Advisors, Inc.
Lisa Sher (investors)
[email protected]

Dave schemelia (media)
[email protected]

SOURCE BridGene Biosciences

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Six key OU humanities programs receive $ 500,000 NEH award https://templodoconhecimento.com/six-key-ou-humanities-programs-receive-500000-neh-award/ https://templodoconhecimento.com/six-key-ou-humanities-programs-receive-500000-neh-award/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 02:07:00 +0000 https://templodoconhecimento.com/six-key-ou-humanities-programs-receive-500000-neh-award/

Six key humanities programs at the University of Oklahoma will receive a $ 500,000 award from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the largest total grant ever awarded by the NEH to the OU. The funding comes from the US bailout, intended to help humanities organizations across the country that have been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Kimberly J. Marshall, Director of the OU Arts and Humanities Forum and Associate Professor of Anthropology, led the New Stories from the West, for the West grant team. She said the humanities funding provided through the US bailout is proof of the value of the arts and humanities and recognition of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted work. humanist.

Among all the other things the US bailout has done, it recognized that the humanities sector is an essential component of economic and civic life in the United States, and that this sector has been negatively impacted by the pandemic. “

Kimberly J. Marshall, Director, OU Arts and Humanities Forum

Noting that the ARP: Humanities Organization grants program specified that they would only accept one application from each humanities entity, Marshall said their first challenge at the OU was to coordinate all the varied needs of the different entities. and humanities projects on campus in one compelling story.

Janet Ward, Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Partnerships, knew the Arts and Humanities Forum was ideally placed for such coordination and asked Marshall to lead the grant team. Marshall organized the coordination, writing and submission of the application as the principal principal investigator.

“Since the forum is a Provost-Direct center and serves units across campus, Dr. Marshall was ideally placed to lead the initiative for this app,” said Ward. “We are extremely proud of the success of his team.

The OU humanities entities funded by the grant are the OU Press, the OU Native Nations Center, the OU Arts and Humanities Forum, World Literature Today, the Oklahoma Weather Community Oral History Project, and the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair.

According to Marshall, each of the six public projects receiving NEH funding “reinforces OU Press’s core mission of documenting and studying the history of the West, but also carries the energy of the Native Nations Center to extend authorship and spreading this story beyond those who traditionally controlled and accessed it. “

She added, “A land of vast space, new possibilities, self-reliance, and both natural and social extremes, the West holds a unique place in American history. Understanding the diverse voices that have shaped this region, particularly those of indigenous North America, and engaging a wider range of participants in a dialogue about the growing meanings of this region will help establish a history of the region. America that better reflects both the complex past of this nation and its idealism for the future. “

Specifically, the grant provides the general funding needed for OU Press, one of the world’s leading publishers in the history of the American West, which has been negatively impacted by the pandemic at all stages of book production, from recruiting authors for editing and editing, marketing and sales of books. The funding will also allow the press to extend the authorship and dissemination of Western history by supporting some of the most influential humanities entities at the OU. Foremost among these is the OU Native Nations Center, which will use this funding to work with OU Press to establish a community-based OU Press “Indigenous Nations Center Footprint”.

Dale Bennie, Director of OU Press, said of the award, “The University of Oklahoma Press is pleased and honored to receive funding from the NEH ARP to support our nearly century-long commitment to the scholarly edition in the humanities with much needed operational support and with funding to launch a new edition in collaboration with the Native Nations Center at the University of Oklahoma. “

The OU Arts and Humanities Forum will use grant funding to establish OUAH.FM – a podcast to promote, celebrate and communicate the excellence of OU’s faculty and humanities programming at a wider audience across the state. World Literature Today, an international literature and culture magazine published in OU will use the funding to update its digital interface to ensure that its substantial collection of literary publications continues to be accessible to the magazine’s nearly one million readers each year.

The Oklahoma Meteorological Community Oral History Project will use the funding to launch a digital portal that traces the history of Oklahoma’s meteorological community, from storm chasers to world-renowned meteorologists, accessible to researchers, Kindergarten to Grade 12 educators and the public. Language Fair for Oklahoma Native American Youth will use the funding to meet the need for additional staff to host the annual event, which impacts thousands of Oklahomians every year from pre-K through 12e participating students, their families, schools and tribal nations, members of the OU community and the general public.

Marshall observed that grants of this magnitude, while relatively common in the hard sciences, are rare in the humanities. “The most prestigious awards in the humanities – the NEH scholarship, the ACLS scholarship – are in the order of $ 60,000. Larger grants are only open to humanists when we think collaboratively and work through organizational structures like the ORS, ”she said.

“Winning an award of this magnitude proves that the humanities work we do here at the OU is on par with our ambitious peers and peers nationwide. And it also shows that the OU Arts and Humanities Forum is uniquely positioned to help our excellent OU Humanities Faculty realize big picture visions for Oklahoma Humanities Scholarships. “

In addition to Marshall, members of the New Stories from the West, For the West grant team are Dale Bennie, director of OU Press; Brian Burkhart, Acting Director of the OU Native Nations Center and Associate Professor of Philosophy; Robert Con Davis-Undiano, Director of World Literature Today and the English teacher Neustadt; Hunter Heyck, director of the Oklahoma Weather Community Oral History Project and professor of history of science; and Raina Heaton, Curator of the Native American Languages ​​Collection at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and Associate Professor in the Department of Native American Studies at Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences.

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iOmx Therapeutics raises 65 million euros in Series B https://templodoconhecimento.com/iomx-therapeutics-raises-65-million-euros-in-series-b/ https://templodoconhecimento.com/iomx-therapeutics-raises-65-million-euros-in-series-b/#respond Tue, 05 Oct 2021 08:30:07 +0000 https://templodoconhecimento.com/iomx-therapeutics-raises-65-million-euros-in-series-b/

DGAP-News: iOmx Therapeutics AG / Keyword (s): Funding
05.10.2021 / 10:30
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this advertisement.

iOmx Therapeutics raises 65 million euros in Series B

Martinsried / Munich, Germany, October 5, 2021 – iOmx Therapeutics AG (iOmx), a biopharmaceutical company developing cancer therapies based on next-generation immune checkpoint targets, today announced the closing of a Series B funding round for a total of 65 millions of euros. The financing was co-led by Athos Service GmbH – the Strüngmann family office – and MIG Capital AG, with the participation of existing investors Wellington Partners, Sofinnova Partners and M Ventures.

The new funds will be invested to advance the company’s flagship program IMT-07, a SIK3 kinase inhibitor to treat solid tumors, through the first human clinical trial, and to further develop IMT-18, a first IGSF11 in its category. -targeting antibody to treat tumors resistant to PD-1 / PD-L1. Additionally, iOmx will continue to leverage its target discovery platform, iOTarg, to advance new immune checkpoint programs to drive the candidate step.

“Using our iOTarg platform, we previously identified two novel immune checkpoint molecules expressed by cancer cells, SIK3 and IGSF11, and showed that blocking these targets with our proprietary drug candidates has anti-cancer effects. -tumors and the potential to treat tumors that cannot otherwise be treated with existing immune therapies, ”said Dr Apollon Papadimitriou, CEO of iOmx. “It gives us great confidence to have the support of such an experienced group of investors, encouraging our work to advance the science of immuno-oncology with a focus on our core program IMT-07 to enter. in clinic at the end of 2022. We are excited to transform iOmx into a clinical stage company. “

Dr Matthias Kromayer, Managing Partner of MIG Capital, commented, “In the vital world of cancer immunotherapy, iOmx’s platform technology stands out because it selects novel drug immune checkpoint targets on tumor cells instead of T cells, thus enabling the development of drugs that can prevent tumor immune evasion. He added: “We are delighted to join a consortium of world class investors and to start working with a highly talented and dedicated team at iOmx”.

Dr. Gerald Moeller, Chairman of the iOmx Supervisory Board commented, “We now have the financial strength to move forward dynamically. the company. “

About iOmx Therapeutics

iOmx Therapeutics (www.iomx.com) is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of first-class anti-cancer immunotherapies addressing new immune checkpoints hijacked by cancer cells. Use your iOTargMT A high-throughput screening platform, iOmx has identified a number of next-generation immune checkpoints associated with tumors and is advancing a preclinical-stage pipeline of promising drug candidates that have the potential to treat immunotherapy-resistant cancers current. The company’s main program, IMT-07, targets SIK3, an immune protective kinase in multiple solid tumors; the IMT-18 program is a first-class antibody designed to inhibit IGSF11, an immune checkpoint in PD-1 / PD-L1 resistant tumors. Founded in 2016 based on the work of its scientific founders Philipp Beckhove, MD, and Nisit Khandelwal, Ph.D., conducted at the German Cancer Research Center, iOmx is backed by international venture capitalists, such as Wellington Partners, Sofinnova Partners and M Ventures as well as MIG Capital and Athos Service. iOmx is based in Martinsried / Munich, Germany.

About Athos Service GmbH

ATHOS Service GmbH is the Family Office of the Strüngmann family.

About M Ventures

M Ventures is the strategic corporate venture capital arm of Merck. Its mandate is to invest in innovative technologies and products with the potential to have a significant impact on the core business areas of the company. From its headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in the United States and Israel, M Ventures invests globally in transformational ideas driven by great entrepreneurs. M Ventures plays an active role in its portfolio companies and teams up with entrepreneurs and co-investors to translate innovation into business success. M Ventures has a strong focus on early stage investments and business creation, including the creation of spin-offs to leverage the company’s science and technology base. For more information, visit www.m-ventures.com.

About MIG Capital SA

MIG Capital AG (formerly MIG Verwaltungs AG) is one of Germany’s leading venture capital investors. MIG invests through MIG funds in young deep tech and life science companies in German-speaking Europe and beyond. The company has so far invested more than 600 million euros in more than 40 companies. MIG’s portfolio companies are developing innovations in areas such as biopharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence / machine learning, quantum technologies, digitization / IoT, precision medicine and digital health. MIG’s investment portfolio currently consists of 28 companies.

MIG’s investment team consists of a dedicated group of experts of engineers, biologists, scientists and investors who use analytical and creative processes to assess the risks and opportunities of business models and technologies. Their notoriety, their experience and their network provide excellent access to companies, institutions and decision-makers in order to support the growth of the companies in their portfolio.

In recent years, MIG AG has successfully sold its portfolio companies SuppreMol (to Baxter in 2015), sunhill technologies (to Volkswagen in 2015), Ganymed (to Astellas in 2016) and Siltectra (to Infineon in 2018), and led BRAIN (in 2017), NFON (in 2018), BioNTech (in 2019) and Immatics (in 2020) on stock market listings.

For more information, please visit: http://www.mig.ag, www.mig-fonds.de

About Sofinnova Partners

Sofinnova Partners is a leading European life sciences venture capital firm specializing in health and sustainability. Based in Paris, London and Milan, the firm brings together a team of professionals from around the world with strong scientific, medical and commercial expertise. Sofinnova Partners is a practical business builder across the entire life science investment value chain from seed to later stage. The firm actively partners with ambitious entrepreneurs as lead or cornerstone investors to develop transformative innovations that have the potential to positively impact our collective future.

Founded in 1972, Sofinnova Partners is a well-established venture capital firm in Europe, with 50 years of experience supporting over 500 companies and building market leaders around the world. Today, Sofinnova Partners manages more than 2 billion euros. For more information, visit: www.sofinnovapartners.com

About Wellington Partners

Wellington Partners is a leading European venture capital firm investing in early stage and growing life sciences companies. Wellington Partners is focused on investing in the most promising life science companies in innovative therapies, medical technology, diagnostics and digital health. With funds totaling over 1.0 billion euros, including 450 million euros dedicated to life sciences, Wellington Partners actively supports world-class private companies translating true innovation into successful businesses with exceptional growth. To date, Wellington Partners has invested in 53 innovative life science companies including Actelion (acquired by J&J), Definiens (acquired by AZ), invendo (acquired by Ambu), Rigontec (acquired by MSD), Symetis (acquired by by Boston Scientific), Oxford Immunotec (acquired by PerkinElmer), immatics (Nasdaq: IMTX) and Themis (acquired by MSD).

For more information, please visit: www.wellington-partners.com/ls


MC Services SA
Katja Arnold, Julia von Hummel, Shaun Brown
T: +49 (0) 89 2102280

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Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust collaborates with Poriborton Kori Foundation on 2021 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign https://templodoconhecimento.com/bangladesh-cancer-aid-trust-collaborates-with-poriborton-kori-foundation-on-2021-breast-cancer-awareness-campaign/ https://templodoconhecimento.com/bangladesh-cancer-aid-trust-collaborates-with-poriborton-kori-foundation-on-2021-breast-cancer-awareness-campaign/#respond Sun, 03 Oct 2021 11:50:13 +0000 https://templodoconhecimento.com/bangladesh-cancer-aid-trust-collaborates-with-poriborton-kori-foundation-on-2021-breast-cancer-awareness-campaign/

The Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust and the Poriborton Kori Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding on September 30 at BANCAT headquarters in Gulshan. Under the agreement, BANCAT and PKF will work collaboratively on the breast cancer awareness campaign. The awareness campaign is slated for the entire month of October as it is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

BANCAT is a non-profit organization working to raise awareness with the ultimate goal of eliminating cancer as a major health problem in Bangladesh by preventing and reducing suffering through education, advocacy and service.

For all the latest news, follow the Daily Star’s Google News channel.

Poriborton Kori is a youth-led, community-mobilizing nonprofit registered in Bangladesh aimed at bringing change and improving human lives.

The Vice-President of PKF, Ms. Aziza Sultana, and the General Secretary of BANCAT, Ms. Mahzabin Ferdous, signed the MoU on behalf of their respective parties.

Addressing the event, Aziza Sultana from the Poriborton Kori Foundation said: We need to tackle the social taboo on breast cancer and raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening and early detection.

Ms. Mahzabin Ferdous said: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world. However, with a little awareness and monthly self-testing, it can be detected at an early stage.

This initiative is an organized effort to get everyone’s attention to encourage regular breast self-exams and screening for the early diagnosis of early stage breast cancer.

Among others, Najmus Ahmed Albab, author of the Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust and Labiba Tahsin, treasurer of the Poriborton Kori Foundation were present at the signing ceremony.

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https://templodoconhecimento.com/bangladesh-cancer-aid-trust-collaborates-with-poriborton-kori-foundation-on-2021-breast-cancer-awareness-campaign/feed/ 0
EPFL awards 1179 Masters https://templodoconhecimento.com/epfl-awards-1179-masters/ https://templodoconhecimento.com/epfl-awards-1179-masters/#respond Sat, 02 Oct 2021 12:58:00 +0000 https://templodoconhecimento.com/epfl-awards-1179-masters/ At this year’s graduation ceremony, EPFL presented Masters degrees as well as accolades to various personalities – from the best first-year student to two honorary doctorates – in front of a live audience once again.

Was it the Caribbean heat of Cuban-Swiss singer Yilian Cañizares? The catchy speech of EPFL President Martin Vetterli? The enthusiastic congratulations of Swiss President Guy Parmelin? The sincere applause? In the end, it is surely a combination of all this that made the EPFL graduation ceremony a unique and unforgettable event. It took place at the SwissTech Convention Center on Saturday October 2, in front of a live audience. A total of 1,179 master’s degrees were awarded, as well as awards for the best students and teachers of the School (see below) and two doctor’s degrees honoris causa.

In his speech, President Vetterli ensured that in addition to their technical training, new graduates would also leave EPFL with a number of social and societal benefits. “Your experience here, although particularly diverse, rests on solid Swiss foundations,” he said. Here are some tips: “Remember how complex human nature is” and “Continue to cultivate the network of contacts who have helped you here in your studies, no matter where your career takes you. And he called on recent graduates to “stay humble, for scientific discovery is an endeavor that always goes forward, never fully finished.” And stand firm, because the knowledge you acquire is part of the very foundation of our civilization. “

President Parmelin continued in the same vein, praising the resilience of students who graduated in the midst of a pandemic and their “ability to adapt to move forward.” He added: “Your success is also the success of a proven training system, a high-level Swiss academic program.

The graduation ceremony was also an opportunity for EPFL to honor two personalities whose numerous professional achievements have combined scientific progress and human values. Lorraine Daston, American science historian, received an honorary doctorate “in recognition of her leading role in expanding our understanding of the history of science and technology, and of the exceptional work she has done in the field of science and technology. head of collective efforts at the Max Planck Institute. for the history of science in Berlin, first as head of department, then as director. Soumya Swaminathan, Indian pediatrician and chief scientist of the World Health Organization, received an honorary doctorate for her research and leadership, which has enabled the global dissemination of scientific knowledge on tuberculosis, HIV and, more recently , the COVID-19 pandemic. .

Martin Vetterli also congratulated Anna Kiesenhofer, gold medalist in road cycling at the Tokyo Olympic Games and doctoral student in mathematics at EPFL.

During the ceremony, two Alumni Awards were presented to personalities nominated by the EPFL Alumni Club. A prize was awarded to Claudia Clopath, who obtained a doctorate in computer science in 2009; she has had a remarkable international career at the crossroads of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. The other went to Pierre-Alain Ruffieux, holder of a doctorate in chemical engineering in 1998 and today CEO of Lonza; he has built a solid career in the pharmaceutical industry, directly contributing to improving the well-being of individuals and society and to promoting Swiss industrial know-how internationally.

Prices for students

Youth Prize:

François Schiavini, physical, born in December 1999

Merit Award:

Nicolas Bollier, Swiss qualified electrician with a master’s degree in electrical engineering

Sports price:

Nathan Wanner who, in addition to his master’s studies in architecture, competed in high-level athletics

GPA of the highest Master (tied):

Riccardo Tenderini, mathematics, 5.94

GPA of the highest Master (tied):

Lingjing Kong, computer science, 5.94

Third highest cumulative average of Master:

Clément Firat, physical, 5.92

GPA of the highest baccalaureate:

Camille Frayssinhes, life sciences, 5.84

Second highest cumulative baccalaureate average:

Philémon Bordereau, mathematics, 5.81

Third highest cumulative average of the baccalaureate:

Kevin Rizk, mathematics, 5.79

Highest GPA in first year:

Julie Bannwart, mathematics, 5.98

Prices for teachers

The Credit Suisse Prize was awarded to Martin Jaggi, Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the Machine Learning and Optimization Laboratory.

The EPFL student association, AGEPoly, awarded prizes to the best teachers in the School. This year’s winners are:

School of Fundamental Sciences and PolySphère d’Or Prize:

Paul Ricci

School of Life Sciences:

Julien shillcock

Engineering school:

Pedro reis

School of Computer Science and Communication:

Michel schinz

School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and the Environment:

Kristin schirmer

College of Technology Management:

Nicola Winzenried

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8-year-old Brazilian girl, who found 18 asteroids, dubbed world’s youngest astronomer https://templodoconhecimento.com/8-year-old-brazilian-girl-who-found-18-asteroids-dubbed-worlds-youngest-astronomer/ https://templodoconhecimento.com/8-year-old-brazilian-girl-who-found-18-asteroids-dubbed-worlds-youngest-astronomer/#respond Sat, 02 Oct 2021 05:32:00 +0000 https://templodoconhecimento.com/8-year-old-brazilian-girl-who-found-18-asteroids-dubbed-worlds-youngest-astronomer/

When Nicole Oliveira was learning to walk, she would raise her arms to reach for the stars in the sky. Now, at just eight years old, the Brazilian is known as the world’s youngest astronomer, researching asteroids through a NASA-affiliated program, attending international seminars and meeting top personalities. space and scientists of his country. In Oliveira’s bedroom, filled with solar system posters, miniature rockets, and Star Wars characters, Nicolinha, as she is affectionately known, works on her computer, studying images of the sky on two large screens. The project, called Asteroid Hunters, aims to introduce young people to science by giving them the chance to make their own space discoveries.

It is managed by the International Astronomical Search Collaboration, a citizen science program affiliated with NASA, in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Science.

Radiant with pride, Nicolinha told AFP that she had already found 18 asteroids.

“I’m going to give them the names of Brazilian scientists, or members of my family, like my mother or my father,” said the lively young girl with dark brown hair and a high-pitched voice.

If his findings are certified, which may take several years, Oliveira will become the youngest person in the world to officially discover an asteroid, breaking the record of 18-year-old Italian Luigi Sannino.

“She really has an eye. She immediately spots spots in the images that look like asteroids and often advises her classmates when they’re not sure they’ve actually found any, “Heliomarzio Rodrigues Moreira, Oliveira’s astronomy professor, said in a commentary. private school in the city of Fortaleza, in northeastern Brazil, which she attends thanks to a scholarship.

“The most important thing is that she shares her knowledge with other children. It contributes to the dissemination of science, ”added Rodrigues Moreira.

– ‘Passion for astronomy’ –

Nicolinha’s family moved to Fortaleza from her hometown of Maceio, about 1,000 kilometers away, earlier this year, after Nicolinha received a scholarship to attend the prestigious school. His father, a computer scientist, was allowed to keep his job and telecommute.

“When she was two, she would raise her arms to the sky and ask me, ‘Mom, give me a star,’ said her mother, Zilma Janaca, 43, who works in the craft industry.

“We understood that this passion for astronomy was serious when she asked us for a telescope as a birthday present when she was four years old. I didn’t even really know what a telescope was, ”Janaca added.

Nicolinha was so determined to buy a telescope that she told her parents she would trade it in for all of her future birthday parties. Yet such a gift was too expensive for the family, and the girl did not receive it until she was 7, and all of her friends pooled money for the purchase, her mother said.

While continuing her studies, Nicolinha enrolled in an astronomy course which had to lower her age limit for 12-year-old students.

On her YouTube channel, Nicolinha interviewed influential figures like Brazilian astronomer Duilia de Mello, who was involved in the discovery of a supernova called SN 1997D.

Last year, Oliveira traveled to Brasilia to meet the Minister of Science as well as astronaut Marcos Pontes, the only Brazilian to date to have been in space.

As for her own ambitions, Nicolinha wishes to become an aerospace engineer.

“I want to build rockets. I would love to go to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to see their rockets, ”she said.

“I would also like all children in Brazil to have access to science,” she says.

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October 2021
By Shannon Bugos

China and Pakistan in September encouraged more than 180 countries to adopt a set of guidelines designed to guard against the development and proliferation of biological weapons.

“Broad acceptance of responsible biological research and the development of corresponding codes of conduct will bring out the full potential and benefits of research in this field and help prevent its misuse or abuse,” said Li Song, permanent representative of China to the United Nations and to disarmament. ambassador, in a September 3 statement.

Li officially introduced the “Tianjin Biosafety Guidelines for Codes of Conduct for Scientists” at a September 2 expert meeting convened under the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). China and Pakistan aim for “all stakeholders” to endorse the guidelines at the Ninth BWC Review Conference and commit to “voluntarily incorporate[ing] elements of the guidelines in their practices, protocols and regulations. The review conference was originally scheduled to begin in November, but has been pushed back to 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Chinese side submitted the guidelines to the BWC review conference for approval,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on September 6. “The conclusion of the Tianjin Guidelines demonstrates that, in the face of global problems, effective solutions can be found. As long as we uphold the spirit of inclusion, pragmatism, science and cooperation.”

Entered into force in 1975, the Biological Weapons Convention is a legally binding multilateral treaty that prohibits the development, stockpiling, acquisition, retention, production and use of biological and toxin weapons and currently has 183 States Parties.

The Tianjin guidelines emerged from a consolidated effort that included the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Tianjin University, and the InterAcademy Partnership (a network of 140 national, regional, and global science academies, including the National Academy of Sciences) with the support of the United States. Chinese State Department and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The initiative was launched in January 2021 and held several meetings in the spring. The partnership formally approved the guidelines on July 8.

“The ultimate goal is to prevent the misuse of bioscience research without hampering beneficial results, in accordance with articles and standards” of the BWC, according to the introduction to the guidelines.

The State Department said in a Sept. 17 statement to Arms control today that he saw the endorsement of the guidelines by the partnership “as an excellent first step in encouraging scientific institutions around the world to become aware of and incorporate the elements contained in the biosafety guidelines and the Biological Weapons Convention into their own codes where applicable. The department did not comment on China’s official introduction of the guidelines at the BWC meeting.

The 10 guidelines recommend that scientists consider potential biosafety issues at all stages of scientific research, strike a balance when disseminating research results between maximizing benefit and minimizing harm, and actively promote public understanding and interest in biological science and technology, including the potential benefits and risks. .

“Scientific institutions, including research, funding and regulatory bodies, need to be aware of the potential for misuse of bioscience research and ensure that expertise, equipment and facilities are not used for any illegal, harmful or malicious purpose at any stage of bioscience. work ”, indicate the guidelines. “They should establish appropriate mechanisms and processes to monitor, assess and mitigate vulnerabilities and potential risks in scientific activities and their dissemination. “

The decision by China and Pakistan to obtain formal approval of the Tianjin guidelines by BWC state parties came a week after the U.S. office of the director of national intelligence released an unclassified summary of the US intelligence community assessment of the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We believe the virus was not developed as a biological weapon,” the Aug. 27 report said. Intelligence agencies remain divided on the most likely origin of the coronavirus, whether it is natural exposure to an infected animal or a laboratory-related incident.

In April, the State Department’s annual report on arms control compliance said Beijing had “engaged in activities that raise concerns about its obligations” under the Chemical Weapons Convention. “The United States has compliance issues with regards to research and development of toxins from Chinese military medical institutions due to dual-use applications and their potential as a biological threat,” the report concludes. However, other information was kept confidential.

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Center for Health, Labor and the Environment receive https://templodoconhecimento.com/center-for-health-labor-and-the-environment-receive/ https://templodoconhecimento.com/center-for-health-labor-and-the-environment-receive/#respond Fri, 01 Oct 2021 02:01:23 +0000 https://templodoconhecimento.com/center-for-health-labor-and-the-environment-receive/

(AURORA, Colorado) September 30, 2021 – The Colorado School of Public Health’s Center for Health, Work & Environment has secured an approximately $ 6 million five-year cooperation agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to operate a Center of Excellence for Total health of workers. Support for this program from the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) will further advance Total worker health (TWH) as an emerging field of science and practice and respond to the needs of the 21st century of manpower through research, intervention and awareness-raising activities.

The Center for Health, Work and Environment (CHWE) first received the designation of CDC / NIOSH Center of Excellence in 2016. With this renewal, it will be one of ten centers globally. national. The Centers of Excellence represent the extramural portfolio of TWH research to pursue its mission of protecting and promoting the safety, health and well-being of the diverse working population of our country. Under the leadership of Center Director, Principal Investigator and Distinguished University of Colorado (CU) Professor Lee Newman, MD, MA, the new funding will support research on emerging issues impacting the well-being of American workers. as well as a strong community outreach program.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded the public of the great value we all place on safe, healthy and productive workplaces,” said Dr Newman. “Now more than ever, there is a demand for research and interventions designed to ensure worker safety,” he added.

The award will fund three new research projects led by researchers from the Colorado School of Public Health (ColoradoSPH), CU School of Medicine, and Colorado State University (CSU). Dr Cathy Bradly, professor and associate dean for research at ColoradoSPH and deputy director of CU Cancer Center, will partner with Drs. Lee Newman and Lili Tenney for leading a five-year study examining the employment experience of low-income Latino men newly diagnosed with cancer. This flagship project will test a TWH clinical intervention performed by oncology care teams to improve patients’ ability to continue working during cancer treatment.

ColoradoSPH Associate Professor Dr Kathy James and CSU Associate Professor Dr Gwen Fisher will launch a new project that addresses the behavioral health of farm workers and landowners in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado rural. A growing body of evidence shows that anxiety, depression, suicide, and other behavioral health issues occur at significantly higher rates among U.S. farm workers, amplified by physical isolation from medical providers. The project will further explore the contributions to this crisis and form a network of partners and community providers to better support the community.

The third project will be a two-year study to adapt and test a workforce mental health intervention with emergency preparedness programs in pre-K-8 schools (led by ColoradoSPH assistant professors Dr. Courtney Welton-Mitchel and Dr. Natalie Schwatka). The project will review and co-create reviews of emergency preparedness plans and mental health supports in participating schools.

The award will also support the centre’s TWH initiatives, including Health Links®, a program that provides businesses with TWH assessment, certification and advice. The Outreach Core, led by Dr Tenney, will focus on outreach and implementation projects to reach underserved organizations and work communities, including small businesses, Latinx and black workers. The award will support the development of new TWH training in the areas of behavioral health, leadership and emerging issues.

“The traditional workplace exposures have been expanded,” Dr. Tenney said. “Our center has developed TWH insiders over the past five years and is delighted to continue to work with an expanded portfolio of problem-oriented research and outreach projects. Our goal is to understand and adapt evidence and practice to the inevitable changing nature of work.

“With this award, we can focus on partnering with business leaders and employees to find and implement practical solutions that benefit all workers, especially those most at risk of injury and illness. work-related, ”Newman said. “We are committed to protecting and promoting the health and well-being of workers in the state of Colorado and the region, especially those who need it most,” added Newman.

For more information on Total health of workers, visit this web page. For more information on Centers of Excellence, please visit the NIOSH website.

About the Center for Health, Work and the Environment

The Center for Health, Work and Environment (CHWE) at the Colorado School of Public Health is one of ten centers of excellence for Total Worker Health® and is home to the Mountain and Plains Education and Research Center, one of 18 such centers supported by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The Centre’s main offices are located on the Anschutz Medical Campus of the University of Colorado in Aurora, Colorado. The Center team works with professors, students and community partners on many projects in health, safety and well-being at work and in the environment.

About the Colorado School of Public Health

The Colorado School of Public Health is the first and only accredited public health school in the Rocky Mountain region, attracting top faculty and students from across the country and making a vital contribution to the health and well-being of our region. Collaboratively formed in 2008 by the University of Colorado, Colorado State University, and the University of Northern Colorado, the Colorado School of Public Health provides education, innovative research, and community-based services to actively treat public health issues, including chronic diseases, access to health care. , environmental threats, emerging infectious diseases and costly injuries. Learn more and follow Colorado SPH updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of any press releases posted on EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information via the EurekAlert system.

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