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In Greek mythology, Cerberus was the three-headed watchdog that guarded the entrance to Hades, the god of the Underworld, the last resting place of human souls after death.

The ancient Greeks and Romans developed the custom of putting gifts with corpses for Cerberus to pass. In the Aeneid, Virgil told of Aeneas who threw a drugged cake at Cerberus, thus allowing the hero to safely pass the monster. Today, the expression “a blow to Cerberus” means something offered to appease someone, to silence him, an appeasement.

The greatest Cerberus of all of us

Let’s move quickly to present-day Malta. Journalists have the role of watchdog, not to guard the underworld but to expose what is going on in the underworld, whether it is only criminals or whether it is a mixture of organized crime. , big business and politicians.

The tallest Cerberus among us was Daphne Caruana Galizia. The kingpins of the underworld did not throw him a drugged cake but blew him into a thousand pieces. Before that, they drugged and poisoned public opinion.

The cabal that ran the prime minister’s office dehumanized and demonized her. The state apparatus was not used to defend a journalist. It was used to prepare the ground for the murder of the journalist.

A public inquiry found the state guilty. The public inquiry offers journalists and the public we serve a unique opportunity to create an enabling environment that is genuinely protective of journalists.

One of the proposals of the survey is the creation of an expert committee made up of academics, experts in media law, journalists and owners of press houses. The mission of this committee would be to examine in depth the status of journalism, the exercise of freedom of expression and the recognition of the status that journalists should enjoy, among others.

Certainly not the prime minister

The obvious question is: who should be in control of this process?

The more than obvious answer is: certainly not the Prime Minister. If there is one lesson to be learned from the assassination of Caruana Galizia, and the vile revelations that still shake the country to its foundations, it is that journalists must tell the government: do not insist on journalism, don’t interfere.

Journalists should be in the driver’s seat of reform while the prime minister and government should stay on the sidelines.

The public inquiry report offers us journalists a unique opportunity to put in place structures which will strengthen the press in Malta and make it truly and concretely recognized as the fourth pillar of democracy.

The description of journalists as the fourth pillar of democracy is not gossip. It should have tangible constitutional, legislative and organizational ramifications.

Oscar Wilde said: “In America the president reigns for four years and journalism rules forever and ever.”

Journalists should be in the driver’s seat of reform while prime minister and government should stay on the sidelines– Father Joe Borg

This is also true in Malta where, unfortunately, journalism lacks the legal backing, protection and recognition as a pillar of democracy on a par with the other pillars of democracy, namely the executive, the judicial and legislative.

Journalists are not like, for example, doctors, accountants, periti, etc. No one sees them as areas or pillars of democracy. They provide valuable services and are therefore regulated, and need a license to operate, which can also be revoked. Journalists are not just service providers. We are the watchdog for other areas.

Red lines not to be crossed

Journalists worthy of the name, for example, should be totally against the licensing of journalists and against the existence of a regulatory authority for journalists. These two proposals would only undermine journalism. These are red lines that cannot be crossed because, if they are crossed, they cannot be uncrossed.

I was shocked to read a press release from the President’s office saying that he had discussed with the Maltese Institute of Journalists the establishment of a “national regulatory structure”.

It is more than shocking to learn that, during a meeting of the same institute with the Prime Minister, the idea of ​​widening the field of action of the Broadcasting Authority to the press was evoked.

How can a self-respecting journalist not come out of a play when an actor in power even talks about the regulation of journalism?

We wouldn’t even begin to imagine a scenario where the members of the institute were not opposed to the idea of ​​regulation. It would be journalism’s ultimate betrayal.

Journalists should be self-regulated, not regulated. The self-regulatory body should be responsible for monitoring compliance with a code of ethics drafted by journalists, not imposed from above. Such self-regulatory bodies vary from those that “name and shame” (like the IĠM) to those that can even impose a fine, like IPSO in England. We can study the best model for Malta.

Journalists must insist that it is they who must propose the names of the members and the mandate of the committee of experts proposed by the public inquiry. They would then discuss it with the authorities to find a consensus that would ensure that this committee has adequate resources, conducts a broad public consultation and works on schedule.

He is expected to publish his report and propose suggested legislative changes to parliament.

We are journalists, not prostitutes. We discuss the principles first, then the subsidies. The basic agreement on principles should be the basis for everything else. It’s a do or die scenario.

I sincerely hope that Cerberus will take a principled stand and will not be fooled by a fool from Castile.

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10 anime based on Chinese culture Sat, 25 Sep 2021 21:15:00 +0000

China and Japan are separate countries, but China’s influence over Japan can come in unexpected and understated ways. Throughout history, the Japanese language has taken influence from Chinese vocabulary, phonology, and the writing system. The Japanese kimono probably has its origins in Chinese hanfu. So naturally, China and its culture often appear in Japanese anime in different ways.

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Sometimes a story takes place in a fantasy land loosely inspired by Chinese culture. Other times, the plot is based on Chinese literature or mythology, where the characters are figures from said mythology. Other times the characters are literally from the country of China. That said, just as the anime takes liberties with Japanese culture, so does its take on China and its analogues.

ten Dragon Ball: The Story Started As A Tale Of A Journey To The West

Son Goku goes on an adventure in Dragon Ball

Dragon ball originally began as a story of Journey to the West, considered one of the most famous works in Chinese literature. In fact, while Western anime fans often associate him with this franchise, the name of the main character Son Goku is actually the Japanese form of Sun Wukong, the King of the Apes.

Some fans like to believe the setting is a fantastic cross between Japan and China because of it. Aspects of Chinese culture also appear from time to time, from Chi-Chi normally wearing a qipao to Chiaotzu wearing Qin Dynasty clothing, as well as the implication that he is a Jiang Shi, a vampire-like creature. from Chinese mythology.

9 Fruit basket: the curse of the Sohma family corresponds to the Chinese zodiac

In Basket of fruits, Tohru is taken in by the Sohma family and learns of their curse, the members transforming into Chinese zodiac animals when kissed by members of the opposite sex. In reference to a Chinese fairy tale, this also includes the cat, an animal deceived from a place in the zodiac.

Certainly, it should be noted that there are Japanese variations of the story, although it probably originated in China. Notably, the family includes a sheep and a boar, as in the Japanese zodiac, instead of their Chinese counterparts: a goat and a pig, respectively. Likewise, the dragon’s family member, a fantastic creature, is resolved by him transforming into a seahorse, an untranslatable pun on one of the animal’s Japanese names meaning “dragon baby”.

8 Fushigi Yuugi: The frame is divided into four places which correspond to different places in China

Miaka and the Heavenly Warriors in Fushigi Yuugi

In Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka Yuki finds a strange book in a library called The universe of the four gods who magically sends her to a world resembling medieval China and learns that she is supposed to serve as the high priestess in history.

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Different places in history seem to be based on different facets of Chinese culture and history: Kounan for Imperial Southern China, Kutou for Imperial Eastern China, Sairou for Western China and the Silk Road, and Hokkan, which seems to combine elements of Inner and Outer Mongolia. .

7 The twelve kingdoms: some characters even think they are in China

Anime The Twelve Kingdoms

Taking some clues from Fushigi Yuugi, the story of The Twelve Kingdoms also involves characters magically transporting from Japan to a fantasy world somewhat inspired by Chinese culture, especially that of Imperial China. It gets to the point that even the characters in the story have even confused the setting with China.

Notably, the series’ unicorn-like kirin, which serves the rulers, has its origins in the Chinese mythological creature, the “qilin,” a benevolent, hoofed chimera that is often compared to the Western unicorn, as well as the real animal. of the giraffe.

6 Cardcaptor Sakura: Syaoran and Meiling are from Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China and formerly a British colony, also appears occasionally in anime, such as in Sakura card sensor. One of the characters, Syaoran Li, is originally from Hong Kong and comes to Japan to serve as a rival to Sakura to capture the Clow Cards, before eventually becoming her sweetheart. His origins sometimes appear, as in his fencing, because he uses a Chinese jian. The anime also introduces Meiling Li, Syaoran’s cousin and fiancee, who functions as Sakura’s romantic rival and a sort of foil to Sakura’s more sympathetic cousin, Tomoyo. Also from Hong Kong, she emphasizes her origins with an “ox horn” hairstyle and the yin-yang symbol on her combat costume.

Both characters can trace their origins to the sorcerer Clow Reed, who was of British and Chinese ancestry and who at one point resided in Hong Kong. Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie Also introduces Sakura and her friends traveling to Hong Kong, where they meet other members of Syaoran’s family.

5 Ranma 1/2: The cursed sources can be attributed to China

Ranma's casting

Various characters in Ranma 1/2 were cursed by the waters of Jusenkyo’s fictional springs, believed to be somewhere in Qinghai Province, China. People who enter waters where someone or something has drowned are doomed to turn into the dead when splashed with cold water.

As a reminder of this event, Ranma normally dons Chinese-style outfits and her father is cursed for turning into a panda, an animal native to China. Various characters, such as Shampoo, Cologne, Mousse and Pantyhose Tarō, are also from China.

4 Tokyo Mew Mew: Bu-Ling Huang is of Chinese descent and his father trains in China

Tokyo Mew Mew_ Bu-ling Huang

In Tokyo Mew Mew, Bu-ling Huang, also known as Mew Pudding, the Mew Mew merged with the Golden Ring Tamarind, appears to be of Chinese descent. Her father is a Chinese martial artist who often trains in the Chinese mountains, leaving her to raise her younger siblings. The nationality or ancestry of his late mother, however, is unknown.

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Its connection with China manifests itself in other ways. In particular, she sometimes tends to speak Chinese. She also often wears Chinese themed clothing in her civilian form.

3 Fullmetal Alchemist: Xing appears to be China’s equivalent

Fullmetal Alchemist Xing Emperor

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Xing’s fictional country seems to have been modeled on China. Located on the other side of the Eastern Desert, it is ruled by an emperor.

The name “Xing” is even taken from the Mandarin word for “star”. Throughout the series, many parallels are given between Xing and China, with characters having Chinese names and using a Chinese writing system.

2 Sailor Moon: Sailor Scouts represent the Chinese elements

Sailor Moon Sailor Scouts

Sailor Moon borrows a lot from global folklore, from Greco-Roman mythology to Western fairy tales, so it makes sense that Chinese myths have a role in the series. The first four Sailor Scouts have powers that match the traditional Chinese elements: water, fire, wood, and metal, reflecting the Japanese names of the planets. In contrast, traditional Japanese elements have replaced the last two with wind and ether.

The name Usagi Tsukino, which loosely means “Moon Rabbit”, originates from a Chinese legend that a rabbit lives on the moon. As mentioned, her iconic hairstyle is also derived from the Chinese style “ox horns”. Series creator Naoko Takeuchi has previously claimed that she wore her hair in this style when she was younger, referring to it as a Chinese style.

1 Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Lynn Minmay is half Chinese and was born in Chinatown

Macross lynn

In Macross Super Dimensional Fortress, Lynn Minmay is Chinese on her father’s side, although her mother is Japanese, and was born in a Japanese Chinatown. After moving in with her aunt and uncle, she started working as a waitress at the Chinese-style restaurant Nyan-Nyan.

While there are hints that the characters actually speak English to each other, Chinese also appears to be popular, as seen with the song “Shao Pai Lon (Xiao Bai Long)”.

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Tiger & Bunny and Yakitate !!  Japan

10 animated comedies with ironically serious stakes

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Court reminds cops of Krishna ‘bal leela’, frees boy accused of stealing candy Sat, 25 Sep 2021 04:15:13 +0000

The boy was turned over to police after his aunt found out he had eaten all the candy stored in his fridge and also stole a cell phone from her home.


A juvenile court in Nalanda (Bihar) district on Thursday ordered the release of a boy accused of stealing candy and a cell phone from his aunt’s house and said police should not have recorded a case in this matter since the indiscretions of a child are to be seen in the light of Lord Krishna’s “Bal Leela”.

“In our mythology, the activities of Lord Krishna’s childhood have been demonstrated very eloquently. He would often break into other people’s homes and break the container [carrying homemade butter]. If society had been like today, the ‘leela ball’ would never have taken place, ”said senior, minor magistrate Manvendra Mishra.

The case involved a village in the Harnaut neighborhood of Nalanda, where a boy while visiting his maternal grandmother, entered his aunt’s house in the neighborhood and ate all the treats stored in the refrigerator and ate also stole a cell phone from the house and was later found playing with it outside the house. When she discovered it, the boy’s aunt turned it over to the police.

The court said that “one should be tolerant and open-minded in matters relating to children and understand the reasons for their deviation so that society itself can take steps to rectify such small offenses.”

The court said the police should have acted sensitively and realized there was no need to file an FIR in this case. “Recording the case in the daily newspaper would have been sufficient,” the court said. He also ordered the child protection unit to ensure that the boy in question was not harassed.

During the counseling, the boy told the magistrate that his father, a bus driver and the sole breadwinner in the family, was bedridden with a serious spinal injury after an accident. He said his mother was also sick but could not afford treatment due to their poverty. The boy promised never to repeat the mistake.

Senior lawyer and children’s activist Krishna Deo Mishra said he welcomed the board’s decision. “All juvenile councils must follow these rules regarding children,” he added.


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10 historic games for Assassin’s Creed fans Fri, 24 Sep 2021 14:42:52 +0000

The Assassins Creed Games are masters in the art of incorporating real life story into their games while keeping them fun to play. They take a lot of liberties and add more fantastic elements, but that’s what makes it fun.

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However, they are far from the only games with a heavy historical bent. Many others go out of their way to explore various aspects of history, from wartime clashes to the mundane daily life of the peasants.

ten The Age Of Empires series is a classic

Age-of-Empires-IV Header

Age of empires is a classic RTS City Builder wartime series that follows various civilizations. The player is tasked with building entire empires through the ages of a civilization’s life, participating in historical scuffles, and gaining a little insight into the kinds of things needed to make a civilization last. They also tend to have story modes that follow specific leaders and have a lot to read for real facts.

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There is also a spin-off, The age of mythology, which follows various mythologies of ancient civilizations, adopting a more fantastical bent while remaining in tune with various real-world myths.

9 Ancestors Legacy is a fast RTS

the heritage-of-ancestors-featured

Legacy of ancestors is a tactical squad RTS set in medieval Europe. It follows four distinct nations and their conflicts, from the Vikings to the Anglo-Saxons, the Germans and the Slavs. It allows the player to build temporary settlements, manage resources, and assemble entire squads to send to war.

Each of the scenarios is inspired by actual historical events and focuses heavily on the tactical side of things. They require the use of land like most other games don’t, bringing another layer to the game.

8 The Anno series combines both the history and the mechanics of city building

Anno 1701

Anno is another series of historic city builders, except for its futuristic component. Each of the games is set around a specific era rather than spreading through the ages, and as long as resources continue to be managed appropriately, the game can go on and on with just the player’s imagination. as a limit.

They also have the advantage of being well balanced, unlike most other RTS games. The easier games are good for a more relaxing experience, where the more difficult games are better for the expert and the more competitive player base.

7 Banished follows exiled travelers to a new country

Banned is a city builder, a colony simulator that follows a group of exiled travelers. It takes a unique perspective on managing resources where people matter too.

Another unique part of the game is the lack of skill trees and money. Instead, it’s about resource management and trade. He takes a stern look at how the first civilizations came to be and some of the decisions needed to create a successful city.

6 Crusader Kings III is a grand historical strategy

Ignoring the developer’s love for overpriced DLCs, Crossed Kings III builds on the flaws of its predecessors and really brings the game to life. The player follows a noble house around a massive map and must guide their empire through the ages. Something really unique about this compared to many other games like this is that the leaders are also dying and needing to be replaced. There is also a strong focus on personality, which shapes how followers view their leader.

Depending on the civilization followed by the player, he may also encounter a whole series of problems identical to those which would have occurred in the real world, from peasant revolts to raiding by knights or Vikings.

5 Europa Universalis IV spans four centuries of history

Europa Universalis IV covers considerable ground in the history of the early modern world, providing a complex simulation of war, diplomacy, and commerce. There are also thousands of historical and real events for the player to deal with on a topographic map. It also includes and takes seasonal effects into account, which most other games overlook.

There are even actual historical leaders who appear as characters to help or hinder the player throughout the game, with actual events becoming relevant. Unlike its predecessors, this one also features a new Monarch Power system where the player’s choices are influenced by the type of leader the player has at the top of the ladder.

4 Medieval dynasty adds element of survival

Medieval dynasty

Medieval dynasty just got out of early access and really is a huge undertaking. He follows with a medieval character in a massive open world, starting low and ending up working his way higher and sparking events with the king.

It has an extremely interactive environment with realistic interactions with wildlife, resources to collect, quests, trading, economics, and even social interactions with NPCs. Besides having a day / night cycle, this also has a seasonal cycle to add another layer of realism to the mix.

3 Ryse: Son of Rome continues the quest for a Roman soldier

Ryse son of Rome follows with the story of a young Roman soldier Marius Titus. He witnesses the murder of his family and then follows the Roman army to Britannia in order to seek revenge.

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It’s an action-adventure full of Assassins Creedflair of style with lots of difficult battles and the occasional slyness. It’s bloody and dark in places, with a relentless protagonist. The bonus is that while the game is relatively short, it is very engaging and doesn’t necessarily want to hold the player’s hand throughout it, with the tough fights being easy enough to complete and tough enough to really get the job done. the player for that. .

2 Sid Meier’s civilization allows the player to be historical rulers through time

Civilization is a series of turn-based strategies that follows historical leaders as they build their civilization from beginning to future. They tend to be a bit less linear than some other story-based games, as rulers who have never interacted with each other in the real world might end up offering trade routes or fighting in-game. .

It focuses heavily on the research potential of people within civilization and the kinds of things they are capable of creating. Technological advancements in a civilization can bring everyone at different speeds, much like what actually happened. It’s an interesting take to consider from a historic turn.

1 The Total War series has a number of historic entries

three kingdoms all-out war

The Total war The series features a number of episodes focusing on various historical events, from Rome and Troy to Britannia and beyond. They are also renowned for their War hammer installments that use many of the same concepts but in a more fantastic setting War hammer provides.

Total war Still focuses on a squad-based system with the intention of controlling and conquering historic areas and taking into account the types of means they would have used at the time. Lay siege to fortified cities, plunder historic monuments, and build huge empires through war.

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split image of three dc heroes

DC: 10 heroes who had to kill their friends in the comics

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Many Saints of Newark critics praise dignified return to soprano world Thu, 23 Sep 2021 19:39:04 +0000

Tony Soprano is back, and everything is still very personal since the first reviews for The Sopranos prequel, The Many Saints of Newark, are now in it. So, is it worth it to return to the violent, sometimes terrifying, often hilarious world of the New Jersey gangster and so explore his early years, maybe even get a better glimpse of what rocks the future? mafia boss? Well, yeah, that’s the short answer, but the consensus seems to be that you’ll get a lot more out of it if you’re already a fan.

“The Many Saints of Newark hits harder if you know and care about family – and ‘family’ – at the heart of the story.”

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CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell certainly felt that the events depicted in The Many Saints of Newark hit a lot harder if you already know this world and these characters well. This is a view shared by David Ehrlich of IndieWire, who also felt that the film was somewhat held back by its own mythology, a mythology that you will gain to understand already.

“Equal parts free fan service and gripping crowd drama; a goofy devil handshake from a movie that’s suffocated to death by the same mythology it also taps into in a masterful origin story about cyclical violence and the sins of the father. “

The Independent’s Clarisse Loughrey, however, found a lot to like The Many Saints of Newark, arguing that the film also pays the fanservice The Sopranos and manages to take the familiarity in different directions, even adding additional intrigue to the critically acclaimed TV series.

“The Many Saints of Newark is both instantly recognizable and somehow impossible to place. It is also fierce and brilliant – a work that both expands and complicates the cultural heritage of the Sopranos.”

Much praise is also being given to Alessandro Nivola’s performances as Dickie Moltisanti and Leslie Odom Jr. as Harold McBrayer, with The Hollywood Reporter ‘s David Rooney calling them both “compelling.” although he found fault with the film itself by saying, “The Many Saints of Newark is more of an entertaining footnote than an invaluable extension of the series’ colossal legacy, like the superb series that came before it. “The Saints cannot be what the Sopranos were – without the time and those who have been wasted to say it, who cares. But for a hundred minutes, you feel pretty close to coming home, ”Greenblatt said.

This is in comparison with the series where The Many Saints of Newark begins to stumble a bit, with AA Dowd of AV Club finding the characters and plot too thin; “What he comes up with in this overly complicated Sopranos prequel is a lot less interesting than what he planted in our heads for six seasons.”

In fact,’s Brian Lowry even argued that maybe The Many Saints of Newark would have been better off avoiding the feature film and being developed as a television series much like The Sopranos.

“The Many Saints of Newark” turns out to be a believable and rewarding film. But with a little more seasoning and baking time, like its HBO predecessor, this could have turned out to be a truly sensational TV show. “

Now, back to the more positive side of things with Charlotte O’Sullivan of London Evening Standard, who got a lot out of exploring the youth of Tony Soprano, ultimately conscious. The Many Saints of Newark a commendation score of 5/5.

“Significant enough, traumatically enjoyable, The Many Saints of Newark is a story of the unexpected that will make the filmmakers scream hallelujah, as well as the couch potatoes for life.”

Finally, SlashFilm’s Chris Evangelista describes the film as a “bloody deconstruction of the Mob movie”, finding the look back into the past very interesting and adding another layer of tragedy to Tony Soprano’s already complex character in a way that only a well- prequel can.

“The ultimate tragedy is that we can see every ray of hope for Tony here, but we know it’s a false hope. In the end, he will never walk away from this violent world. And he will send those. to whom he claims love in hell. “

Directed by Alan Taylor and written by David Chase and Lawrence Konner, The Many Saints of Newark will precede David Chase’s blockbuster crime series, The Sopranos, reprising a young Anthony “Tony” Soprano, who grows up in one of the most tumultuous times in Newark history, and becomes a man just as rival gangsters begin to rise up and challenge the grip of the all-powerful crime family DiMeo the increasingly racially-torn city. The uncle he idolizes, Dickie Moltisanti, who struggles to cope with his professional and personal responsibilities, and whose influence over his nephew will help make the impressionable teenager the all-powerful mob boss We Come To later, is caught in the air. namely: Tony Soprano.

The project amassed a stellar cast led by Alessandro Nivola (Disobedience, a most violent year) like Dickie Moltisanti. The supporting cast includes people like Jon Bernthal (The living dead, the punisher) as Giovanni Francis “Johnny Boy” Soprano, father of crime boss Tony Soprano, and Vera Farmiga (The missing, the conspiracy), who plays Giovanni’s wife and Tony’s mother, Livia Soprano.

They are joined by Corey Stoll (The ant Man), Billy Magnussen (No time to die), Leslie Odom Jr. (Murder on the Orient Express), Joey Diaz (Spider-man 2) and Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), and Michael Gandolfini, the real son of the late great James Gandolfini, the young actor reprising the role of Anthony “Tony” Soprano during his early years.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures, The Many Saints of Newark will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Fall Preview on September 22, 2021. It is slated to hit theaters in the United States on October 1, with a one-month concurrent release on the HBO Max streaming service.

Topics: The Many Saints of Newark, The Sopranos

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Thor in God of Struggle Ragnarok convinces lovers: they have fun with his departure from Wonder, even if he is not unanimous Thu, 23 Sep 2021 01:37:10 +0000

A wonder and a more trustworthy body than that portrayed by mythology, 3DJuegos customers notice the gaze of the god.

The Ultimate PlayStation Featured Exhibit many new options for the way forward for PS4 and PS5. We have the wonder of Wonder Wolverine and a future Wonder’s Spider-Guy 2, starring one of the most beloved villains, had been one of the top, most distinguished bulletins. However, the kind protagonist was God of Struggle Ragnarok, with a gameplay trailer that gave us plenty of clues about the 2018 sequel to God of Struggle, which started on norse mythology arc.

Thor is described as a being with an excessively infantile personality and somewhat lower than under the influence of alcohol.PainrinenganProbably the most beautiful points of interest of this second part were once the coming of Thor, the god of thunder is undoubtedly one of the most famous characters of Scandinavian legends and he has been depicted many times in many tactics. In this case, Thor’s pores and skin in God of Struggle Ragnarok opened. an intense debate that we would have liked to assemble in 3D video games, and the overwhelming majority cherished the chosen look via Sony santa monica. The main explanation why the birthday party turns out to be related to moving away from the Thor the only one we have now associated with the universe Wonder.

“This illustration is much more trustworthy for fairytales than Wonder’s. But even so, the stereotypical characters are a bit boring, ”Elsouldlosnicks commented. Alongside similar strains, Pandorayr commented: “this Thor turns out to be extra human for me and more so synthetic“The design has also become a wonder for many readers”,I love that they amaze me and with the Thor design they have succeededbecause I had planned something and they just gave me the other “Kortex advised us.”

I would have preferred a more physical god of thunderGoat boxAll of the other strengths that this Thor’s design turns out to have for readers have to do with its resemblance to the one depicted via mythology, “is the one that best suits the air ‘he eats an ox making the king suspect’ or ‘Thor almost drank the ocean’ (in a beer horn structure), ”Gavroche defended. Painrinengan also reminded us that in the 2018 game “Thor is described as a being with a character very infantile and somewhat inferior to one under the influence of alcohol“. Despite the fact that the reception of nature has been very certain, there have also been customers who are no longer satisfied”,I might have preferred an extra god of thunder bodily, very similar to what we have now observed in various audiovisual works, ”Zieg-Feld lamented.

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There were also clients who pointed out some main points of the design that they would have appreciated in another way. “that he no longer has single hair on his stomach“This is something that did not convince Egomaniac, who would have preferred any other design more consistent with the rest of nature’s hair. The dedication to doing something other than what we are used to was also applauded, even among those who were not satisfied with the illusion, “I not only like the design, but I think you might want to alternate every now and then certain patterns so as not to be repetitive, ”TennoEx admitted.

In short, we have the impression that Thor might also be happy, at least until we have to face his mighty hammer in the next installment of the saga, consider 2022 and which we spoke with its director, Eric Williams and Cory Barlog, in a chat where they confirmed to us most of the keys to what is going to be the pinnacle of Kratos’ adventure via Viking lands.

Extra on: God of Struggle Ragnarok, Thor and Readers Say.

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Mythical musicians will inspire D&D players to create bard characters Wed, 22 Sep 2021 20:09:00 +0000

Dungeons & Dragons players looking to build PC Bard can draw inspiration from these mythical heroes, masters of magical songs and secret lore.

The Bard class in the Dungeons & Dragons Role-playing is a master of music and mystical traditions, frequently featured in reference books as a magical version of a European minstrel from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. There are, however, not a small number of heroes from myths and epics around the world. D&D players can pay tribute when designing their bard characters. Celtic satirists, lyre players who descend to Hell and prophetic poets – the sky is the limit when it comes to forms of “magical musicians”.

In the first editions of Dungeons & Dragons, the Bard class was a bit of a weird duck. In 1st edition D&D, the Bard was a prestige class that players could only access after clearing multiple levels in the Fighter and Rogue classes. Later editions of D&D took different approaches in how they presented the bard as a jack-of-all-trades archetype – with the skills of a thief, wizarding magic, and social abilities that allow them to charm and gain trust NPCs.

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From the 5th edition, the Dungeon & Dragons The bard, at the lore level, explicitly creates magical effects and enchantments through the performing arts, whether playing a musical instrument, singing, whistling, reciting poetry or to dance. They can awaken their allies with inspiring words and annoy their enemies with a well-placed insult. They are decent with many skills, and the spells at their disposal focus on enchantment, illusion, healing, talking with animals, and shapeshifting. This presentation of bards to magical artists recorded in ancient myths and romantic epics is truer than one might think.

D&D Bard Inspiration – Väinämöinen

Mythical bards to inspire dungeon bards and Väinämöinen dragons

There are many heroes in the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, but the most iconic hero of this compilation of mythical songs is Väinämöinen, described as a wise old man with a magical singing voice created by the goddess Ilmater during the founding of the world. This hero of Finnish culture – sometimes a god, sometimes a mortal mystic – is known for many acts of magic and intelligence. This includes singing out enemies in the Bogs, stealing a powerful artifact called the Sampo, and crafting the first Kantéle zither from the bones of a giant pike that he killed.

D&D Bard Ideas From Myth – Taliesin

Mythical bards to inspire dungeon bards and Taliesin dragons

Taliesin, the chief bard of several kings of Great Britain during the Dark Ages (including King Arthur in some tales), has many myths associated with his name. After accidentally swallowing three drops of a brewed wisdom potion, he runs away from a vengeful witch, transforming into a rabbit, a fish, a bird, and then a single grain which is swallowed by the witch (who is was turned into chicken). After the witch gives birth to Taliesin, now a beautiful girl with radiant white eyebrows, she places him in a leather bag and throws him into the sea. Effin, a Prince of Wales, fishes Taliesin out of the water; after becoming the bard of Effin’s court, Taliesin guides the prince’s realm to prosperity with his prophecies. This strange tradition might well work as a D&D story for a bard.

D&D ideas for bards – Amergin Glúingel

Mythical bards to inspire dungeon bards and dragons Amergin Glúingel

Towards the end of Book of invasions, mythologized story of the beginnings of Ireland, the Milesian people, ancestors of the modern Irish, invaded the lands ruled by the fey Tuatha Dé Danann. After some strife, the leaders of the Tuatha Dé Danann asked the Milesians to retreat to their ships as part of a three-day truce, then conjured a magical storm to drive them away. Amergin Glúingel, a bard and druid for the Milesians, weathered the storm singing a song to the spirit of Ireland itself.

D&D Bard Backstories From Myth – Orpheus

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Orpheus, a musician from Greek mythology who appeared in games like Underworld, is best known for his beautiful singing voice and lyre-playing skills, able to calm even the wildest creatures. To save his love, Eurydice, from death itself, Orpheus traveled to the underworld, his songs of pain winning the sympathy of Hades and Persephone. Orpheus’ epic journey ended in tragedy when he broke the rule of “don’t look back”, but his descent into a chthonic space of magic and monsters has timeless parallels to the epic of the start dungeons Dungeons & Dragons and other old school RPGs.

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With the Marvel Studios films, Thor went from one of a long line of mythological heroes that people may know to the most popular mythological hero out there. (Sorry Hercules).

But how similar is Marvel’s version of Thor to what it was based on, the Thor from Norse mythology?

“The Battle of Thor against the Ettins” by Mårten Eskil Winge (Image credit: Mårten Eskil Winge)

“I sometimes use that as a question on my final exam,” laughed Merrill Kaplan, who teaches students Nordic literature and folklore. “The comics have the correct basics. Thor is a defender of humanity. And he has his hammer handy. These are big. But just about everything else is different.”