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By Upassna B Singh

New Delhi, January 10 (IANSlife): A narcissist is someone who despises modesty and celebrates vanity. Everything is an inflated and unrealistic mirror of oneself in narcissism. Every narcissist sees themselves as divine, and their deep anxieties and insecurities are clouded by the false notion that they are unique.

The two foundations of narcissism are malignant self-obsession and egocentricity, in which a person does not care about the wishes, needs or interests of others. This type of behavior is associated with personality problems, according to psychologists. The name is derived from the Greek mythological account of Narcissus, a child who fell in love with his own reflection, which dates back to at least AD 8. This tale was proposed by Sigmund Freud as a representation of a self-centered person.

Exaggerated ambition, grandiose fantasy, upright sentiments, and exhibitionism have all been used by psychoanalysts and thinkers throughout history to boost the self-esteem of a narcissist.

Narcissist a good partner?

On paper, narcissists often have it all: a fantastic career, money, success, and attractiveness. All of these awesome exterior features are said to be important in a long-term partner. However, you have to reject this preconceived view, as fantasizing about such a mate can lead you to be on the wrong side of the story. When you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, the dynamics change more subtly. At first, a narcissist begins a ‘love bombardment’ – you are inundated with constant texts, gifts, and compliments, and they show generosity all the way through, but it’s always about their own earnings. other side of the coin.

They try to control you by holding your affection and attention. As your relationship with a narcissistic spouse progresses, you will notice some mysterious characteristics and be disappointed with their sudden change in behavior. This may shock you because you didn’t know that the charismatic charmer you fell in love with initially had narcissistic personality traits. In most cases, the relationship deteriorates and the level of toxicity increases.

You might be wondering if a narcissist can be a decent companion. Unfortunately, “no” is almost always the answer. Because they are selfish and feel no remorse when they hurt their relationship, narcissism is a difficult tendency to change, and this trait makes them hard to be around.

But what if you’re already in a relationship with one of them? If you find yourself justifying the toxicity and behavior of your partner, you are most likely in a narcissistic relationship. You need to look for those undeniable signals that can help you uncover your partner’s hidden personality.

These 5 signs should help you spot red flags:

Take Control of the Conversation – Although relationships are two-way, people tend to pull the conversation back to themselves. They like to be the center of attention and lead the conversation. They don’t pay attention to their partners and tend to interrupt them in the middle of a conversation to share their own views or completely change the topic of the conversation, which is heavily focused on them.

Lack of empathy – Narcissism is characterized by a lack of empathy. There is no affection or true love. It can be difficult to get their attention and get them to care about your feelings and desires. The urge to protect themselves weakens narcissists, which creates a barrier between them and their relationship. They lack genuine compassion when it comes to recognizing and considering their partner’s feelings.

They enlighten you – A narcissist uses this method to deceive their partner’s view of reality. Gaslighting is a type of narcissism in which the person focuses on gaining power over their relationship. Being in a relationship with a narcissist can make you feel insecure, and you may find yourself apologizing for things you haven’t done.

Superiority Complex – A superiority complex is the over-inflated ego of a narcissist combined with a willingness to belittle or undermine others in order to make themselves feel better. A narcissist will not care about the feelings of others. It’s a telltale sign that your partner is a narcissist if they start to feel, behave, and talk like they’re superior to you.

(Upassna B Singh is a life coach and mentor)

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Dominion Image gives Chris Pratt a new friend Sat, 08 Jan 2022 20:31:20 +0000

A new image from Jurassic World: Dominion introduces the character of DeWanda Wise to the dinosaur adventure franchise, posing with star Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt’s dinosaur fighting character Owen Grady has a new ally in a still image from the upcoming film jurassic park franchise, Jurassic World: Dominion.

The photo appeared in a USA Today article, with Pratt co-star DeWanda Wise appearing next to him in an outdoor installation, with both actors looking ready for action. Pratt holds a knife as Wise grabs a tool that can be a kind of taser. Wise wears a jacket that may be part of a uniform, but no other details are revealed about her character.

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The new image was captioned with a synopsis of the film which read: “Heroic animal behaviorist Owen Grady (Chris Pratt, with DeWanda Wise) returns for another series of rescued dinosaurs, this time traveling the world when a beast group comes off, in the sixth installment of the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise. “

Owen was introduced in Jurassic World, the film that relaunched the series years after the original trilogy ended. With mythology progressing to the point that genetic engineering of dinosaurs was successfully implemented into the construction of a theme park, Owen was a behind-the-scenes specialist working with the highly intelligent velociraptors to train them in various tasks. When the park was inevitably hit by dangerous crashes, Owen teamed up with COO Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) to regain control.

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Wise’s new character isn’t the only human who will join Owen and Claire on their next quest – this time to round up the dinosaurs unleashed at the end of the last film in the series, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum will reprise their respective roles as Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Sattler and Dr Ian Malcolm, who were the main cast of the original. jurassic park.

New species of dinosaurs are also set to appear in the new movie, including a type of deadly raptor called Atrociraptor. Director Colin Trevorrow previously spoke about the variety of famous prehistoric reptiles and their importance to the franchise, saying: everything. “

Dinosaurs will rule the earth again when Jurassic World: Dominion hits theaters June 10.

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Source: United States today

Thor and Jane encourage promotional art for love and thunder

Thor 4 Leak offers a clear look at Hemsworth & Portman’s new MCU costumes

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AHS season 11 should use Red Tide’s best debunked theory Fri, 07 Jan 2022 00:40:00 +0000

American Horror Story: Double Feature quickly debunked an enthralling fan theory, and it should be used in Season 11. Here’s what it is.

The first part of American Horror Story: Double functionality, Crimson Tide, was not what fans had come to expect from the series in terms of quality and themes, and so Season 11 should use Crimson Tidethe best theory debunked – here’s what it is. The horror genre is enjoying great success not only on the big screen but also on television, and the most popular television series of its genre continues to be american horror story, the anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and premiered on FX in 2011.

Each season of american horror story tackles a different horror theme with different characters and events, although over time it has built a unified universe. The first season, retroactively titled Murder House, was all about a haunted house and the ghosts that lived there, and since then, american horror story explored a variety of themes, creatures, and places – from aliens to circuses and even cults. american horror story now has 10 seasons up for grabs, and its tenth season, titled Dual functionality, has been divided into two parts: Crimson Tide and Death Valley, with one by the sea and the other by the sand. Of course, there has been a lot of speculation about the Season 10 themes, especially after teasers and posters showed the aliens return, but the best theory around this season was quickly debunked.


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Crimson Tide is the seaside half, and it takes viewers to Provincetown, Massachusetts to follow writer Harry Gardner (Finn Wittrock), his wife Doris (Lily Rabe), and their daughter Alma (Ryan Kiera Armstrong). The city turns out to be plagued by pale creatures that feed on blood, and they transformed into those monsters after taking a black pill that would have enhanced their talents, but they didn’t have one. Harry becomes addicted to the pills and Alma begins taking them as well, sending the Gardner family on a downward spiral of lies and death. Before the premiere of Crimson Tide, it was strongly theorized that, as this is the part of the season fixed by the sea, that it would include mermaids, but this was quickly debunked – but it can be used in american horror story season 11.

American Horror Story Mermaids Alien Experiments

Mermaids (not to be confused with mermaids) are creatures from Greek mythology who lure nearby sailors with their music and sung voices to shipwreck on the coast of their island, so they are among the most dangerous creatures. that you may encounter at sea. The physical appearance of mermaids has been described as a combination of women and birds in different forms, and not only do they have haunting voices but are also believed to charm the winds so that their targets do not not escape. american horror story decided to use vampires again (as he had already done in Hotel) in Dual functionality/Crimson Tide, but Season 11 can easily pick mermaids as the main theme, especially since it was one of the main themes the audience voted for when Ryan Murphy polled potential themes on Twitter.

american horror story has already been renewed for three more seasons, and there are still plenty of horror themes that can be addressed in the series, but given the disappointment of Crimson Tide and the excitement around the possibility of mermaids appearing, the best option for season 11 would definitely be these dangerous and fascinating sea creatures. Sure, american horror story would give the mermaids a twist to better suit the style of the show and make it as believable as possible, which only makes the idea more exciting.

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We are the ones who secretly revealed why Kate and Toby broke up

We are the ones who just secretly revealed why Kate and Toby are going to separate

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“Orion’s Chimney”: the Flame Nebula shines in a breathtaking new sight Tue, 04 Jan 2022 22:46:00 +0000

The Flame Nebula shines in this processed image. The colors show the speed of gas in the nebula, with red clouds moving away faster than yellows.

ESO / Th. Stanke & ESO / J. Emerson / VISTA. Acknowledgments: Cambridge Astronomical Research Unit

This is winter where I am and I have felt the drag of the short days and cold temperatures. This is why I am dwelling on a new image of the Flame Nebula which shows a gloriously glowing region of space. It looks like hell, but it’s actually a cloud of dust and gas strewn with stars.

The European Southern Observatory called the flame nebula the “Orion chimney” in a statement on Tuesday. It is located in the constellation Orion, which is named after the hunter from Greek mythology. “This ’emission’ nebula harbors at its center a cluster of young stars which emit high-energy radiation, making surrounding gases glow,” ESO said.

There’s a lot going on in ESO’s image. The Flame Nebula is the large formation on the left. The smallest object on the right is another nebula, NGC 2023. Look closely above and to the right of NGC 2023 to find the Horse’s Head nebula, which Hubble picturesque captured in 2013.

The image of the flame nebula is taken from the Atacama Pathfinder experiment in Chile. The observation is part of a larger investigation of radio waves emitted by carbon monoxide in star-forming regions of Orion’s molecular clouds. “Contrary to what the ‘fire’ in this image might suggest, these clouds are in fact cold, with temperatures typically a few tens of degrees above absolute zero,” ESO said.

The image highlights the speed of gas in the nebula, with red clouds moving away from us faster than yellow ones. The science is neat, but there is also room to sit and appreciate the sheer visual beauty. My toes might be cold, but my space-loving heart is warm.

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It was the hardest scene to shoot on Ragnarok according to the cast Sun, 02 Jan 2022 23:45:00 +0000

Herman Tømmeraas explained in the interview that the team “spent a few days doing the choreography”, although the scene was ultimately, as Theresa Frostad Eggesbø notes, “only pieces” of the long and arduous streak that ‘they had originally filmed. Eggesbø also pointed out that the dance was much “more elaborate” than the audience can see since everything in the scene is in slow motion. “Anything that isn’t idling,” she explains, “is actually done ten times faster.” As Tømmeraas says, “we were the ones who baked bananas for three minutes in a row.”

The actors shared that they had spent hours filming the scene – which involved “fifty or sixty extras”, none of whom were informed of what was about to happen – and that the grueling physical labor was made all the more. complicated by good logistics. “It was like a strange rock music,” Eggesbø explains, but it was extremely quiet. “The stereo was not working,” she added, “so they must have played it from a little boom speaker.”

The dance hasn’t gone unnoticed or ignored by fans, who have discussed its possible meanings in a variety of threads on the show’s subreddit. Considering the amount of narrative work on the scene in terms of setting up the complex dynamic between Laurits, Saxa, and Fjor, it certainly makes sense to have put an equal amount of physical work into the scene. Despite the fact that it was “about three hours of awkwardness” and “a big step outside the comfort zone,” as Tømmeraas put it, the cast both agreed that it was ultimately worth it. Hopefully all of the rumored dance scenes from Season 3 will be a little easier on the cast.

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The Batman omits a key part of the penguin costume Sat, 01 Jan 2022 02:45:00 +0000

Colin Farrell, who plays The Penguin in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, reveals that the film does not include an iconic piece of the villain’s attire.

Colin Farrell, who will play Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin in The batman, revealed that the upcoming film is removing an iconic piece from the villain’s wardrobe.

“There is no top hat [in The Batman]”Farrell revealed in an interview with Empire alongside his co-stars Paul Dano and Zoë Kravitz, who will also play gallery staples of Batman’s thugs, the Riddler and Catwoman, respectively. “There’s a scene where I have an umbrella in my hand, but it doesn’t have a trigger on the handle. He has a lame walk, so there’s a little waddle in there. But Oz doesn’t. is not yet completely inhabiting the Penguin mythology and is not too fond of the nickname. “

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Prior to that, Farrell also revealed how many scenes of the film he would be in. “I’m only there for five or six scenes [as Penguin], so I can’t wait to see the movie because it won’t be spoiled by my presence, “he said.” It’s a gift for me. I’m going to be a little uncomfortable for the fucking nine minutes I have and the rest, I can’t wait to see how [writer/director Matt Reeves] brought this world to life. “

It was confirmed earlier this year that The Penguin will be receiving a spinoff series on HBO Max, which will serve as its origin story, although a deal has yet to be finalized between Farrell and HBO Max. This would be the second spin-off of The batman, as the film would also launch a series focused on the Gotham City Police Department.

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Farrell isn’t the only actor in The batman to discuss an important detail of the character design of a Batman villain. In a recent interview, Kravitz explained his own take on Catwoman’s iconic claws. “We shot two months before my 40s and it all stopped, so at that point I started growing my nails because we couldn’t do manicures, and then I had this idea of ‘take it further… so I called Matt and I was like, I have this idea, we should be doing crazy, slutty, scary nails that looked like claws, ”she explained. “No nail polish on them, so they looked more like claws, and we were able to squeeze it in at the last minute.”

As for the film itself, a recent rumor claims that a sequel has been lit. However, The batman Star Robert Pattinson recently opened up about his own plans for his character Bruce Wayne, which will be split into two sequels. “I made a sort of map of where Bruce’s psychology would develop over the course of two more films,” he said. “I would love to do it.”

Directed and co-written by Matt Reeves, The batman opens in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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Source: Empire, via

Black Adam Boss wants to make Kingdom Come movie

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History and mystery play out in Aldrich’s two new exhibitions for 2022 Thu, 30 Dec 2021 15:19:20 +0000 A pair of exhibits that opened in January at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield may at first glance seem quite dissimilar.

The backgrounds of the artists, their media, and their subjects are vastly different, but on closer inspection, the work of the two not only complements each other, but shares some similarities. Each making their debut in a solo exhibition in a museum here, Milano Chow is Asian American and Duane Slick is Indigenous. The two artists create their art with a unique voice, born from heritages that are important elements of the American experience. One artist explores ideas of alienation through her architecture-centric works while the other skillfully balances modern abstraction with Native American mythology.

“Duane Slick: The Coyote Makes The Sunset Better” premieres January 17 through May 8 and features 90 paintings, prints, photographs and videos made in the past five years. “Milano Chow: Prima Facie” will be presented from January 17 to May 8 with more than a dozen new works on paper covering two and three dimensions.

“Both exhibitions clearly fit into Aldrich’s core mission of providing opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists at critical points in their careers,” said museum director of exhibitions Richard Klein.

At the start of his career, Slick painted mainly landscapes, but before the 50th birthday of Christopher Columbus (1992), alternative galleries and some museums and groups held counter-exhibitions in protest. Slick was invited to show his art with a group of native artists. It was around this time that his work began to tell the stories of his heritage and the coyote became a key motif. Slick began to collect stories from his parents and Native American poetry.

“I was just interested in what kind of voices they had and decided to let the trickster character, the coyote, start doing the work for me,” he said.

Chow methodically creates highly architectural monochrome collages, almost like blueprints, but retaining an air of ghostly mystery. A series of self-possessed women roam in and out of these landscapes and the viewer wonders who they could be and their stories.

“I love melodramas about women in distress and movies about alienation in cities, even though the women in my work tend to be distant and less emotional,” Chow said. When asked if these women could share their stories with the public, she replied that they probably wouldn’t speak and instead would observe the world around them quietly.

Using reference images from architecture and art history books, technical drawings, blueprints and lifestyle magazines, Chow chooses a variety of striking architectural focal points in which to place. his female subjects. Cornices, eaves, window treatments and furniture create a backdrop where time ceases to exist for these “paper dolls” the artist pulls from vintage fashion and lifestyle magazines. Watching these women recluse in grandiose settings, the artist explores the themes of voyeurism, alienation, isolation, gender and social order.

The coyote is a powerful and long-standing figure in Native American culture and both demigod and trickster, he is known to impart wisdom and folly. In his art, Slick exploits this motif as a fluid subject, constantly evolving in his intentions as well as in his character.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is located at 258 Main Street in Ridgefield.

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Every Star Trek movie ranked from worst to best Tue, 28 Dec 2021 18:40:00 +0000

After the slow-paced “Insurgency”, the franchise went in the completely opposite direction for the crew’s next film “The Next Generation”. Action filmmaker Stuart Baird, who helmed the sequel to “The Fugitive,” “US Marshalls,” was brought in to direct an action-packed adventure that took a prisoner-less approach to the series. While action is certainly an important part of “Star Trek,” “Nemesis” had no substance to support the show.

Like many unsuccessful “Star Trek” movies, “Nemesis” had a great idea, in theory … but botched the execution. The film’s main antagonist, Praetor Shinzon (Tom Hardy), the leader of the Remen people, is a younger clone of Picard created by the Romulans to negotiate with the Federation. It could have been a fascinating exploration of Picard’s psychology where he is faced with a villainous mirror of his young self and forced to rethink his mistakes, but all “Nemesis” does is present Hardy making a bad impression of Patrick. Stewart. Tom Hardy’s bizarre attempts to capture Stewart’s charisma are a baffling first performance by one of the best actors of his generation.

“Nemesis” also features an incredibly awkward sequence in which Shinzon “violates” the mind of Councilor Dianna Troi, a sexual assault parallel that’s just plain uncomfortable to watch. At the very least, Baird creates some compelling sets, including Picard’s escape and Datas from Shinzon’s ship.

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Standing up against hatred is the duty of all citizens, writes Harini Calamur Mon, 27 Dec 2021 03:14:41 +0000

Haridwar is one of the holiest cities for Hindus. At the foot of the Shivalik Range, the city sits on the banks of the Ganges, as it moves from its source in the mountains to the plains. In both, the Shaivite tradition and in the Vaishnavite tradition, the city is of great importance. Interchangeably referred to as Haridwar and Haradwar – the gates of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, respectively – the place attracts millions of pilgrims every year, who hope to achieve salvation by diving into the Ganges in the most sacred place.

Last week, this Hindu holiest site was desecrated by those who wish to hijack religion. The government, as always, was silent and frozen in inaction. The Hindu Dharam Sansad held in Haridwar, among others, called for the murder of Muslims, the overthrow of a future government and the takeover of India by force. Among the more moderate comments were the call for the murder of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the setting aside of the Constitution and the lessons learned from Godse instead. A self-proclaimed preacher, Annapurna said: “We are ready to kill them; we are ready to go to jail. We need 100 soldiers to kill 20 lakh. Only if you are ready to dedicate yourself in this way can you save Sanatan Dharma. And remember, we are the protectors of Sanatan Dharma. Keep your books aside and take up arms. She was just one of the people who vomited venom at those who didn’t have the same ideas.

For many of us who have grown up in the Hindu faith and tradition, this is a violation of everything that religion talks about. It is not our religion, but an ugly, malformed and violent shadow of it. It is almost as if all the evil spoken of in Hindu theology had coalesced into this ugly manifestation of it; who preaches hatred, violence and destruction. This strain of ugliness and hatred is the embodiment of the Asuras and Rakshasas of mythology – the kind that the gods are said to be born to overcome. And for some reason, he’s identified with the faith of millions of people – most of whom won’t even hurt a fly. It is not Hinduism. It may be Hindutva, and it is time for those who follow the ideology of religious nationalism to speak up to clarify if this is not the case.

In recent years, we have seen a surge in such radicalization. We are talking about people who are ready to murder other people (in cold blood) for perceived offenses against their faith. We have seen radical Hindutvadis disrupting Friday prayers in Gurugram, with chants by Jai Shri Ram. We have seen radical Hindutvadis break into schools where Christmas carols are performed, asking them to shout Jai Shri Ram and force others to do the same. We have heard of Muslim traders beaten with chants of Jai Shri Ram. In all of this, as prominent right wing spokespersons valiantly defended the disbelievers – oh, they prayed in public spaces; oh why should Hindu children sing Christmas carols? oh, did the trader have a license. What these luminaries of the right ignore is the desecration of one of Hinduism’s most sacred symbols – Ram. When violent men, with hatred in their hearts and murderous intent, prey on innocent people in the name of “God”, you are really just defiling God.

Hinduism is a faith. A current of consciousness. A way of living. Hindutva is a political movement trying to create a Hindu state. While all HIndutvadis could be Hindus, not all Hindus are HIndutvadis. There’s no point in apologizing and calling that bangs. It wasn’t a fringe when one of his supporters murdered Gandhi. It was not a fringe, when he succeeded in mobilizing the kar sevaks to break the law, violate the Constitution and bring down the Babri Masjid; And, it’s not bangs anymore.

We have vivid examples of what happens when believers do not oppose fundamentalists who attempt to hijack religion to establish political power. We have seen it in the United States, when religious fundamentalists hijacked the Republican Party and are now trying to destroy women’s rights. We have seen it in Iran as the once proud Persian people struggle under the boot of the Islamist mullahs. And we see it in Pakistan. We should pray that future generations do not see this in India. For this, Hindus must stand up to be counted. We must call the enemies among us and tell them that it is not in our name. We must stand up – without violence and with love in our hearts – against those who attempt to hijack our faith, defile our gods and desecrate our holiest places.

The Hindu Dharm Sansad was certainly not a Hindu, violated all Dharma standards and was completely out of step with the sansad (parliament). We the people of faith and the citizens of India must do something since our government has stuck in inaction. It starts by pressuring the government to take action against those who have made the sacred vow to put aside the will of the people, to overthrow a future legally elected government and to commit genocide against millions of co-workers. citizens. We do not have the choice. This would be called dharma (duty / justice). To stand up against those who violate the constitutional dharma is the duty not only of all citizens, but also of the government. And we have to make sure it’s followed.

Posted on: Monday December 27th, 2021 08:44 IST

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Geopolitics, Taliban, and food security are resetting power equations in Asia, writes KC Singh Sat, 25 Dec 2021 03:01:39 +0000

On a short trip to meet the grandchildren in Dubai, escaping New York on Christmas, one notices the total disconnect between the festive atmosphere here and the looming Omicron and the geopolitical dangers around the world. The success of this 21st century Beirut is based on creating an oasis of high quality life and entertainment, disconnected from reality.

Even at the turn of the century, despite 9/11, Dubai used the US military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan to do what Thailand did during the US-Vietnam War. It has become a haven of peace for rest and recreation. He relaxed the investment rules for expats to invest money in real estate. The Dubai Expo, delayed for a year because of the Covid-19, is now in full swing; and a beachside branch of a famous Mykonos restaurant, Namos, would put the original to shame.

But reality cannot be banished, only ignored. A motorist from Peshawar inquired about Navjot Sidhu, a former cricketer and current congressman from Pradesh to Punjab. He is, he said, a friend of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Sidhu can be criticized in India for claiming that Imran is like an older brother, especially after the recent bombing in a court in Ludhiana, but popular mythology can shape public perceptions.

The reality is that Pakistan is struggling to manage new militant organizations at home and gain legitimacy for the Taliban government in Afghanistan. In addition, the relentless humanitarian crisis in that country receives little attention from the international community. At the recent Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) special meeting, only Saudis graciously opened their purses. The likely exit of refugees from Afghanistan that would result could increase instability in the region. Pakistan may be beginning to realize that its success in convincing the Taliban, its close ally, to seize power in Kabul may be a poisonous chalice. Pakistan allowing Indian food aid to go overland into Afghanistan may be recognition that a future with India excluded from that country is impractical. But this is far from restoring the normality of Indo-Pakistani relations.

The reasons are not difficult to decipher. One is the BJP’s pre-election attempt to community-bias the votes in Uttar Pradesh and even Punjab. The other is the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) demarcation exercise, which reserves more seats for the Jammu region. Maybe the BJP wants to restore the state only after rebalancing electoral arithmetic in J&K. But that can only be after the results of the national elections in March. Meanwhile, more terrorist acts in Punjab and J&K may poison the regional atmosphere.

As if that weren’t complicated enough, the Chinese did not halt their advance against India along the Real Line of Control (LAC), notably by installing small groups of people along their lines of. claim, often in the space claimed by India. But China faces a slowing economy and perhaps more serious danger from Omicron, as Chinese vaccines are of questionable use against it. This is likely to make the Chinese regime more precarious and therefore more assertive on national security issues. Meanwhile, there is some interesting data on China’s emerging food grains as the Indian government ends its standoff with Indian farmers in grain-producing states. China spent $ 98.1 billion importing food last year. According to Nikkei Asia, over the past five years, Chinese imports of soybeans, corn and wheat have doubled with purchases from the United States, Brazil, etc. Some of these purchases were made through private companies. The reason is that the prices of food globally have increased. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) food price index is 30% higher than the previous year. Apparently, China’s hoarding is a major reason for this. Chinese production of wheat and other food crops peaked in 2015.

Thus, food security could once again become a major problem after decades of high agricultural productivity following the green revolution of the 1960s. India will have to rethink its agricultural strategy. The hastily passed farm laws and their equally swift repeal have shown that reform requires patience and consensus building. This does not mean that reform is not achievable. It also shows how domestic politics and diplomacy in Asia are intertwined with the rise of India and China. Historically, two rising powers with opposing perceptions and unresolved differences have tended to go to war with each other rather than develop peacefully. When pandemics, food scarcity and climate change are thrown into the pack, it becomes even more complex and dangerous.

India has just changed emissary in Beijing. As great a Sinologist as the next nominee may be, diplomats can simply iron out the conflict between two nations. They cannot change national imperatives, especially if, as in India, national electoral cycles push a government towards hyper-nationalism. Also if, as in China, the internal pact of constant economic growth in exchange for political rights and freedoms is endangered. 4

The world, in particular Asia, is thus going through a period of redistribution of power. These phases reset the overall power equations. Wisdom and restraint are the prerequisites for this to happen peacefully, despite frequent conflicts of interest. For every Pathan Taxi Driver, you need one in India and China with a similar empathy for the citizens of a neighboring country. Hopefully 2022 will spread such humanism

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Posted on: Saturday December 25, 2021 8:31 am IST

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