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Sex trafficking is always a subject kept in the dark and subject to myths. Even within the police force, there is a lack of proper education on the differences between prostitution and sex trafficking. January is National month for the prevention of human traffickingso we take a look at the latest news in our area regarding the matter.

In late December, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office posted a Facebook press release about a recent sting operation in which eight men from Corvallis, Albany and Eugene were arrested, given a summons and released for dating a prostitute. The press release claimed the operation demonstrated just how prevalent prostitution was in Benton County, and then linked prostitution to human trafficking.

What’s the problem?

A Corvallis social worker who wishes to remain anonymous pointed to a level of poor education in two statements in this press release:

1) Prostitution is a dangerous criminal enterprise, closely linked to human trafficking, drugs, violence and sexual assault.

2) Prostitution also fuels the growth of modern slavery by providing a facade behind which traffickers operate for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

“Prostitution – or sex work – is trafficked like sex is rape,” said the social worker, highlighting the press release’s misconceptions about the link between prostitution and sex trafficking.

They explained that the key element in the difference between prostitution and human trafficking is consent.

How sex work and human trafficking differ

Sex work is a transaction between consenting adults, and many people believe it should be decriminalized. Prostitution would not be a “dangerous criminal enterprise” if it were to become legal. Bill 3088 envisioned by the Oregon state legislature will decriminalize sex work. Currently, prostitutes who could help identify victims of sex trafficking, drug dealers and violent clients do not come forward voluntarily because they are treated like criminals.

Sex trafficking involves coercion. In a trafficking environment, vulnerable people are exploited in exchange for the basics of safety, food, shelter and sometimes romance. According to Polaris Project, vPopulations vulnerable to trafficking include people of color, survivors of domestic violence, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ + people, people with low incomes, those who are homeless or have unstable housing, and those with a history sexual abuse.

A common myth is that victims of human trafficking are physically forced into prostitution – however, only 16% are physically forced, the remainder being controlled by psychological, sexual or pharmacological methods. Another common myth of trafficking is that the victims have been kidnapped; According to the Counter Data Trafficking Collaborative (CTDC), 66% are trafficked by someone they know or a family member.

Survivors of sex trafficking often have problems identifying themselves as victims, especially if they are a dating partner who is trafficking. The social worker we spoke to pointed out that prostitutes, who may be in the same neighborhood as those trafficked, are not the front for it, but could instead be the ones who identify as victims.

They noted that in Benton County, the highest prevalence of human trafficking is in Albany, possibly due to its proximity to Interstate 5. From Portland to California, the I-5 corridor offers plenty of opportunities for that to happen. While there are government outreach programs created to help victims, there are steps affected citizens can take to address this situation:

What can you do?

Start by learning about the difference between sex work and sex trafficking. Avoid everything about the “big underground operations”, satanic rituals, kidnapped children from backyards, outrageous numbers like millions of children trafficked each year. These all point to conspiracy theories rather than reality. A good source of information is the Polaris Project, mentioned and linked above. There are also virtual panels to find out what Oregon’s efforts are to combat human trafficking across the country. to: project.

There are several local charities that have been set up to help people in these type of situations. Two resources that we constantly praise are Jackson Street Youth Services and the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV). Additionally, one resource our contact likes is Under surveillance because it provides training.

And finally, on this January 11, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, people can help raise awareness by participating in #WearBlueDay.

By Stacey Newman Weldon

]]> What do South African students learn when we teach breed? Sat, 08 Jan 2022 10:00:00 +0000

“Everyone says you shouldn’t base your college entry on your skin color, they should base it on your grades,” Amy says. “People keep saying it, but they don’t stand up for it, you know what I mean? “

She looks at me somewhat exasperated as we sit in her ninth grade history class, the afternoon sun streaming through the tall sash windows. We discuss college admissions – a hot topic at this academically competitive Cape Town school – and inevitably the question of race arises: “The whole world is basing everything on race, but in reality it doesn’t. is that a pigment.

We have heard this reasoning time and time again in our conversations with young South Africans. This is one of the many misconceptions that arise from the way the breed is approached in the history curriculum. After spending hundreds of hours teaching history and watching history being taught in South Africa, it’s time to reflect on what students are actually learning from the way we teach them about breed, and why .

How the South African History Curriculum Teaches the Intricities of Race

In South Africa, history is where most of the conversation about the breed takes place. The policy statements for the ninth grade story state that teachers spend two hours teaching the definition of racism as an introduction to apartheid. However, surprisingly given the subject matter, the approach to teaching racism draws much more from the natural sciences than from the humanities. In particular, teachers are encouraged to cover two points: “Human evolution and our common ancestry” and “The myth of race”.

This natural science-based approach to teaching breed is also reflected in the presentation of breed in history textbooks. The Oxford University Press textbook, for example, deals with the development of hominids over about four million years, accompanied by a picture showing the evolution of human beings. He talks about the cradle of humanity in Africa and how the first modern humans spread from Africa to the rest of the world. Vivlia’s manual similarly describes how “hominids eventually evolved into humans” and displays a map showing where different hominid fossils were found.

The purpose of this crash course in evolution is to show students that there are no genetic differences between people of different races. Race – according to the programs – is therefore a “myth”, which the Oxford University Press textbook defines as “a belief that is not based on facts”. However, the term “historic construction” is never used. Race as a concept is simply described as non-factual, and people who talk about race or who are racist are therefore irrational. Students find themselves without a framework for how ideas like race have developed over time and why such ideas may still have meaning in the present.

What are the students learning?

This approach of focusing on race through an evolutionary scientific lens in a history textbook, and concluding that it is a myth without explaining how such a myth was constructed, presents several challenges in the classroom. .

The first challenge, commonly seen in predominantly “white” schools and exemplified by Amy’s comment, is the idea that since race “does not exist” any mention of race must be at best irrational and at best. worst racist. The idea that race was a myth therefore served a color blind program which proved to be very comfortable for white students, and which largely exempted them from researching the deeper structural causes of racial inequality in South Africa.

The second challenge is when the theories of evolution collide with the religious beliefs of students. Meaningful conversations about race in history lessons are easily sidetracked as students attempt to dismiss evolutionary theories in favor of creationism. This becomes especially difficult given that Vivlia’s widely used manual quotes “The third chimpanzee” by Jared Diamond have students use the claim that people were apes as evidence.

From a religious standpoint, this is extremely inflammatory, and class discussions can quickly escalate into a discussion of the merits of the theory of evolution. When paired with the absolute terms in which human evolution is described, the section on race begins to seem both unnecessary and unnecessary. Evolution – a controversial theory for many – is used to justify anti-racism – which is a very uncontroversial idea among ninth graders.

A third misconception, which students from all walks of life voiced, was the confusion over the pervasiveness of racial terminology in South African society. Since race is a myth, students believed that any mention of race (including affirmative action) must be racist and anti-scientific. Students got angry when someone identified themselves as black or white, or that universities might be “racist” by granting easier access to black students.

The latter misconception is perhaps the most disturbing, as the students conclude that blacks are less evolutionarily advanced than whites. Our feeling is that this is not something teachers communicate, but students interpret from textbooks. For example, textbooks say hominids are native to Africa – and therefore were “African” – and the images show darker-skinned hominids evolving into lighter-skinned “modern humans”. There is a confusion between white, modern and human, as opposed to black, pre-modern and hominid.

Towards a historical understanding of the breed

It is clear why history programs have chosen to discuss race in this way. In a country with such a damaging legacy of racism, there is a legitimate need and desire to communicate in the clearest possible terms that racism is irrational and wrong. The natural science framework is often used to communicate something as a “fact”. However, as the examples above show, this scientific explanation is not always clear to students.

The theory of evolution can help students understand that race is not “real” in a biological sense, but it does not help them make sense of the highly racialized society in which they live. Basically, it does not answer questions that students ask themselves, such as “Why, of all races, did white people come out on top?” Or even more heartbreaking: “Why do whites hate us?

In order to answer these questions, a historical understanding of the breed is needed, rather than just a scientific understanding. Likewise, we need to stop describing race as a ‘myth’ – as if it were a story with no clear origins – and start describing race as a construct, which is and has been constructed in different ways. over time by people with power to act. While a scientific explanation can be helpful in explaining that race is a construct, we need a historical explanation to teach students how and why race was constructed.

The good news is that there are many resources available for teaching a historical approach to constructing the concept of race. Such an approach is based on a From Boisian intellectual tradition which includes the construction of racial identities as a justification for the slavery of Africans. Like Facing history and ourselves describes it: “Despite the fact that the Enlightenment ideals of human freedom and equality inspired revolutions in the United States and France, the practice of slavery persisted throughout the United States and the empires. Europeans. In the late 1700s and early 1800s, American and European scientists attempted to explain this contradiction through the study of “race science,” which advanced the idea that humanity is divided into separate and unequal races. If it could be scientifically proven that Europeans were biologically superior to those in other countries, especially Africa, then Europeans could justify slavery and other imperialist practices.

In this approach, students learn that race, although it has no scientific basis, was invented for the political purpose of maintaining power and economic superiority.

This historical approach to the breed is also covered in a new transatlantic slavery history textbook that was released this year. In a section on how slavery and abolition shaped European ideas about race, the manual explains whether racial prejudice caused slavery or whether slavery caused racial prejudice.

Perhaps one of the most useful resources for teachers is a Guardian Robert Baird’s article from April of this year. The article titled “The invention of whiteness: the long history of a dangerous ideaArgues that white superiority was invented to justify African slavery. Previously, such slavery was justified by the fact that these Africans were not Christians, however, when missionaries began to convert African slaves to Christianity, a new justification was required. People who previously would not have identified as white began to do so to legitimize their domination.

However, all of these examples deal with breed building in Europe and the Americas. There is a glaring lack of educational resources that deal with the historical construction of the breed in the South African context. Yet the creation of these educational resources will be essential if young people are to develop an understanding of the role of race in the past and present. With the potential of a new South African history curriculum under discussion, there is work to be done.

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It was an insurrection. It’s high time to stop spreading Trump’s lies :: Thu, 06 Jan 2022 10:00:00 +0000

CBC Editorial: Thursday, January 6, 2022; Editorial # 8727
The following is the opinion of Capitol Broadcasting Company.

This date, January 6, joins September 11 and December 7 as indelible marks on the history of the United States.

This date in 2021, like those of September 2001 and December 1941, marks unjustified and unjustified attacks from outside and inside, against America, its Constitution and the freedom and people it represents.

Those in Congress or in elected and legislative positions in North Carolina – who deny, equivocate, or condone the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol as anything other than a violent act to disrupt and overthrow a fair election – laugh at their sacred oath of office. What they need to do is refute the lies recounted by former President Donald Trump and condemn the insurgent actions of January 6.

Across the country, state after state, legitimate audit after audit, there are certain undeniable facts: no vote was counted that should not have been; Joe Biden received 7,060,347 more votes than Donald Trump; and Joe Biden received 306 electoral votes and Trump only 232.

Yet in North Carolina – where NO ONE has suggested there had been election irregularities that raised legitimate questions about the winners – almost every senior Republican or GOP official is parrots Donald Trump’s big lie.

Surprisingly in one of the closest national elections in history – for the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court which was won by Republican Paul Newby by a only 401 votes (0.007% of the 5.4 million votes cast in the race) – the candidates accepted the results of the race as correct and legitimate. No electoral fraud. No stolen election.

At the State GOP convention in Greenville last June Trump called baseless the 2020 presidential elections “the crime of the century” adding “what happened in this country during the last elections is a shame”. He repeated a series of lies about voter fraud and said he was “not the one trying to undermine American democracy.”

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, a 27-year-old Republican in Congress, told the truth a year ago when he said, “The President bears responsibility for today’s events by promoting the baseless conspiracy theories that have led to this point. It is high time to accept the will of the American voters and allow our nation to move forward.

We are there, a year later. Sixteen North Carolina lawmakers joined 200 nationwide in signing a November 23 letter that continues to call for the 2020 election to be quashed and perpetuates the myth that “fraud and inaccuracies have already been demonstrated” and the elections have been “certified prematurely and incorrectly ”.

The actions of a year ago on Capitol Hill in Washington were not playful gestures in a political chess match. It was a violent act of rebellion. The assault was “one of the worst days of injuries to law enforcement in the United States since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Insurgents rampaged through the halls of Congress, threatening the lives of lawmakers, assaulting police and others while ransacking and looting. About 140 police officers from the Capitol and local police were injured. Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick was killed.

Those who perpetuate and peddle Trump’s election lies like 16 people who signed the November 23 letter are not patriots and should not be claiming such a thing. They are anti-American insurgents.

Those who subscribe to the lies and lies peddled by former President Donald Trump and his supporters have nothing to do with Congress and should resign. Their support for a violent effort to block the orderly conduct of the affairs of our democracy is clear evidence of their lack of suitability for office.

The Opinion section of Capitol Broadcasting Company invites a wide variety of comments and letters to the editor. Our Comments next to each opinion column provide an opportunity to engage in a dialogue about that article.

In addition, we invite you to write a letter to the editor about this article or any other opinion piece. Here are some tips on submitting >> SEND A LETTER TO THE EDITOR

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Cafe – the drink, the myth, the legend, Iona McDiarmid, Colchester Sixth Form College Tue, 04 Jan 2022 13:08:01 +0000 I rely on coffee. I go to university and I take a double espresso: black, two sugars. Maybe I started relying on it too early in the year – now I can’t function without it. But why is this so important? Is it the addictive properties of caffeine, or is it built into society?

There are a few theories as to when and where it was found – the main one is that the plant was discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th century and the leaves were boiled – the resulting liquid is said to have medicinal properties. It is said to have spread to Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1555 where, in the Ottoman Palace, a new method of drinking and brewing coffee was created. He quickly became an essential part of the palace kitchen and was very popular at the court, as evidenced by the post of chief coffee maker added to the list of court officials. From there the coffee spread to the mansions, and from there to the public. Thanks to the efforts of merchants and travelers passing through the city, Turkish coffee quickly spread to Europe and the rest of the world, arriving in England during the 17th century.

Today 95 million cups of coffee are drunk in Britain every day, according to the British Coffee Association, while the average Briton drinks 2 cups a day … but is that a good thing? When caffeine travels to the brain, it “activates” certain neurons that can improve memory, mood, energy, and cognitive function, as long as it is consumed in moderation. There is also some evidence to suggest that it may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Although drinking too much can cause restlessness and anxiety in some people, isn’t this the rule for most things? Having something in excess is generally considered not too good for you, so I guess you can’t really tell it’s the coffee’s fault.

I know that for me caffeine helps calm me down – maybe it’s the routine, that I MUST just sit and focus on that one thing for a while, or the fact that caffeine stimulates the production of dopamine, which is sorely lacking in my brain. Caffeine can also increase the concentration of people with ADHD because it mimics some of the effects of more powerful stimulants used to treat ADHD, such as amphetamine medications. For me, I am just grateful for the creation of the drink. So grab a coffee and let’s raise those consumption statistics – well done!

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conspiracy theories describe the fraudulent reality of the January 6 riot Sat, 01 Jan 2022 23:21:37 +0000 Millions of Americans watched the events in Washington on January 6 on live television. Police officers testified about the violence and chaos. Criminal proceedings in open court detailed what happened.

Yet hoaxes, conspiracy theories and attempts to rewrite history persist, blurring the public’s understanding of what really happened in the most sustained attack on the seat of American democracy since the United States. war of 1812.

By excusing former President Donald Trump’s responsibility, downplaying mob violence, and martyring rioters, the insurgency lies are aimed at deflecting responsibility from January 6 while supporting Trump’s baseless claims about the free and fair 2020 elections he lost.

Spread by politicians, broadcast by cable news experts and amplified by social media, the lies are a stark reminder of how many Americans may no longer trust their own institutions or their own eyes.

Several different conspiracy theories emerged in the year since the insurgency, according to an online content analysis conducted by media intelligence firm Zignal Labs on behalf of the Associated Press. Unfounded claims that the rioters were members of antifa first went viral, before being overtaken by a baseless claim accusing FBI agents. Other theories say the rioters were peaceful and were charged with crimes that never happened.

Conspiracy theories have long lurked in the background of American history, said Dustin Carnahan, a professor at Michigan State University who studies political disinformation. But they can become dangerous when they make people distrust democracy or condone or embrace violence.

“If we don’t operate on the same fact basis anymore, then it will be much more difficult to have conversations as a country,” Carnahan said. “It will fuel more divisions in our country, and I think that’s ultimately the legacy of disinformation that we are seeing right now.”

A review of some of the main lies about the Capitol Riot and the people who spread them:


In fact, many of those who came to Capitol Hill on January 6 have said – proudly, publicly, on several occasions – that they did so to help the then president.

Different versions of the claim suggest that they were FBI agents or members of the anti-fascist anti-Fa movement.

“Earlier in the day, the Capitol was under siege by people who can only be described as antithetical to the MAGA movement,” Laura Ingraham said on her Fox News show on the night of January 6, referring to the slogan “Make America Great Again ”by Trump. “They probably weren’t all Trump supporters, and there are reports that antifa supporters may have been scattered throughout the crowd.”

The next day, Ingraham acknowledged the inaccuracy when she tweeted a link to a story debunking the claim.

Another Fox host, Tucker Carlson, spread the idea that the FBI had orchestrated the riot. He cites as evidence the indictments of some January 6 suspects that mention unindicted co-conspirators, a common legal term that simply refers to suspects who have not been charged, and not agent evidence. infiltrators or informers.

Yet Carlson said on his show that “in all cases they were potentially FBI agents.”

Carlson is a “primary driver” of the idea that Jan. 6 was perpetrated by government agents, according to Zignal’s report. He found that the claim had increased in October when Carlson released a documentary series on the insurgency.

Members of Congress, including Representative Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., Helped spread theories.

“Some of the people who raped the Capitol today were not Trump supporters, they were posing as Trump supporters and, in fact, were members of the violent anti-fa terrorist group,” Gaetz said.

Spokesmen for Carlson and Gaetz say they are upholding their demands.

In truth, the rioters are exactly what they said they were.

One was a newly elected state lawmaker from West Virginia, a Republican Trump supporter named Derrick Evans who resigned after his arrest. Evans released a video of himself illegally entering the Capitol.

“They’re now making an announcement that if Pence betrays us you better think twice because we’re storming the building,” Evans said on the video. “The door is cracked!” … We are in, we are in! Derrick Evans is on Capitol Hill! Vice President Mike Pence was in the building to preside over the Senate certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Pence has moved ahead despite calls from Trump for Pence to block the transfer of power.

During testimony before Congress, FBI Director Christopher Wray was asked if there was any reason to believe the insurgency was staged by “bogus Trump protesters.”

“We haven’t seen any evidence of this,” said Wray, who was appointed by Trump.



Dozens of police officers were seriously injured. A Capitol Police officer who was attacked and assaulted with bear spray suffered a stroke and died a day later of natural causes.

Former Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, who rushed to the scene, said he was “caught, beaten, teased, while being called a traitor to my country”. The assault stopped only when he said he had children. He later learned that he had suffered a heart attack. Fanone resigned from the department in December 2021.

Rioters broke into the Senate chamber minutes after the senators fled under armed protection. They searched desks and searched for lawmakers, shouting, “Where are they? In the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, staff members hid under desks as rioters called out the California Democrat’s name.

This is not how some Republican politicians have described the insurgency.

Appearing on Ingraham’s show in May, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Said he condemned the Capitol violation as well as violence, but said it was wrong to call it an insurgency .

“Overall it was a peaceful protest except there were a number of people, mostly agitators, who whipped the crowd and breached the Capitol,” Johnson said.

Johnson has since said he doesn’t want the violent actions of a few being used to attack everyone.

Representative Andrew Clyde, after watching video footage of rioters marching through the Capitol, said it looked like a “normal sightseeing visit.” Other video evidence from January 6 showed Clyde, R-Ga., Helping to barricade the doors of the house in an attempt to prevent rioters from entering.

Trump called the insurgency a demonstration of “spirit, faith and love.”

Rioters also smashed windows and doors, stole items from offices and caused damage estimated at $ 1.5 million. Outside the Capitol, someone installed a gallows with a noose.

“The idea that this was somehow a tourist event is shameful and despicable,” Representative Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Said in May. “And, you know, I won’t participate in the laundering of what happened on January 6th.” No one should be a part of it. And people should be held accountable.



Trump may now want to downplay his involvement, but he has spent months drumming a constant drum of conspiracy theory and grievance, urging his supporters to fight to somehow bring him back to power.

“Big protest in Washington on January 6,” Trump tweeted on December 19, 2020. “Be there, it will be wild!”

Just before the mob stormed the Capitol, Trump spoke for over an hour, telling his supporters they were “cheated” and “swindled” in the election “rigged” by a “criminal enterprise. “which included lawmakers who were now meeting in the Capitol.

At one point, Trump urged his supporters to “make your voice heard in a peaceful and patriotic manner.” The rest of his speech was filled with hostile rhetoric.

“We are fighting. We are fighting like hell,” he told those who would later infiltrate the Capitol. “And if you don’t fight like hell, you will have no more country. . “

Now Trump says he has nothing to do with the riot.

“I wasn’t involved in this, and if you look at my words and what I said in the speech, they were actually extremely calming,” Trump said on Fox News in December.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe Trump bears some responsibility for the Capitol violation, according to a poll conducted last year by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.



Babbitt died after being shot in the shoulder by a Capitol Police lieutenant as she and others pressured to enter the President’s lobby outside of the House chamber.

Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran, was unarmed. An investigation cleared the officer of wrongdoing.

The Capitol Police Department protects all members of Congress, as well as Capitol Hill employees, the public, and facilities. The officer was not assigned to any particular legislator.

Trump falsely claimed that the officer was the security chief “of a certain senior official, a Democrat” and that he was immune from all liability. He also distorted the place where Babbitt was shot.

“Who is the person who shot… an innocent, wonderful, incredible woman, a military woman, right in the head?” Trump asked on Fox News.



No, they are not, despite some claims from members of Congress.

“The J6 defendants are political prisoners of war,” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., Tweeted in November. She said she visited suspects in prison who complained about the food, medical treatment and “re-education” they were receiving in detention.

Representative Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, said the Justice Department is “harassing peaceful patriots” while investigating their involvement in the insurgency.

While it is true that some of the suspects complained about their time in prison, it is wrong to claim that they are being held as political prisoners. Authorities said suspects in custody had the same access to food and medical care as any other detainee.

One of the most notorious rioters, Jacob Chansley, known as QAnon Shaman, was given organic food in his prison cell after complaining about food options.

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Nevada County Supervisors Respond to Notice of Recall Intent – YubaNet Fri, 31 Dec 2021 21:07:47 +0000

All five Nevada County supervisors have received a notice of intent to recall. They filed their responses to the notice, one of the stages in a recall process. Here are their responses.

Heidi Hall – District 1

This recall petition for Supervisor Heidi Hall makes allegations that are patently false and misleading, and has a mistaken understanding of how the county works. The county has a duty to respect the rule of law in the implementation of public health mandates and to support our healthcare professionals who follow the best medical advice available. We did this while simultaneously using state and federal funding to provide an unprecedented level of support (approximately $ 5.8 million ARPA; $ 3 million from the CARES Act) to our local businesses, non-profit organizations. profit and cultural institutions to help them overcome the economic fallout from the pandemic. In addition, this particular council has succeeded in: building more low-income housing, providing services and housing for our homeless population, expanding broadband, doubling our vegetation management, prevention and control efforts. response to forest fires; ensuring fiscal stability while expanding our mental health services, modernizing our roads, coordinating with our city and towns, supporting legal cannabis while strengthening enforcement against illegal crops and providing comprehensive assistance to voters. This reminder will cost from $ 95,000 to $ 250,000 in taxes per supervisor. None of your rights have been violated and our public health actions exist to protect the community.

Ed Scofield – District 2

COVID has forced governments of all sizes to make tough decisions. The County, through your Supervisory Board, has upheld the rule of law in implementing public health mandates and supporting our healthcare professionals who follow the best medical advice available. We did this by using local, state and federal funding to provide an unprecedented level of support to our local businesses, nonprofits, and cultural institutions to help them weather the economic fallout from the crisis. pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, your watchdog continued the work of the county government. The Council has succeeded in building more low-income housing, providing services and housing to the homeless, expanding broadband, doubling our efforts in vegetation management, forest fire prevention and response. ; ensuring fiscal stability while expanding our mental health services, modernizing our roads, supporting legal cannabis while strengthening law enforcement against illegal crops and providing comprehensive assistance to voters. This recall petition is unwarranted, a waste of your government time and a waste of your taxpayer’s money.

Dan Miller – District 3

I have spent 31 years in the public service, making evidence-based decisions to best serve the people I represent.

I have helped lead efforts to provide more than $ 1 million in federal, state and local funding for Covid-19 to businesses and nonprofits in the Third District. I supported the county environmental health department on strategies that have kept businesses open despite excessive state shutdown orders. I pressured the county public health official, in person and in writing, to lift the arrest and quarantine warrants when the facts showed they were ineffective.

This reminder is an emotional response and a desperate effort from a marginal minority who did not get what they wanted. Their claims lack credibility and do not stand the test of truth.

For example, drones don’t perform “warrantless searches,” they are a tool in the county’s efforts to identify and eliminate illegal cannabis crops.

I did not allow “crimes against humanity”, I sought to protect the health of citizens in the face of a deadly virus. I have fully supported the use of therapy as a medical response for those who have contracted the virus.

Partisan politics has never influenced my decisions. I ask the voters of the third district to reject the recall.

Sue Hoek – District 4

This recall is divisive, costly and unnecessary. It will cost District 4 taxpayers up to $ 250,000, money better spent on fire safety, schools and supporting local businesses. This seat is up for election in June 2022, where voters will have the opportunity to vote in a regular election for the candidate of their choice.

The petition makes false and misleading claims. The county has a duty to respect the rule of law in the implementation of public health mandates. We have done so while providing unprecedented support to local businesses, nonprofits and cultural institutions to help them survive this pandemic. This BOS has succeeded in building social housing, in extending broadband, in doubling the management of forest fire vegetation; ensuring fiscal stability while expanding mental health services, improving roads, coordinating with our city and towns, supporting legal cannabis while strengthening law enforcement against illegal cultivation and providing a full assistance to voters.

This recall attempt divides the community at a time when we need more cooperation and unity. We are stronger together.

Hardy Bullock – District 5

This recall petition makes false, unfounded, misleading and entirely fabricated and unfounded claims. This recall will cost taxpayers $ 492,000 to $ 685,000.

The petitioners do not understand how local government works. The county has a duty to respect the rule of law in the implementation of public health mandates and to support our healthcare professionals who follow the best medical advice available. We have done this while simultaneously using CARES / ARPA state and federal government funding to provide an unprecedented level of support, $ 8,800,000, to our local businesses, nonprofits, and communities. our cultural and educational institutions to help them overcome the economic fallout from the pandemic. This supervisory board has succeeded in building housing for low-income people, providing services to the homeless, expanding broadband, doubling forest fire mitigation efforts, ensuring fiscal stability, expanding mental health services, upgrading roads, supporting legal cannabis, strengthening enforcement of illegal crops, coordinating with our towns and cities, and providing assistance to voters.

This petition is an attack on the community and residents of Nevada County based on conspiracy theories and myths. Don’t be fooled. Knowledge is power-Visit to learn the truth. I remain focused on Nevada County service.

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The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas Thu, 30 Dec 2021 05:10:20 +0000

Home »Technology» Great Unsolved Mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas December 30, 2021

Grand Theft Auto gamers have uncovered great mysteries over the years, some of which still leave us asking questions. Here we take a look at the biggest folk tales from popular games GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas.

Whether or not you like digging deep into the theories, Easter eggs, and discoveries in video games, it’s clear that the developers are making a part of their community happy by planting seeds.

These may never lead to something particularly exciting, although there is always a chance that they could turn into something much more interesting later on. After seeing them we are sure you will agree too.

Some of them have haunted the GTA series for years, with several clues found in the various maps released.

rock star games

Lester looks like the type of character who would be interested in GTA mysteries, conspiracy theories, and Easter eggs.

Not everyone will have spotted all of the Easter eggs over the years. However, the player base does a great job of digging them up. That’s for sure.

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas


How to blog in 2021 and make money

It doesn’t matter if a clue is underwater, nestled deep in a forest, or somewhere where no one can think of that look. They will find something if it’s added you can bet your last dollar on it.


The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

Jimfredferreras, GTA Myths Wiki

Players have reported seeing Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto since Game 3.

There isn’t much bigger than this myth, literally. It is one of the oldest in the GTA series. Has Bigfoot been around Grand Theft Auto before?

As we all know, the idea that Bigfoot is a reality in our world is a myth that mythbreakers have been trying to uncover for decades, with alleged sightings documented in many places. The same can be said for the game of Rockstar, as rumors of seeing this huge beast in the game have persisted since the days of GTA 3.

Some say he hid in the mountains, while others claim he actually came out and attacked players, but the evidence was slim. In San Andreas, however, some players claim to have spotted the dangerous beast.

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

GTA Myths / Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games VP Dan Houser has confirmed Bigfoot is in an all-time beta of San Andreas, but most of the screenshots online are from mods.

The most popular vantage points were the natural arch of Mount Chiliad, the Shady Cabin area, and Back O ‘Beyond on the map. Unfortunately, its existence has never been confirmed by the developers.

The thought of having such an unknown phenomenon potentially roaming the same map as players, offline or online, could be frightening. Or, the desire to make the discovery on their own.

Black Cell Phones

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

rock star games

If you’re trying to dial a number in GTA Online, the freeway might not be the best place to stop.

There are tons of different numbers that GTA 5 players can call in the online mode of the game, whether it’s dialing Lester’s number for help or being called by characters for help. acquire help. to create jobs.

However, there is one number – first and foremost – that has a truly random reaction when dialed and there is no real explanation at the time of writing. It was actually found by a Twitter user[[” embedded=”” url=”” link=””>@KarmaIngram1, who has since had their account suspended, and is believed to have been found in the game files. Perhaps, we weren’t supposed to know about this one.

Easter eggs of all different varieties have been added to GTA Online over the years, after being first released in 2013, although this phone call mystery might be the most off of the lot. After all, there’s no real reason behind what happens. Once the number is called, 1-999-367-3767, it connects the player to “Black Cellphones” before detonating an explosive (believed to be an EMP) in the air nearby – with members of the community also claiming other numbers also have similar outcomes too.

There’s been zero clarification as to why this happens and the wait for those answers goes on.

Alien takeover

Great unresolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

Great unresolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

Great unresolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

JunkieMonkeys, Reddit

Concrete evidence of their existence has been discovered in the GTA world, but will we ever get an invasion?

Now, that’s a perfect segue into our next major mystery, which has existed for years in Grand Theft Auto – the presence of aliens. This one has to be broken into three sections, starting with the teasers, and then moving onto something much more interesting discovered at sea afterward. Wait until you see the leaked UFO mission as well…

While there has never actually been a physical alien invasion in GTA Online, there have been multiple hints that all tie in with the potential eventuality, and some even linking the EMP phone calls to the mystery. Although, there’s much more solid evidence than that to go off.

This all started out in the original Grand Theft Auto, where a man during the ‘Heist Almighty – Penetrator’ mission claims to have obtained secret information on the presence of extraterrestrials after invading an army base. In 2019, there was a viral movement including millions of people signing up to invade Area 51 to find aliens, but clearly Rockstar’s original title was way ahead of its time with this one.

Great unresolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

Great unresolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

Great unresolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

Rockstar Games

GTA 5 has been littered with alien teasers since its release, but a living specimen has never been found,

From there, we’ve seen pedestrians mentioning aliens in offhand comments on the streets in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Not to mention the religious cult ‘The Epsilon Program’ claiming to be aware of their existence in the game, too.

Since that time, back when this mystery was merely words and not much evidence to draw from, they have shown face. The creatures revealed themselves in a GTA 5 easter egg, covered in ice.

UFO discovery

This isn’t the only clue to have teased an alien invasion in the game, either. Drawings at Sandy Shores, magazines found in-game and also posters stuck up all around the huge map signaled that something big was coming. Not to mention the huge UFO that many players have discovered in-game as well, despite Rockstar never commenting on its addition.

Video footage of the UFO, posted to YouTube by GameNewsOfficial, can be found below.  It is underwater and not far from shore, at the north end of the map.

For now, however, humanity has been able to live freely. Many believe that something supernatural is out there, looking at them, dropping clues.

As far as we know, Rockstar has been lining this up for years to switch between games. On the other hand, it could very well have been in Michael’s head.

Leak of a UFO in Fort Zancudo

As of November 2020, aliens are still as mysterious as they’ve ever been. People continue to find clues as to their potential arrival, but the big green button has yet to be pressed.

Data miners regularly sift through game files, feeding on junk in many cases after updates. On August 25, however, a major discovery regarding the presence of extraterrestrials was made.

Seen in the video below, an unidentified flying object (UFO) will soon land in the mysterious location of Fort Zancudo. Known for its resemblance to Area 51, which is constantly linked to withholding information about aliens, it looks like the GTA version will soon be home to aliens in a new commercial battle.

This leaked trade battle arrived with GTA Online’s Halloween 2020 update. The update is about the UFO leaked above – and in this case is crashed, requiring players to loot 8 spaceship pieces inside a hangar while fighting enemies in a commercial battle and knocking them out. deliver to Omega, on which they will receive special alien-themed gear.

It also coincides with the Halloween Alien Survivals event, in which players become aliens and must fight waves of humanoid enemies, earning double the rewards for the week.


The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

GTA Myths Fandom, Sasquatch101

The Titantic ship sank in 1912, after hitting an iceberg while traveling between Southampton and New York.

Speaking of finding interesting things in the ocean, there have been some interesting discoveries in the depths.

While sinking ships are an integral part of the modern online experience, several unknown wrecks have been uncovered since GTA’s release. This includes what has been dubbed “The Titantic” in San Andreas.

Of course, some players in the GTA game couldn’t swim with lost players after landing in water, so this is not something that has been found in all titles.

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

GTA Fandom

Have you ever spotted submarines in GTA: Vice City?

That said, it’s not just the RMS Titanic and a UFO that players claim to have found in GTA. Planes have even been found wasting away in the ocean (in GTA V). Some have even found submarines in Vice City. These were located in the water, as well as in a wreck at Vice City Junkyard, Little Haiti.

Many of these ships and other wrecks are meaningless and have yet to be explained by Rockstar.

Cement boots

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

DarkMythHunter, YouTube

Putting cement boots on another person is a method of removing the body historically used by mafia and gangs.

Finally, the last one on our list has clear connotations of gang crime and murder. The identity of the men and women wearing cement boots at the bottom of the sea is a mystery. The one above is from GTA: Vice City.

Vice City’s story mode features phenomenal characters, with missions starring Tommy Vercetti, Ricardo Diaz, Ken Rosenberg, and many more.

It is possible that one of them is responsible for the deaths of the characters wearing cement boots in the water. One of them was found off Leaf Links, along with others in Washington Beach and Little Havana.

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

GTA Fandom

Ken Rosenberg drops a major clue about who could have used the cement-based startup tactics in Vice City.

They were even found in GTA 5

Obviously, these are planted in the game to scare the characters from suffering the same fate. Even Rosenberg – at one point – even hints at who did this to these people, the Farelli family.

The Farellis played an important role in the game. The Italian-American family were known for their illegal activities in Vice City, as well as Liberty City Stories. Since then, even more unidentified victims have been found. A woman has also been found deep in the world of GTA 5, so it’s not something that went missing.

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

The great unsolved mysteries of GTA 5, Vice City and San Andreas

rock star games

GTA 5 players are invited to find the body of a woman in the ocean during a mission. All we know about the character is that she had some valuable information.

Having been killed, there was never an explanation or backstory given for these characters. Like everything else on this list, we’re all waiting for answers. Who killed them? Why are they dead?

The missions could have been very different with them in the fold. Sadly, we may never know why such Easter eggs were planted in the series.

Have you ever found something very curious in GTA games and still don’t know what it is? Send us your @GTA_INTEL photos and we’ll take a look.

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