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William rogers

This is in response to Russ Cross’s August 15 letter stating that the Conservatives are offering no solutions (“Finding Solutions”, Voices).

While many of us believe that the greatest threat to our experience of democracy is posed by NPR’s biased echo chamber, the mainstream media, and big-tech censorship of non-thought and fact. In line with leftist ideology, I will first address the threats mentioned. by Mr. Cross.

He also touched on conspiracy theories. Does it include the myth of the Trump / Putin conspiracy, which has probably done more damage to the country than any other in history?

I think we can all agree with the wisdom of the Hippocratic Oath “First, do no harm”.

So let’s see:

1. Forest fires. The forest fire problem has always been with us, and it will get worse as the climate warms. However, mismanagement of forests on behalf of new age conservationists has probably done more than anything else, certainly to increase the fuel load (one of the three requirements for fire).

Therefore, one solution would be to go back to controlled burning and economically beneficial regulated harvesting that has been practiced successfully for decades, and perhaps also consider zoning to protect people from the insanity of putting themselves and themselves. society in danger by living in the highest fire. risk areas.

For many reasons, it may be a good idea to compare the number of forest fires (and the resulting CO2 emissions) caused by natural gas pipes with those caused by electrical wires.

2. Fresh water. Fresh water will always be a problem, certainly in the West.

However, this is made worse by not allowing new reservoirs and by encouraging people to live in arid areas, I suspect of increasing the tax base (see Santa Barbara). A mitigation would be to reverse these two policies, and a remedy might be to devote sufficient resources to nuclear power to pump water from where it is to where it is not. (Please see the discussion on climate change later in this article.

3. Roaming. Homelessness has been compounded by acceptance and undeserved sympathy because we treat all homeless people as a cohesive group. We don’t, and since we don’t have unlimited resources, we have to prioritize.

I suggest helping injured veterans first, single mothers who agree to treatment for any underlying issues second, single mothers who are not in the previous group in third, the truly disabled in fourth, and finally, those who make bad choices or choose the lifestyle. As for the latter group, if they are physically fit, they should be required to work for the help they receive, such as cleaning up the garbage (theirs?), Walking the shelter dogs, and maybe even performing the park maintenance.

4. Immigration. The border was under control when President Joe Biden took office, and while it will always be a problem, the current crisis is totally the result of flawed policies aimed at proving he was not Donald Trump. One solution would be to correct all the real shortcomings of our legal immigration policies, so that qualified people who may be of benefit to the country can immigrate legally.

The erroneous policy of pursuing “root causes” is patently absurd when one recognizes that there are root causes in every third world country. We couldn’t change enough to make a difference, even if we could afford it.

That so many people want to come here is unbelievable given the opinion of the left that this is a bad and racist country. Wait a minute …. Maybe they secretly find a way to discourage mass immigration.

5. COVID-19. The COVID crisis is compounded by the current immigration crisis as well as mixed messages from the start, starting with Uncle Joe and Vice President Kamala Harris condemning the vaccine when Mr. Trump was in power.

We have to recognize that the highest proportion of unvaccinated is found among people of color and not among conservatives. So focusing our vaccination efforts where it is most needed instead of where it is politically correct would probably be a good step. Further, recognizing that as bad as they are, the actual number of COVID-related, not “COVID-related” deaths and hospitalizations does not justify the bankruptcy of the entire economy and the emotional damage and huge intellectuals caused to the population, especially the young.

The numbers that truly show the negative impact of the COVID hysteria should be readily available so that the entire population of 360 million people can decide if they want to see their life turned upside down. It is reasonable to say the least to question the wisdom of the current measures without being “canceled” and accused of being a “penny” of COVID.

6. Racism. Racism has been compounded by currently approved policies of accusing the United States of being systematically racist and of rewarding those who break the law with praise as they “peacefully protest” for justice. Solutions include stopping efforts to balkanize the United States by stoking class and racial jealousy and hatred in order to divide and rule, even though it worked for Marx.

In fact, critical race theory is the most blatant form of racism in the country today, and the left embraces it.

7. Education. Education is a problem; in fact, California’s public schools are a disaster. Good teachers need to be rewarded and bad teachers need to be replaced.

Free choice for those who prefer charter schools and the extreme influence of teachers’ unions in the state could realistically be addressed to improve education.
8. Economy. Inflation has clearly been compounded by the blatant disregard for basic economics and common sense and by the printing of more and more money to fund the priorities of the left. We should stop printing so much money to buy votes.

Let’s deal with the worst impacts of the COVID pandemic in a humanitarian and fair manner. We are on a boat that some are paddling, others are just sitting and others are puncturing the bottom.

We had the best economy in 50 years before COVID and President Biden, and we can do it again.

9. Climate change. The climate is always changing.

The solution is to do what successful species have always done: adapt to change. We could do this if we stopped throwing money into the self-centered belief that we can control the climate or the laughable concept that a 2-4 degree difference over 100 years will change the outcome of the ever-changing climate significantly. .

Let’s spend the money on climate change adaptations. (And don’t spend $ 15 million on a beach house in Martha’s Vineyard if you really believe the seas are rising.)

There are also issues involving many of our enemies around the world that are getting worse. I will limit my comments to Afghanistan, which unfortunately is a prime example of failure to abide by the “do no harm first” edict.

Most, but not all, agree that it was time to leave Afghanistan.

However, to confuse going out without any planning on how to deal with the obvious consequences is an obvious tragedy of the 21st century. Basic military evacuation tactics and strategies are to move civilians first, equipment second, and troops third, not the other way around. The fate of women and girls in Afghanistan will be the lasting legacy of President Biden’s pride and ignorance.

None of the above is perfect, except perhaps the Oath. All of the above solutions are certainly worth considering without being qualified as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Nazi or, God forbid, “deplorable” in order to do so. These solutions are affordable at a cost much less than what we are currently spending to make matters worse.

Thank you for your patience.

The author lives in Santa Barbara

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