Devotees Offer Prayers To The Architectural God On Vishwakarma Puja


Jamshedpur, September 18: People and organizations that sell machines celebrated Vishwakarma Puja on Friday with deep reverence as residents offered puja to their electronics and vehicles. On this day, construction work was suspended due to the celebration.

Religious ceremonies were performed to pay homage to Lord Viswakarma, also known as the divine engineer. Workers in shops and offices in various sectors revered their tools and instruments used in their profession in different places in the city and near Adityapur.

The devotees offered prayers in the morning to the god of craftsmen. The city sported a festive look with colorful pandals, sources said.

Devotional chants mixed with modern Hindi and Bengali movie songs were played in almost every pandal, and little children danced to the tunes.

Traffic in the city was less compared to other days, despite the few interstate buses seen operating on the route. Despite the rain and dark clouds, the city saw multi-colored kites hovering in the sky as a part of the custom on this feast day.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma’s son Vishwakarma designed and built several places for the gods. It is believed that the day is the time of resolve for workers and craftspeople to increase productivity and gain divine inspiration to create new products. It is also believed that he designed and built “Lanka” for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. However, Shiva donated the Golden Lanka to King Ravana as a “dakshina”.

In his day, special statues of the deity were installed in workplaces and factories. Nowadays, however, his statues are thoughtfully transformed to match the workplace, for example, a factory there will represent Vishwakarma as a worker. The idols are submerged in water at the end of the festival. However, in the mobile age, the celebration has also taken on a new look with people exchanging Vishwakarma messages to greet each other in the city.

For owners and workers of micro and small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), the puja was a low-key affair this time too, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Several drivers of cars, rickshaws and taxis still did not hit the road on September 17.

The owner of an electronics store said: The prices of commodities and puja products generally remain high before Vishwakarma Puja. “But with the blessings of the Lord, business was better than the year before. This time, we will also pray for the situation to improve by next year, ”he said.

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