Domino Data Lab and MathWorks Partner to Improve MATLAB and Simulink Cloud Offerings


Joint solution enables scientists and engineers with scalable infrastructure and shared knowledge to accelerate model research and development

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) –Domino Data Lab, provider of the leading Enterprise MLOps platform trusted by over 20% of Fortune 100 companies, today announced at MATLAB EXPO a partnership and joint solution allowing an accelerated development of models in MATLAB® and Simulink®, the world’s simplest and most productive scientific and engineering design environment from MathWorks.

This joint solution, based on newly extended integrations, gives users access to powerful and scalable cloud resources for a modern, web-first data science experience, to avoid the limitations of desktop or computer hardware. ” use a remote desktop to reach a shared server. IT teams have greater control over compute usage and cost optimization by dramatically reducing the footprint where MATLAB and Simulink are installed.

In the Domino environment, research teams also benefit from full reproducibility, collaboration, and visibility across multiple MATLAB and Simulink projects, regardless of tools and versions.

“This integration enables users of one of the most popular engineering and scientific research languages ​​to collaborate seamlessly with other data scientists and open up exciting opportunities for groundbreaking research,” said Nick Elprin , CEO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab. “With native support for MATLAB by Domino, engineers and scientists are detached from their desktops, allowing better visibility over the entire project lifecycle and access to scalable calculations at Requirement. This ultimately results in more accurate results at a faster rate. ”

“As more and more of our customers move their data science processes and projects to the cloud, it becomes imperative for them to effectively scale their repeatability and automation capabilities in an open environment,” said Diego Volkenandt , Head of Product Management at GTS data processing, which relies on both Domino and MATLAB as part of its DSready Cloud offering. “Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform integrates seamlessly with MATLAB and Simulink, enabling our DSready Cloud customers to standardize and scale data science operations across teams, processes, technologies and, in turn, ultimately, their activities. ”

Even the basic challenges of scaling data science can hamper the progress of research and development of models that optimize engineering and business processes. Using MATLAB and Simulink in Domino, teams can:

  • Speed ​​up model development: By moving MATLAB from the desktop to cloud or on-premises resources on Domino, engineers and scientists can accelerate training using powerful GPUs – including NVIDIA DGX GPUs for deep learning applications – as well as large memory machines, and also run MATLAB jobs in parallel. next to.
  • Gain visibility throughout the data science lifecycle: MATLAB on Domino enables data science teams to manage the entire model development lifecycle – creating a single place to find all data, code, and research in one place.
  • Access different versions of MATLAB on Domino Workbench: Teams can create a project and verify code using multiple versions of MATLAB, then compare results, performance, and validate against regulatory requirements, all without slowing down the search or use of the model in the field. .
  • Run simulations on rugged hardware: Simulink on Domino streamlines access to large volumes of input data and leverages multi-core workspaces, running massive simulations in parallel.
  • Optimize IT costs: Eliminate the need to purchase expensive, underutilized desktops by accessing scalable compute with on-demand shared resources in the data center or in the cloud, consumed only when needed, then recovered automatically.

“MathWorks provides a comprehensive platform for solving AI challenges based on decades of supporting complex engineering projects. We give engineers a different AI experience by helping them create better AI datasets, tackle integration challenges, reduce risk, and continuously test AI models in context system-wide, ”said Roy Lurie, vice president of engineering for MATLAB products, MathWorks. “Our collaboration with Domino gives data science teams a simplified way to access cloud resources to meet the challenge of accelerating research while managing budgets.”

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About Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab powers model-driven businesses with its industry-leading Enterprise MLOps platform that accelerates the development and deployment of data science work while increasing collaboration and governance. Over 20% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Domino to advance data science and make it a competitive advantage. Founded in 2013, Domino is backed by Sequoia Capital and other leading investors. For more information visit

About MathWorks

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical calculation software. MATLAB, the language of engineers and scientists, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation. Simulink is a block diagram environment for simulation and model-based design of multi-domain and embedded engineering systems. Engineers and scientists around the world are using these product families to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation and development in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, financial, biotechnology and pharmaceutical services. MATLAB and Simulink are also foundational teaching and research tools at universities and educational institutions around the world. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs more than 5,000 people in 16 countries, with its headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, United States. For more information visit


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