Editorial: GOP politicians fuel flames of anti-democratic sentiment | Editorial


It is scary to think that so many Americans would be prepared to resort to violence. If the sample is representative of the entire population, that means tens of millions of Americans believe it is okay to re-impose Trump’s rule with violence, regardless of the vote count.

Republican elected officials continue to promote the narrative that the election was stolen, although recount after recount have claimed it was not. Disgraced former Missouri governor Eric Greitens, now a candidate for the US Senate, visited Arizona as the results of a Republican audit were announced, saying Biden had won the state by more than 300 votes out of official results. Greitens immediately tweeted, “Arizona must withdraw from certification!

The other Missouri Senate candidates are doing their part to further the myth of voter fraud. Missouri representatives Billy Long and Vicky Hartzler voted against certifying Biden’s election victory. State Attorney General Eric Schmitt has participated in lawsuits challenging the 2020 results. In January, attorney Mark McCloskey tweeted: “There is no doubt that the election was the result of a massive fraud. There is no doubt that Donald Trump won the legitimate vote.

Republicans who still care about democracy must question how far enough this destructive rhetoric is, and whether the drumbeat stolen by candidates and elected officials – who know best – is encouraging speech among grassroots Republicans to support them. acts of political violence. Republican politicians play with a loaded gun, recklessly aiming it at America’s democratic future.

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