Education Commentary by Dr. Jaskiran Arora, Dean-School of Management, BMU

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Education Commentary by Dr. Jaskiran Arora, Dean-School of Management, BMU

Published on February 2, 2022

Dr Jaskiran Arora, Dean of the School of Management, BMU.

The hub and spoke model has traditionally been used in supply chain and logistics in the transportation industry, aviation to be specific. In this model, a “centralized” hub exists and shipping or collection to end consumers is channeled through shelves, for greater efficiency in the business. For example, traveling to New York from Chandigarh or Indore directly is not possible. Indira Gandhi International Airport in this case is a hub and Chandigarh or Indore Airport is like a spoke. The traveler will first board the flight from their respective local airports to New Delhi and then a connecting flight with travelers from across the country to New York. This is of course more efficient and economical compared to the point-to-point model where flights depart directly from all regional airports to New York.

The idea behind using the hub and spoke model in the digital university is to address the challenge of spreading quality education to every nook and corner of the country. We have very good teachers/professors in the country, but currently their reach is limited and very few students can benefit from their expertise.

The hub and spoke model in the education sector would not only help by hosting the conferences of these teachers and professors at a central point for better reach, but could also benefit a greater number of students by broadcasting them in several languages. Aspirant, flagship programs from so many educational institutions in science, arts, architecture, fintech, liberal arts, business, medicine, management, etc., could be made available to anyone who is passionate about pursuing the course. This model will also better track student engagement across platforms.

In India, we already have Swayam and NPTL platforms covering a wide variety of courses, but a digital university operating on a hub and spoke model can transcend spreading quality education in India to a different playing field. This will allow the entire country to elevate its brand in the world.

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