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It is difficult not to refer to the Age of Empires franchise when it comes to big RTS titles. Originally released in 1997, the series has been booming for nearly twenty-five years. The hype surrounding the next Age of Empires IV has already generated significant excitement from fans.

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But which entry in the franchise is the best? With so many excellent entrances on the main line, it can be difficult to decide which ones deserve the best locations. However, some titles often have that “something special” that puts them above the rest. After all, there’s a reason fans and critics love these games so much.

ten Age Of Empires: siege of the castle

The gameplay of Age of Empires is well known for its blend of resource management and tactical military strategy. Partly due to its own popularity, the franchise experimented with alternative play styles in order to appeal to an even larger audience.

Enter Age of Empires: Castle Siege. This online multiplayer tower defense game removes many familiar features from the mainline entrances. Like most tower defense games, most of the gameplay comes down to one goal: destroy the enemy dungeon while defending your own. It’s an unusual departure from the detailed, historical immersion that most fans are used to.

9 Age Of Empires Online (2011)

An Age Of Empires database online

Age of Empires Online is another deviation from the original formula. Instead of focusing on a single player experience, this particular entry establishes an online multiplayer component. Players select a civilization and can participate in a variety of PvE and PvP content.

In 2014, the game’s official servers were shut down. however, Age of Empires Online was relaunched by an independent group of developers under the name Celeste Project. It seeks to continue Microsoft’s original vision and is currently free. It serves as a fun, if not particularly memorable, diversion from more established entrees.

8 Age of Empires (1997)

Battle of the original era of empires

This game started the ball rolling. The original Age of Empires allows players to control one of the Twelve Civilizations, overseeing its development from a society of hunter-gatherers to Iron Age rulers. It also features four single-player campaigns that focus on the Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Yamato civilizations. The Rise of Rome The expansion pack focuses on the trials and tribulations of the ancient Roman Empire.

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The 1997 Age of Empires is a champion far beyond his prime. Future entries improve its outdated and laborious control system in almost every way. The graphics, of course, are an eyesore. Nostalgia is perhaps the only element that keeps fans coming back to this inaugural title.

7 Age Of Empires III (2005)

Battle of the original era of Empires III

Age of Empires III ushered in a new historic era for the series. Move away from ancient and medieval Europe, Age of Empires III rather focuses on colonial America. Its campaign recounts the exploits of the Black family, a story that spans three generations. Two expansion packs, Warlords and Asian dynasties, added additional civilizations and story content.

One of Age of Empires IIIThe most prominent features of the time were its graphics. That, along with a new physics system, makes the fight a lot more fun to watch. The concept of “city of residence” also adds an additional layer to resource management. Players can deploy useful sends at strategic times to help tip the balance in their favor.

6 Age Of Empires II (1999)

The Original Age Of Empires II units

Age of Empires II looms large in the minds of fans and critics alike as the driving force behind the franchise. The popularity of this entry never waned, even after twenty years. It’s pretty telling that the game technically received of them remade throughout his life. It has also been ported to other platforms over the years, even mobile ones. In 2000, The conquerors the expansion came out, which added new campaigns such as Attila the Hun and El Cid.

The original version is great, but there’s no denying that its own reissues have overshadowed it. The controls, much like the original Age of Empires, are awkward by current standards. Numerous quality of life improvements, as well as general presentation upgrades, have been made since the 1999 release.

5 Age of Mythology (2002)

Coastal village from the age of mythology

Not all Age of Empires The game is a story simulator. The age of mythology is actually a derivative title that replaces knights and musketeers with legendary monsters and deities. The core gameplay remains the same, but includes a fantastic twist. Who wouldn’t want to summon the gods of Mount Olympus to strike down their enemies?

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The age of mythology turned out to be extremely popular. Two expansion packs were finally released, The titans and Tale of the dragon. Similar to other games in the franchise The age of mythology, received an Extended Edition version, which included much-needed HD upgrades for graphics.

4 Age Of Empires II: HD Edition (2013)

A base of Age Of Empires II HD Edition

By 2013, Age of Empires II showed his age. Nonetheless, fans refused to give it up. Run by Hidden Path Entertainment, the game has received a fresh coat of paint. In addition to the visuals, the HD Edition also included The forgotten expansion, which originally existed as a fan-made project. Another welcome addition was mod support through the Steam Workshop.

the HD Edition, while he didn’t really reinvent the wheel, re-energized the franchise’s most beloved title. Capitalizing on its success, the developers then released two new expansions for the HD Edition, African kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas. A game that is old and still receives official expansions speaks volumes about its enduring adoration.

3 Age Of Empires III: Definitive Edition (2020)

Troops From Age Of Empires III Definitive Edition

Whenever something uses the title “definitive edition” it usually means that the particular version is the best over all the others. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition improves on several of the lingering flaws inherent in the original version. Features previously absent are now also available in the new version.

In addition to the graphics, which receive 4K processing, the Definitive edition includes new civilizations, sounds, resources and animations. The AI, in particular, is much sharper on the toss, challenging the player on a more even pitch without relying on cheating. Despite a few bugs, the entire package is far superior to its 2005 counterpart.

2 Age Of Empires: Definitive Edition (2018)

A base of Age Of Empires Definitive Edition

The 1997 version of Age of Empires is a nightmare to play on modern systems. In 2018, Microsoft decided to blow the dust off this ancient relic. Although the exit was a bit difficult, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is the best way to revisit this blast from the past.

Graphically, the game gets HD processing with 4K support added for good measure. In addition, the sound quality is much sharper and more satisfying to hear. The journey, an essential element of everything Age of Empires game, also receives some desperately needed tweaks, along with other small quality-of-life improvements.

1 Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition (2019)

A battle scene from Age Of Empires II Definitive Edition

It’s no secret that Age of Empires II is regularly touted as the best of the bunch. The liberation of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition was a dream come true for fans of the series. Finally, one of the golden standards of the RTS genre has been brought up to standard with more contemporary games.

One of the best features that the developers insisted on were the AI ​​improvements. In the Definitive edition, the player and the AI ​​compete on an equal footing, without the latter having to cheat to remain aggressive. Humorously, fans heaved a huge sigh of relief when they discovered that an “auto-replenishment” feature had been added to farms, removing a frustrating annoyance from previous versions. All expansions are present, including new ones that continue to be developed. This is without a doubt the best way to experience this classic juggernaut.

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