Every Star Trek movie ranked from worst to best

After the slow-paced “Insurgency”, the franchise went in the completely opposite direction for the crew’s next film “The Next Generation”. Action filmmaker Stuart Baird, who helmed the sequel to “The Fugitive,” “US Marshalls,” was brought in to direct an action-packed adventure that took a prisoner-less approach to the series. While action is certainly an important part of “Star Trek,” “Nemesis” had no substance to support the show.

Like many unsuccessful “Star Trek” movies, “Nemesis” had a great idea, in theory … but botched the execution. The film’s main antagonist, Praetor Shinzon (Tom Hardy), the leader of the Remen people, is a younger clone of Picard created by the Romulans to negotiate with the Federation. It could have been a fascinating exploration of Picard’s psychology where he is faced with a villainous mirror of his young self and forced to rethink his mistakes, but all “Nemesis” does is present Hardy making a bad impression of Patrick. Stewart. Tom Hardy’s bizarre attempts to capture Stewart’s charisma are a baffling first performance by one of the best actors of his generation.

“Nemesis” also features an incredibly awkward sequence in which Shinzon “violates” the mind of Councilor Dianna Troi, a sexual assault parallel that’s just plain uncomfortable to watch. At the very least, Baird creates some compelling sets, including Picard’s escape and Datas from Shinzon’s ship.

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