Everything we know about Robert Pattinson’s Batcave


With Robert Pattinson set to star as the Dark Knight’s final incarnation in The batman, the infamous Batcave gets a makeover. The next big-screen iteration of DC Comics’ iconic detective vigilante is on its way with director Matt Reeves, who reinvents Bruce Wayne in The batman. While not an origin story, the plot will revolve around Bruce’s second year as a Gotham City crime fighter. Even though he’s not a newbie at this point, Bruce is still far from being the legend fans know and love. But the envisioned trilogy will see Bruce become the Caped Crusader, starting with him facing the Riddler in the first installment.

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Although there have been several Batman franchises over the years, there is still a desire to portray mythology in a unique and refreshing way. Whether it’s the Batsuit, the Batmobile, or the gadgets, each incarnation has its own twist from the respective filmmakers while staying true to the source material. The batman The trailer revealed the new set for the Batcave, which is a massive departure from other live-action versions of Bruce’s Siege. While other iterations are generally considered to be under Wayne Manor or Wayne Enterprises, such as on Batwoman, Pattinson’s reboot goes even further.

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There are still many unanswered mysteries with The batman, as Reeves takes a black-focused approach to this mythology. While other live-action versions have dealt with the detective angle, the filmmaker has talked about the reboot and doing it on a larger scale that has never been seen before. While the Batcave is only briefly seen in the first trailer, a handful of clues have revealed just how different Batman HQ will be in this universe. More answers will likely be given in the upcoming trailer for The batman, whenever Warner Bros. decides to release another one. But what do we know so far about Pattinson’s Batcave in The batman, and how does it stand out from previous representations?

Where is Batman’s Batcave


In the beginning The batman trailer, Batman / Bruce Wayne walks through a graveyard somewhere in Gotham City. It never explicitly demonstrates whether Bruce is anywhere in the northern, western, eastern, or southern part of Gotham. In previous incarnations, the Batcave is usually out of town as Bruce goes back and forth whenever he’s in Batman mode. Whether in the comics or the media, Batman often walks through the woods before heading to the cave. In The batman, however, it looks like the Batcave is somewhere in Gotham, as you can still see the city background behind Bruce as he rides his motorbike.

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The main reason the Batcave is located somewhere in Gotham is that it would take Bruce forever to travel back and forth between the Batcave and the city on a motorcycle. The trailer may not specifically reveal where in town he operates, but, clearly, it is a place he can come and go with a motorcycle easily. The most likely scenario is that the Batcave is located somewhere in Gotham where most people don’t live, or at least more if there are any in that area at all. It would be an odd choice for Bruce to choose a headquarters that is in an area where some citizens live nearby, and could easily spot him, unless he purchased the area as a private label.

What Robert Pattinson’s Batcave Looks Like


The interiors of previous Batcaves have always looked like real caves, something you won’t find in a city. In almost every live version of the Batcave, a waterfall covers the entrance, while bats reside inside the cave. But the Batcave in The batman is in an actual building, specifically in a Gotham train depot, which apparently belonged to the Waynes. Looking very closely at the front of the two-sided staircase, we can see “Wayne Depot”, alluding to Bruce (or even his parents before they died) owning this subway station. The train tracks are clearly visible as Bruce enters the Batcave. Since Bruce appears to own it in some capacity, that would explain why he could use it as a base of operations without anyone using the train system.

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Based on the interior, it appears to be a train depot that has been closed for a significant amount of time. Compared to other iterations, the Batcave in The batman seems a bit more basic, while Bruce still has some cutting edge technology to help him fight crime. Obviously, this story takes place in the second year of Batman, as the Batcave only appears to have recently been converted to its new purpose. The trailer only establishes three parts with Pattinson’s Batcave, one of which is the practice area. There is a corner on the left that appears to be where Bruce and Alfred Pennyworth test out new gadgets. Finally, there’s Bruce’s office where his Batcomputer runs, with two screens spotted. While it’s more simplistic, it’s certainly a Batcave that has a lo-fi vibe. But it works in the context of The Batman since that Bruce is still growing up in this new role.

Pattinson’s bats

Batman director reveals first look at Robert Pattinson's Batmobile

One of the most beloved aspects of Batman mythology is the number of vehicles Bruce invents, especially in the form of a bat, wherever possible. The list includes the Batmobile, the Batboat, the Batwing, and even the Batcopter. Past versions of Batman have normally gone further in their vigilante career, hence the reason they have as many Batvehicles as they do. But Pattinson’s Batman is still early in his journey, which means fans shouldn’t expect to see things like the Batwing, at least in The batman. However, the trailer confirms that he has a few vehicles he travels on.

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The first is the Batmobile itself, with this iteration being a muscle car, something that’s a new twist compared to other Batmobiles. At Christopher Nolan The black Knight trilogy, Christian Bale’s Batman drove in a black Tumbler, while Pattinson’s version is apparently a retooled Plymouth Barracuda. outraged The batman‘s Batmobile, two motorcycles are spotted in the Batcave, including the one Bruce is riding on. As Bruce progresses in his Batman career, we hope something like the Batwing can be incorporated into the new franchise.

Why is Pattinson’s Batcave so different?


Ultimately, The batman Batcave being as different as it is, fits perfectly with what Reeves and Pattinson are doing with this iteration of the DC hero. Even if it is not a Batman: first year adaptation in and of itself, the whole concept is what they build upon where Bruce begins with a more fundamental foundation. Even though Pattinson’s costume is more improved than what Bruce had in Batman: first year, everything from the Batcave to the Batmobile looks like a work in progress. Even in Batman beginsAlthough this is an origin story, Christian Bale’s Batman is quickly coming to the point of highly advanced vehicles and has a more traditional Batcave.

A moment to highlight The batman The trailer is the one where Bruce battles the street gang, which includes some quick shots of Jay Lycurgo, who will play Tim Drake in Titans season 3. Looking closely at the setting it looks like they are fighting outside a train station, maybe even above / near Batman’s Batcave, as it also looked abandoned, similar to the inside from the cave. Perhaps this is what inspires Bruce to finally move his HQ to a more secure location, as a sign of character development where Batman must learn to keep his base of operations more hidden. Either Bruce finds a new setting, or the encounter with the gang (if it’s actually happening near the Batcave) encourages him to take even more control of the area.

Overall, this smaller-scale Batcave is a welcome change as it adds something new to Batman’s media history. Reeves explained how The batman the reboot will focus on portraying many aspects of the Dark Knight as different and unique as possible. This is the ideal mindset every filmmaker should have when adapting a character who has been done multiple times on the big or small screen, especially a popular figure like Batman. There will be more answers given like The batman nearing exit, but what they’ve been doing so far with Robert Pattinson’s hero, including the Batcave, is incredibly fascinating.

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