Experts Take a Look at Some of the Most Complex Segments of ‘Scenes of a Wedding’ Streaming on Disney + Hotstar


According to Barnwal, it’s important that you don’t lose respect for your partner in such cases – a fact, she believes, is beautifully demonstrated in the series. “It defeats the point if you start and end these conversations from a place of disrespect. We see Mira and Jonathan express their willingness to go into couples therapy, which Indian couples usually don’t. In most cases, they just want to blame each other for looking like the victim. “

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Compatibility is often the benchmark for evaluating a potential or even existing relationship. Jonathan’s character, academic and intellectual, often brandishes his theories about how capitalism affects married couples and how marriage is a multi-billion dollar industry. At one point in the show, he is disturbed because the renovation planned by Mira will affect his “books and his workspace”. This, among other things, only intensifies Mira’s insecurities about herself and the marriage.

Is compatibility then the ultimate ideal to aspire to? Marriage counselor Dr. Shwetambara Sabharwal disagrees. “I believe a marriage is two individual entities that come together to share, support, engage and care for each other,” she says. “The two individual entities must be respected, accepted and nurtured, and by that I mean they don’t have to become * a— * it’s a dangerous utopian myth that two people must somehow merge into a single entity after marriage. The ego is always individual and has its own identity, which must be embraced. “

According to Sabharwal, viewing marriage as a “goal or a project” that must be achieved is also counterproductive. “The pressure that accompanies the word ‘success’ is usually detrimental as it becomes more extrinsic. The success of a marriage is for others, but the health is for you. “

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