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The Center for Instructional Innovation and the Teaching Excellence Awards Review Committee have announced the winners of this year’s Augusta University Teaching Excellence Awards:

The University of Augusta Teaching Excellence Awards are designed to achieve two goals: to recognize the excellence of the University of Augusta’s educators and educational programs and to select candidates for the Teaching Excellence Awards. of the Georgia Regents University System. The Augusta University award winners will go ahead as the university’s nominees for the Regents’ awards.

AU Award for Excellence in Individual Teaching – Joseph Newton, PhD

This award celebrates the excellence of teaching provided by a full-time professor or staff member and recognizes that individual’s strong commitment to teaching and student success. The winner must be a natural person who:

  • Is strongly committed to teaching and learning, which can be demonstrated by activities designed to improve the quality and practice of teaching and learning, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and / or develop a global and multicultural understanding;
  • Uses effective teaching strategies to enhance student learning, including innovative uses of technology, active learning, learning communities, student portfolios, assessment and more; and
  • Has a strong commitment to fostering student academic success through interaction with students outside of the classroom (eg counseling, mentoring, recruiting).
AU Online Teaching Excellence Award Amber Routh, MA

This award honors a full-time faculty and faculty member of Augusta University who demonstrates a strong commitment to teaching and student success and has taught a minimum of 12 teaching credit hours fully online for the last three consecutive semesters. The winner must be a natural person who:

  • Is strongly committed to quality online teaching and learning, as evidenced by teaching and scholarship activities designed to improve the quality of online teaching and learning;
  • Uses effective and innovative online teaching practices that result in student engagement, student satisfaction, and effectiveness in achieving desired learning outcomes; and
  • Demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to fostering student academic success online through the development of relationships with individual learners in and beyond the virtual classroom.
AU Program Teaching Excellence Award English and languages ​​of the world

The award honors a program, department, or academic unit at Augusta University that demonstrates a strong commitment to teaching and student achievement through:

  • Individual and collective faculty efforts to improve student teaching and learning;
  • Methods of assessing student learning and achievement that go beyond student assessments, and using assessment results to inform teaching practices, curriculum development and review ;
  • Active support to enable teachers to use innovative and effective forms of pedagogy and technology such as critical thinking, collaborative learning, cooperative learning, problem-based learning and learning communities;
  • Strong links between good teaching and various rewards, p.
  • Department / unit policies that encourage collaborative faculty efforts, including team teaching, teaching focus groups, joint assessments, interdisciplinary courses, learning communities, and mentoring;
  • An ongoing, data-driven process to revise and reshape curricula so that achieving academic excellence and meeting the needs of all students remain top priorities;
  • Exemplary student counseling, mentoring, recruitment and retention programs; extracurricular work with students and out-of-class learning;
  • Success of students in the department or program, evidenced by graduation, placement and acceptance into graduate studies; and
  • A clear articulation of how quality is defined, promoted and evaluated by the department or program.
AU scholarship for teaching and learning Nicole Winston, EdD

This award honors faculty members whose scholarship focuses on the art and science of teaching. These nominees have:

  • Engaged in the systematic examination of issues concerning student learning and teaching conditions that promote learning, building on previous scholarships;
  • Documented the use of strategies to investigate and assess the impact of teaching practice on student learning, grounded in the research literature;
  • Engaged in public research, peer reviewed and criticized;
  • Has produced academic work that brings new questions and knowledge about teaching and learning;
  • Developed a well-articulated teaching philosophy that guides research questions; and
  • Documented the dissemination of their scholarship results.

The members of the Excellence in Teaching Scholarship Review Committee include:



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