God Of War 2018’s Kratos Saved Sony’s Franchise From Irrelevance

The original God of War formula played around the time of Ascension’s release, but Kratos became the crux of the series’ reimagining in 2018.

The soft restart for God of the war in 2018 marked a new era for the long-running PlayStation-exclusive franchise, and its most significant reinvention was a new Kratos, who saved God of the war impending insignificance. Kratos had, like the series as a whole, become obsolete over time Ascent published. Although new features appeared in each game, God of the war had not matured properly. In 2018, a change of scenery and a character overhaul of Kratos took the series to new heights, preventing it from becoming a relic of the PS2 and PS3 era.

Including both PlayStation Portable games, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Spartathe God of the war The series featured six games featuring Kratos’ destructive antics across mythological ancient Greece. With Kratos’ revenge on the Olympians completely complete at the end of God of War IIIthere were no more convincing leads, which required that Ascent be a prequel. Main console entries in particular are still great hack-and-slash games, but even despite tragic stories and mythological scenarios, Kratos has remained a fairly flat character.


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Kratos’ lingering rage was enough to carry the games for six entries, but the series was clearly at a standstill by the time Ascent released in 2013. God of the war had a certain brand of machismo that was no longer fashionable. The beginning armament of war the games are cut from the same cloth, with gratuitous violence and plenty of swearing thanks to the exceptionally muscular male protagonists. Next to every gruesome murder Kratos commits, God of the war had a reputation for including a sex mini-game in every entry before Ascent, still featuring several topless women. The series hasn’t shied away from his overbearing masculinity, and there’s certainly room for discussion about how this behavior reflects Kratos’ traumatic past, but it’s hard to imagine similar content meeting anything other than that. an uncomfortable confusion in a newer game.

Kratos became a much better character in 2018’s God Of War

Kratos became a much more dynamic character in God of War in 2018, helping to elevate the series beyond its roots

Kratos was never a bad character per se, he was just pretty one-dimensional. The voice acting is perfect for both versions of Kratos, but the newer one has a much more nuanced personality. During the Greek Saga, pretty much all Kratos did was scream and kill. The story is certainly personal, but the player does not have the opportunity to see Kratos evolve, since he is always singularly busy with revenge. God of the war2018’s transition from Norse Mythology reinvented the series and brought with it a more compelling Kratos. Disillusioned with the deity, Kratos wants to quietly raise his son to avoid the same violent fate. Leaving behind Greece and the remaining Olympians, the last God of the war forces Kratos to confront the trauma that was little more than an emotional undercurrent in the first six games.

The entire game has been revamped from top to bottom, but a dynamic new Kratos is its most important element. Kratos’ journey from Greek mythology to Norse mythology is a literal departure from the setting of older games, but also a symbolic opportunity to explore new narrative territory. 2018 God of the war still got a Mature rating for blood and gore, intense violence, and foul language, but there’s no nudity or sexual themes throughout the game. Kratos is older, wiser, and much more balanced . The series as a whole took a similar turn toward more mature storytelling, centering on Kratos’ second attempt at fatherhood and the unrealized consequences of his past. God of the war might have gracefully faded from the spotlight as a product of its time, but the latest installment deftly pivoted to use Kratos as a vehicle for a thoughtful, story-driven experience.

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