God of War Ragnarok predictions: story and character theories


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God of War Ragnarok, the next big game from Sony Santa Monica, aims to bring the Nordic saga to a close. While the previous game put a lot of leads in place, there’s still a lot to do and plenty of iconic characters that we haven’t even seen yet. If you’re not familiar with the events leading up to Ragnarok, we’ve got the full God of War timeline and storyline, which will give you the full story so far.

God of War 2018 is one of my favorite games of the last few years and if what we’ve seen of God of War Ragnarok so far is indicated, this sequel will be one of the best PS5 games available.

As a huge fan of God of War and Norse Mythology, I decided to analyze the first full God of War Ragnarok trailer and make some predictions based on what we’ve seen. After all, the game director has confirmed that Ragnarok will appear as an actual event, but that doesn’t mean it will be a straightforward story. There are so many possibilities, so let’s dive into it.

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Kratos and Atreus got closer, but it won’t last

Ragnarok War God CaveSource: PlayStation

The low-key opening of the God of War Ragnarok trailer is surprisingly revealing. It’s a direct commentary on how Kratos and Atreus have grown so far. Atreus is older now and where he once struggled to hunt and was reluctant even to kill, he now brings back deer on his own. Meanwhile, Kratos is busy carving new arrows for his son. It’s a surprisingly touching scene and says a lot about how far we’ve come since the previous game.

Unfortunately, this is not going to last.

More tension is clearly brewing between the two, with Kratos looking weary and reluctant to fight Asgard, having experienced the pain of going down this path in the past. Atreus is very opposed, seeking to understand his heritage as Loki and wishing his father to start “thinking like a general”.

Norse mythology, and in particular Ragnarok, is specifically concerned with the idea that one meets one’s destiny through the actions that one takes to avoid it. So, trying to avoid pain and war, it could fall on father and son anyway. I won’t be surprised if this is where Sony Santa Monica chooses to hand over the reins to a new lead for the franchise, from father to son. Somehow, Atreus retreads in his father’s footsteps and can learn the same painful lessons in more or less the same way.

Most of what we’ve seen is extremely early in the game

I saw some people concerned that the story trailer was showing too much, especially with the reveal that Tyr is actually alive. While I understand the concern, given that we live in an over-saturated age of showing more and more stuff as any major media event approaches, there is no reason to worry. here, at least not yet. Everything shown in this trailer is likely happening early on, given that Kratos and Atreus’ arguments clearly unfold in the woods where they live.

Thor and Freya’s attacks likely prompt them to flee, where we in turn see Kratos and Atreus crossing the now frozen Lake of Nine and the accompanying bridge. This trailer is the setup hardware to get things going, without spoiling some major twists, of which I’m sure there will be a lot.

While the closing of the Nordic Saga in this game is certainly packed (more thoughts on that below), no one has to worry about what has been shown yet.

Thor and Freya will be the biggest threat so far

Sony Santa Monica is pretty clear that Thor and Freya are, at least initially, the main antagonists against Kratos and Atreus here. The two seek revenge for their sons’ deaths, with Freya somehow overcoming her inability to harm others, a curse Odin may have removed now that the goddess is transformed into anger.

The two are treated differently from all enemies in the God of War franchise so far. Freya’s opposition is treated with a somber tone, as it is clear that she is heartbroken and Kratos does not. want to to fight it. Meanwhile, Thor barely appears in the 2018 game, but much of the stories and legends found on the murals or recited by Mimir are dedicated to showing just how dangerous he is.

Through the heartache and the fear, there is just a reverence here that we have never seen before and it is extremely exciting. There are a few possibilities as to how this will play out, but it won’t just be a basic revenge plot. Together, Thor and Freya make a formidable duo – a duo that Kratos might not be able to overcome.

Ragnarok will arrive, but not exactly

With the 2018 game finale, we clearly saw that Sony Santa Monica understands and respects Norse myths, but is perfectly open to reinterpreting them to tell a different story. Baldur still dies as a result of Loki’s use of mistletoe, but it plays out very differently from most other versions of the tale. Ragnarok will be just as different.

Jotun Angrboda, Loki’s wife in the myth, is featured in God of War Ragnarok as a girl apparently around Atreus’ age. While there is almost certainly a similar relationship blossoming in the future, it will clearly take time and play out in a different way. The world serpent Jormungandr and the great wolf Fenris are both sons of Loki and both play a key role in the myth of Ragnarok, but the former has (apparently) no connection with this Loki and Fenrir did not still presented.

There’s also the simple fact that the Sony Santa Monica team are smart and know they can’t start God of War III all over again. Make no mistake, there are going to be a lot of big fatalities, but it won’t be a simple “kill em ‘all” retread.

The Nordic saga ends, in a way

God of War Ragnarok TyrSource: PlayStation

Eric Williams, creative director of God of War Ragnarok, made it clear that this is the last game in the “Nordic saga”. Yet there is more to this answer than at first glance. In the 2018 game, Kratos and Atreus learn that Tyr has traveled between realms, loved by all people with relics from many cultures. As Tyr’s rescue plays out in the God of War Ragnarok storyline, it doesn’t seem impossible that from now on, the story might drop the idea of ​​sagas associated with a particular mythology, perhaps even visiting many realms in a game.

If so, while the main story here should be over, there might be some secrets or intrigues left hanging in the Nordic lands, to be visited at a later date.

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