GOP senators say Warren’s appointment would divide Republicans


Senate Republicans warn that President-elect Joe BidenJoe Biden Biden: Democrats’ spending plan “bigger deal” as Obamacare Biden says open to change, clearing filibuster to advance voting rights Biden: Comment DOJ should prosecute those who challenge “inappropriate” assignments PLUS would trigger “a fight” if he named Sen. Elizabeth warrenElizabeth WarrenDemocrats scramble to reach deal on taxes Ethics office warned officials about unnecessary transactions Fed imposes stricter rules on financial transactions amid scandal MORE (D-Mass.), Sen. Bernie sandersBernie SandersBiden says expanding Medicare to include hearing, dental and vision a “reach” (I-Vt.) Or former National Security Advisor Susan Rice in her cabinet.

Republicans will control at least 50 seats in the next Senate. The GOP hopes to increase its majority by winning two second races scheduled for Jan. 5 in Georgia, a state that traditionally votes Republican but where Biden has a 14,000-vote lead in the presidential election.

If Democrats can win both seats, they would have a majority in the Senate with the vice president elected Kamala harrisKamala HarrisHarris for McAuliffe in Virginia Biden, Harris Marks 10th Anniversary of MLK Memorial Watch Live: Biden and Harris deliver remarks at MLK Jr. Memorial Anniversary MORE break ties.

But if Democrats lose just one of those races, they’ll need GOP support to confirm Biden’s nominees.

Republicans are already looking for leverage by saying Biden better choose centrists like Sens. Chris CoonChris Andrew CoonsManchin Threatens To Spend ‘Zero’ In Blast With Sanders: Reports Defense And National Security – Military Begins Advice On COVID-19 Vaccine Denials Blinken In Urge To Fill Empty Post Overseeing The “Havana syndrome” MORE (D-Del.) Or Doug Jones (D-Ala.) For his Cabinet rather than progressive stars Warren and Sanders.

GOP lawmakers have refused to speak publicly about their expected opposition to Warren and Sanders, who are both their colleagues. But privately, they warn that bringing in a senator with outspoken liberal views to lead the Treasury Department or the Labor Department would start a brawl.

“A colleague of mine told me that it was impossible for Elizabeth Warren or Susan Rice to be confirmed,” said a GOP senator.

Lawmakers said “it would be a fight” if Biden called on Warren, Sanders or Rice.

Some GOP senators believe Warren might pass because of his credentials. Even critics acknowledge that the former Harvard professor is an expert in financial regulation and an accomplished policy maker. Senator Tom’s CottonTom Bryant CottonIs the Navy totally at sea? The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Altria – Vote on House debt today; Biden struggles to unite Arkansas legislature splits Little Rock on the move secures GOP PLUS seats (R-Ark.), One of the more conservative members of the chamber, was a student of Warren at Harvard.

If Biden nominated Warren as Secretary of the Treasury and the Senate called a vote, some senators believe she would easily win over 50 votes.

“I would not be one of those to stop the nomination,” said one of the GOP senators. “They could get all Democrats and 10 Republicans.”

But there are real questions about whether an appointment of Warren, Sanders, or Rice would be votable in a GOP-majority Senate.

Majority leader in the Senate Mitch mcconnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnell Biden says he’s open to changing and removing filibuster to advance voting rights. (R-Ky.) Has a policy of not introducing bills that divide his conference and has yet to explain to other GOP senators what his policy would be for Biden’s controversial candidates.

“There may be individuals who must oppose it,” the senator said. Ron johnsonRonald (Ron) Harold JohnsonPandemic of Hyper-Hypocrisy Infects US Politics Senator Ron Johnson Hopes for a Democratic “Block” on Reconciliation Package Republicans’ mantra should have been “Stop the Spread” MORE (R-Wis.), Depending on “what ideologically” the candidate “pushes”. In general, Johnson has said “I give the president a lot of leeway” over appointments.

Senator Marco rubioMarco Antonio RubioSenate GOP campaign arm lifts Democratic counterpart in September House passes bills to secure telecommunications infrastructure. (R-Fla.) Said “If he’s someone who represents some of the more radical views that we see gaining a lot of traction within the Democratic Party, I think he would have a lot of trouble going through. “

An additional hurdle for Warren is that Massachusetts has a Republican governor, Charlie Baker, who under current law would appoint someone to succeed him. Liberal strategists who are in favor of Warren’s cabinet appointment say the Massachusetts State-majority Senate and House could change state law to force Baker to choose someone from Warren’s party.

While there is generally a “Senate courtesy” accorded to fellow Senators who are appointed to Cabinet, this is not a guarantee of confirmation, especially in today’s partisan atmosphere, where many traditions of collegiality of the House are broken.

Sanders and Warren both proposed a wealth tax. Warren proposed an annual rate of 2% on net wealth over $ 50 million and 3% on wealth over $ 1 billion while Sanders called for a 1% wealth tax on married couples from worth more than $ 32 billion, sliding up to 8% on the richest estates, according to the Tax Foundation.

They both support Medicare for All, Free College, Student Debt Cancellation, and the Green New Deal. In short, they support some of the boldest progressive proposals launched, which Senate Republicans campaigned fiercely in the fall election.

Rice is controversial because many Republican voters and activists believe she misled the public about the nature of the 2012 attacks on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

She withdrew from the candidacy for secretary of state in December 2012 due to controversy.

Rice said on Sunday talk shows in September 2012 that the attack in Benghazi began spontaneously in reaction to the violent protests in Cairo that were sparked by an anti-Islamic video.

In November of the same year, Rice told reporters after meeting with a group of Republican senators that the “talking points provided by the intelligence community” and the initial assessment of the attack “were incorrect on one key point: there were no protests or demonstrations in Benghazi. “

Rice said the intelligence assessment had “evolved” and neither she nor anyone else in the administration intended to mislead the public.

McConnell staked this year’s campaign message on a Republican-controlled Senate being a firewall to block proposals like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

“You add up things like racing the Supreme Court, getting rid of the Electoral College, the Green New Deal and Medicare for nothing and you have a prescription to turn America into something it never has been and never should be, ”he said last. year.

Some Senate Republicans say it would be too big an about-face to then do an about-face and confirm the Democratic senators who are leading champions of these policies at the head of the Treasury and Labor Departments.

A fourth Republican senator who requested anonymity said “Warren would not pass” and predicted that neither she nor Sanders would be nominated if Republicans retained a majority after Georgia’s second round.

Update: November 14, 12:46 p.m.

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