HBO’s Penguin series was originally billed as the Batman sequel

Batman director Matt Reeves reveals Penguin’s upcoming HBO Max spin-off series was originally envisioned as a sequel.

Although little is known about the HBO Max series starring Colin Farrell’s Penguin, The Batman Director Matt Reeves recently revealed that the idea for the series was originally envisioned as a sequel to his upcoming movie.

During an interview with VarietyReeves recalls making an offhand comment to Warner Bros. executives. on how a sequel to The Batman could shed some light on how Oswald Cobblepot became the crime lord known as Penguin. “And they were like, ‘Oh, we want to do this as a show,'” Reeves revealed.

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Notably, Farrell himself had previously suggested his portrayal of Cobblepot in The Batman is not entirely faithful to the comics. “There’s a scene where I have an umbrella in my hand, but there’s no trigger on the handle,” Farrell said. “He’s got a limping gait, so there’s a bit of a waddle there. But Oz isn’t fully inhabiting the Penguin mythology yet and isn’t too fond of the moniker.”

Along with Penguin, his signature cigar is also missing in The Batman – something Farrell believes has to do with the character’s lowly rank in the Falcone crime family – a producer of the film has assured fans that the spin-off series will not only depict Penguin’s rise to power, but his story even rivals the infamous rise of Tony Montana from the 1983 film scarface. “We make one with [Farrell]”, producer Dylan Clarke said of The Batmanthe planned spinoff, “seeing Oz rise to power, almost like a scarface story. It’s exciting to do something like this on its own, but it speaks to the character and to our film, so you’ll be coming back to the film [and say]’Oh, I see that backstory over there, that line refers to this.'”

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With his sequel idea having been turned into a show alongside a separate series after the Gotham City Police Department, the director has yet to reveal what other ideas he has for a follow-up. The Batman. However, Reeves confirmed that talks about another film are already underway. “I really believe in what we’ve done and would love to tell more stories,” he said.

The Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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Source: Variety

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