Here’s what Ghost of Tsushima Legends is on PS Plus

Confused by today’s PS Plus announcement from Sony? Here’s what you get with Ghost Legends of Tsushima in March.

While fans were pleasantly surprised by the various games announced for PlayStation Plus, some of the inclusions were less straightforward than others.

And with such a multiplayer vibe, it’s easy to see how Ghost Legends of Tsushima added the same month as Ark: Survival Evolved and GTA Online is a bit of a headache.

Here’s what to expect from next month’s PS Plus free games list and what you can do in Legends.

Ghost Legends of Tsushima | Rivals Trailer

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Ghost Legends of Tsushima | Rivals Trailer





What is Ghost of Tsushima Legends and how does it fit into PS Plus March 2022?

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is a standalone version of the game’s cooperative multiplayer mode which is handled separately from the single-player story. Instead of battling invaders alone, you can team up with friends and explore missions based on Japanese mythology.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends was originally released as a free update for the base game and then launched as a standalone product, which is what will be added to PS Plus in March 2022 next week.

This is available for PS4 and PS5 players, which is good news because Ghostrunner and GTA Online are both exclusive to owners of next-gen consoles. Strangely, when Legends first launched, you had to have PS Plus to play with friends, but not if you were experiencing Legends on your own. That won’t be a problem for those picking it up via subscription, but it’s an odd wrinkle with the current freebie.

With the exception of some cosmetics that can only be unlocked through the single-player campaign, this is the same Legends content accessible by Ghost of Tsushima owners, so you’ll have access to content released in 2021 and can play co-op with players who own the full version. It’s currently unclear if players who download the standalone version of Legends will be able to upgrade to Director’s Cut at any time, like with the store-bought version.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends arrives as a free download on PS Plus on Tuesday, March 1, alongside ARK: Survival Evolved, Ghostrunner and Team Sonic Racing. GTA Online is also coming as part of a three-month freebie, but that won’t happen until March 15 and will be exclusive to PS5 owners.

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