How a Prometheus Director’s Cut Could Improve the Flawed Prequel

Prometheus is Ridley Scott’s flawed prequel to Alien, and here’s how a director’s cut—restoring some great deleted scenes—could improve the movie.

Here’s how a Prometheus the director’s cut might fix some of the prequel’s ambitious but flawed issues. When it comes to movie director cuts, Ridley Scott is one filmmaker that often comes to mind. The reputation of his 1982 sci-fi classic blade runner increased dramatically with the release of its director’s cut, which did away with the terrible studio-mandated “happy” ending and Harrison Ford’s monotonous voice-over. His new haircuts The counselor – which received largely negative reviews upon release – and kingdom of paradise also saw these projects being completely reassessed.

Scott is so closely tied to director’s cuts that studios have even tried to use that reputation to sell “extended” versions of his other films on home media. The longer cuts of Gladiator Where The Martian restore few essential elements to their stories, however, while the 2003 Alien: Director’s Cut actually runs slightly shorter and re-inserting the unnecessary “Eggmorphing” sequence only showed why it was originally cut. The director showed little interest in revisiting his Extraterrestrial prequel Prometheusbut ironically, it’s one of his movies that probably needs it the most.


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Prometheus followed a team of scientists landing on a distant planet in hopes of discovering the origins of mankind, only to meet their hostile creators. It’s an ambitious, visually rich sci-fi adventure, but it was let down by silly characters and bizarre storytelling choices. The film also cut out some great footage, many of which would help alleviate some of its issues. For example, one of the most criticized scenes involved biologist Millburn (Rafe Spall) attempting to pet a very dangerous alien creature, but there were two. Prometheus deleted moments that accumulated until he first discovered a small worm – which he is excited about because it is proof of extraterrestrial life – and later his lost skin.

elisabeth shaw prometheus ax

It at least gave proper context to the maligned scene where he tries to touch the creature. Charlize Theron felt underutilized as Weyland’s daughter, Vickers, but deleted moments like Idris Elba’s Janek come to comfort her after burning Holloway to death or an extended reunion with her father would give her more depth. On the creature front, an alternate version of Fifield’s mutated battle brought him to life using CG instead of practical effects. This version works much better, with Fifield looking like a mutant Xenomorph and being much more nimble and monstrous. Prometheus also greatly condensed the finale between Shaw and the surviving Engineer, cutting out an entire fight scene where she attacks the alien with an axe. It’s a much better streak with this extended chase.

Of course, the Engineer waking up and actually talking to David (Michael Fassbender) before attacking him is another piece of context the movie could have used. Generally, Scott just cuts the context out of the scenes and assuming they’re unnecessary is an overall problem with Prometheus. The prequel could also lose some scenes, including Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) being unnecessarily douchy and sulky despite spearheading one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, which would benefit his character. Strategic trimmings could fix some issues with the prequel, though other fundamental flaws – like Guy Pearce’s terrible old-age makeup as Weyland – can’t be totally fixed. Prometheus is a film that feels like there’s a much better version beneath the issues, but while some fans want one, a director’s cut doesn’t seem to be happening.

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