How To Change Your Mind Trailer Turns To Psychedelics For Mental Health

Netflix has released the first trailer for a new four-part documentary series How to change your mind which will teach viewers a little-known side of certain psychedelic drugs.

Oscar winner Alex Gibney adapts the New York Times bestselling author Michael Pollanthe book of 2018 How to change your mind: what the new science of psychedelics teaches us about consciousness, death, addiction, depression and transcendence. Pollan’s work has been described by The New York Times Book Review as “Engaging and startling…To lose one’s mind seems like the most sensible thing a person can do.” While the book is divided into six chapters and an epilogue, the series will be divided into 4 episodes of 50 minutes. Each of the episodes will focus on a different mind-altering drug: LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and mescaline.


Pollan guides viewers on this journey to the frontiers of the new psychedelic renaissance, not to mention the barely recognized historical context, to explore the potential of these substances to provide healing benefits and change minds as well as culture. People’s perception of psychedelic drugs has certainly undergone changes over time, but there are still many things that the public is unaware of or has misinformed opinions about these substances. Emmy nominated Alison Ellwood and twice Oscar nominee Lucy Walker make the documentary.

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The trailer focuses on laying out the basics of the series, making it clear that we’re going to learn more about the good things about these four drugs that we probably had no idea about. The documentary interviews both professional scientists and people with mental illnesses such as PTSD who have had life-altering experiences with these drugs.

Chapter 1 revolves around LSD, from its origins in 1943 to the current trend of microdosing and how it has been used to change lives. Chapter 2 explores psilocybin, popularly known as magic mushrooms; these have long been considered sacred by the indigenous Mazatecs of Mexico and have more recently been the subject of scientific study aimed at deciphering their potential to help relieve the symptoms of certain mental illnesses. MDMA is the focus of Chapter 3. The drug has been championed by therapists as well as ravers, and stands out as the first psychedelic likely to be approved by the FDA as a drug, thanks to those who advocated for its value in the treatment of PTSD. Finally, Chapter 4 teaches viewers about mescaline, a psychoactive molecule found in San Pedro and peyote cacti. This drug was used by Native Americans as traditional sacred medicines and in religious ceremonies.

How to change your mind is a puzzle production. The series is produced by Gibney, Pollan, Walker, Stacey Offmanand Richard Perello.

The series will arrive on Netflix next month on July 12. Check out the trailer below:

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