Hunt for “conspiracy theorists who set fire to the 5G mast”

A telephone mast on fire in Derby earlier this week (Photo: SWNS / Derbyshire Police)

Video footage of a burning 5G mast has been released by police in an attempt to trace what happened to it.

They believe it is likely to have been “tampered with” – which would be the second time the same mast has been targeted in a year.

The first arson attack took place just two days after the mast was erected near Chaddesden in Derby.

Police and firefighters had to be present again this week when residents living nearby reported seeing smoke and fire.

They found the 60-foot mast engulfed in flames around 8:15 p.m. Monday.

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A spokesperson for Derbyshire Police said: ‘We are posting footage of a fire on a telephone mast in Derby as we call on witnesses to come forward.

“Firefighters alerted us to the incident, off the A61 Sir Frank Whittle Road, just after 8:15 pm on December 20.

“The road was closed while they were fighting the blaze and for some time this morning while the area was secured. It has now reopened but the path past the mast remains closed.

“While officers believe the mast may have been tampered with, the cause of the fire is undetermined.

“We would like to speak to any witnesses or anyone who noticed anything suspicious just before or immediately after the incident.”

5G cell towers have been at the center of conspiracy theories in recent years, with some claiming they cause health problems and even spread Covid-19.

The myth was quickly debunked by many experts, including GP Gero Baiarda, who told “5G radio waves carry too little energy to cause harm. There have been many research studies that demonstrate this beyond doubt.

“5G occupies the same wavelengths that were previously used by analog television. The reason you can no longer access the analog TV signal is that it has been phased out to make way for the new 5G mobile phone technology.

“Therefore, pretending that 5G waves will weaken your immune system to the point that you are defenseless against Covid-19 is like saying old-fashioned TV signals have caused pandemics. We have lived with them for over 70 years, and they clearly did not.

NHS England National Medical Director Professor Stephen Powis has also attacked the plots, calling them ‘complete and utter garbage’, adding: ‘This is the worst kind of fake news.

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