Indian mythology enters the NFT space with the launch of MetaMasters

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, on Monday launched its first-ever Indian collection of NFTs inspired by Indian mythology and Southeast Asian, Japanese and Chinese folklore.

India’s NFT collection, MetaMasters, whose unique selling proposition brings good fortune – “888 times more money, wealth and profits for its collectors” – will be available to Binance’s 30 million global users.

MetaMasters are powerful celestial beings who travel through the fabric of space and time to bring good fortune to their collectors. The first in the series would be MetaMaster MahaDev, according to the description on Binance.

The NFT floor price was set at $387.92 and 3,564 items were listed for sale on Binance.

The MetaMasters were created by European storyteller and NFT asset creator Sourav Roy and Singapore-based tech entrepreneur and NFT artist Sandeep Bhatia.

The series is launched to mark the auspicious period between Chinese New Year, which starts from the first week of February, and Maha Shivratri, which falls on the first week of March.

Talking about the concept behind MetaMasters, Roy said that the era of featureless and boring NFTs is over and collectors want value for money and unique functionality and utility for their NFTS.

“Everyone is tired of the same kind of pixelated, useless NFTs. How many mad cats, roaring lions, punchy penguins, and pesky parakeets do you want to see in the name of art?

“That’s why we focused on a unique blend of storytelling from India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Turkey to create MetaMasters and launch MetaMasters. MetaMaster MahaDev as the first in the series,” Roy said.

NFT buyers and collectors around the world collect NFTs for their uniqueness and rarity. The more unique and rare it is, the higher its holding value and, therefore, its demand in the secondary sales market as well.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets with verified ownership rights and the details stored on a blockchain.

NFTs are revolutionizing the arts, music and sports industries by enabling the commercialization of digital assets.

Many celebrities have recently started creating and selling NFT artwork to their admirers.

The value of global non-fungible token sales exceeded $4 billion in December 2021.

While cryptomarkets exhibited volatility with the rise and fall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, NFTs on the other hand exploded.

“The hallmark of a good NFT is that it should have unique functionality, utility, purpose, and collection value. It also means that the ROI in the secondary market is a surefire winner,” said Sandeep Singh, co-creator of Singapore-based MetaMasters.

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