It was the hardest scene to shoot on Ragnarok according to the cast

Herman Tømmeraas explained in the interview that the team “spent a few days doing the choreography”, although the scene was ultimately, as Theresa Frostad Eggesbø notes, “only pieces” of the long and arduous streak that ‘they had originally filmed. Eggesbø also pointed out that the dance was much “more elaborate” than the audience can see since everything in the scene is in slow motion. “Anything that isn’t idling,” she explains, “is actually done ten times faster.” As Tømmeraas says, “we were the ones who baked bananas for three minutes in a row.”

The actors shared that they had spent hours filming the scene – which involved “fifty or sixty extras”, none of whom were informed of what was about to happen – and that the grueling physical labor was made all the more. complicated by good logistics. “It was like a strange rock music,” Eggesbø explains, but it was extremely quiet. “The stereo was not working,” she added, “so they must have played it from a little boom speaker.”

The dance hasn’t gone unnoticed or ignored by fans, who have discussed its possible meanings in a variety of threads on the show’s subreddit. Considering the amount of narrative work on the scene in terms of setting up the complex dynamic between Laurits, Saxa, and Fjor, it certainly makes sense to have put an equal amount of physical work into the scene. Despite the fact that it was “about three hours of awkwardness” and “a big step outside the comfort zone,” as Tømmeraas put it, the cast both agreed that it was ultimately worth it. Hopefully all of the rumored dance scenes from Season 3 will be a little easier on the cast.

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