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MIPCOM is returning to Cannes for its first in-person event since the start of the pandemic. The TV market will be a little different in 2021, and not just because of COVID-19 screenings and vaccination requirements. The two-day MIPJunior, traditionally held at a nearby hotel, has been incorporated into the larger festival, which takes place October 11-14.

But those changes haven’t stopped the creators of children’s content from lining up new shows that they hope will make a splash at the commercial event, and beyond. These are some of the coolest new shows on our radar ahead of MIPCOM.

Aiko and the masters of time (photo above) 7 years and over

Producers: Saturday animation studio (Canada)
Style: CG animations
Format: 10x22min
Budget: US $ 600,000 to US $ 630,000 per episode
Status: In development, with a bible pitch, script and teaser available. Cookbook Media takes care of the distribution and Saturday Animation is looking for distribution partners.
Delivery: T2 2023

In a modern sci-fi world where historical warriors from different eras coexist, two teenagers, a samurai and a cowboy, discover that they have the power to travel through time. After the young samurai Aiko decides to return to save his mother, the duo must stay one step ahead of the evil forces who want to steal the power of time travel for themselves. Guy Harvey, André Lavoie, Aaron Simpson, Fred Faubert and Louis-Simon Ménard co-created and co-developed this mystery series.

GG Odyssey – 6 to 10

Producer: TeamTO (France)
Style: CG animations
Format: 26 x 22 minutes
Budget: 11.6 million US dollars
Status: In development, with a bible available.
Delivery: T1 or T2 2023

When video player Kiran is mistaken for a mighty warrior, he is transported to the world of Greek mythology, where the Olympian gods and goddesses task him with saving King Odysseus. To complete this quest, he teams up with Hades’ daughter and begins an adventure that takes them through a variety of legends. With podcaster Liv Albert (Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!)

Zombra: Ghoul Detective – 10 to 14

Cool New Zombra Shows (1)

Producers: Sinking Ship Entertainment (Canada), Nelvana (Canada)
Style: Live action and CG animation
Format: 12x22min
Budget: Not yet finalized
Status: In development, with a completed pitch deck and script. Now looking for broadcast partners.
Delivery: Q4 2022

Zombra is a black-Latina teenage girl who uses her special investigative skills to solve mysteries from another world. After her sister is kidnapped, Zombra must find allies and deal with new cases that bring her closer and closer to finding her lost brother. Jadiel Dowlin (Elemental Hero, Dino Dana) created this series of supernatural multimedia adventures.

Rita Peters: 1.19 meters – 6 to 9

Cool new shows Rita Peters (1)

Producer: One Animation (Singapore)
Style: CG animations
Format: 26x11min
Budget: 3.9 million US dollars
Status: In development, with a pitch deck available. OneAnimation is looking for co-production partners.
Delivery: Q4 2022

An animation and Adam Redfern (The Adventures of Paddington) created this comedy-adventure series starring Rita, a very tiny 3.9ft tall girl to be exact, who discovers she has the power to bring the characters in her height chart to life. At first glance, it looks like these magical beings will solve all of Rita’s problems, but it quickly becomes clear that they cause more problems than they solve. Rita and her true friends must team up to help others and ultimately learn that friendship is the only magic they need.

Ivy Bookstore – 4 to 6

Cool New Shows Ivys Bookshop (1)

Producers: Ink and Light (Ireland), Muste ja Valo (Finland)
Style: 2D animation
Format: 39 x seven minutes
Budget: US $ 2.9 million
Status: In development, with a sample script and a bible available. Search for distribution and distribution partners.
Delivery: 2023

Created by Irish artist Joshua Hogan, this series centers on a dyslexic young dragon who dreams of adventures like the ones she reads in books. But when Ivy finds out that she and her best friend have the power to visit magical worlds from her favorite stories, she gets the chance to explore fantastic new places and meet amazing creatures who ultimately help her solve. everyday problems.

Pet store zombies – 6 to 11

New cool shows Zombies from the pet store (1)

Producers: Epic Story Media (Canada), Alibi Pivotal Kids (Canada), Treason Media (Canada), Loomi Animation (Canada)
Style: 2D animation
Format: 20 x five minutes
Budget: 1 to 2 million US dollars
Status: In pre-production, with scripts and a first episode available. Currently looking for broadcasters.
Delivery: Q4 2022

In this fast-paced comedy, a pack of pet shop animals – who also happen to be zombies – struggle to bring order to the apocalypse. These adorable undead animals must work together to protect their shop and stop a pair of evil creatures from taking over the world.

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