Loan for Sale of the Fifth Inpdap 2018: How It Works, Calculation and Rates

Transfer of the Fifth INPDAP

Sale of the fifth Inpdap

In this article we want to give you some information on the sale of the fifth INPDAP , information updated in September 2018.

The assignment of the fifth INPDAP is a type of loan dedicated to public, state and retired employees.

Since 2011, INPS has been managing not only the provision of loans to retirees and employees, but also that of the assignment of the fifth Inpdap.

How does the assignment of the fifth INPDAP in 2018 work?

The assignment of the fifth Inpdap ( former Inpdap loan ) is a non-finalized loan , ie it is not necessary to communicate the motivation of the loan application.

The repayment of the loan is regulated monthly, you can get an assignment of the fifth INPDAP that can vary from 24 to 120 months, the installment will be deducted directly from the applicant’s paycheck or from the pension.

The installment to guarantee the minimum survival, can not exceed one fifth of the monthly net value of the salary or pension.

The assignment of the Fifth INPDAP can be defined as a convenient loan because the applicant, will not have to remember to pay the installment monthly, in fact this process takes place automatically when the user receives the credit of the salary pension on the current account.

A special feature of this type of product is that it can also be requested by the user considered to be a protested and / or bad payer, this is a very important advantage.

How to calculate the installment

Image result for Sale of the Fifth InpdapLoans inpdap calculation: thanks to several sites you can calculate the transfer of the fifth online, this allows you to know the maximum installment that will be equal to one fifth of the salary or pension.

Calculation assignment of the fifth inpdap: Before proceeding with the calculation of the installment with the assignment of the fifth Inpdap it is necessary to have certain conditions:

  • the calculation is made on the net of the pension, deducting the tax and social security deductions
  • at net value, apply the di limit
  • keep the amount of the minimum pension , therefore applying the loan installment the pension value must not be lower than the established threshold.
  • if the applicant receives more pensions, the latter will be accumulated and the calculation of the installment will be made on the sum.

Examples of installment calculation (transferable quota)

gross pension 596.50
withholding taxes 0.00
net pension 596.50
minimum pension 502.39
transferable quota 94,11
* with safeguard of the minimum pension (€ 502.39 for the year 2015), lower in this case the amount of the fifth = 119.30


gross pension 1,200.00
withholding taxes 300.00
net pension 900.00
1/5 of the net 180.00
transferable quota 180.00
* with safeguard of the minimum pension (502.39 for the year 2015).

Who can request a fifth INPDAP assignment

To be able to make the request for transfer of the fifth Inpdap it is essential to satisfy some requirements :

  • belong to the category: state employees, public administrations, state bodies, civil servants and pensioners Inpdap
  • be aged between 18 and 64
  • be Italian citizens
  • the employees in force must have a minimum working age of 2 months
  • being part of the Unitary Management of credit and social services, this fund is used by the Inpdap to provide loans directly and also through authorized financial companies

Very often, there is a request from banks or financial companies that the employee applicant is in possession of a permanent contract .

In the event that the applicant should have a fixed-term contract, the total duration of the rate should not exceed the period specified in the employment contract.

How much money can be requested with the assignment of the fifth

In the fifth transfer loan INPDAP there is no maximum amount of liquidity that can be requested. In fact the amount of the sum that can be requested is variable and depends on the net of the pension or salary received and also on the duration to be requested.

Age limit and repayment plan

The legislation does not provide for any age limit . Surely there are situations where there are restrictions or even deny access to credit (for example on subjects aged 65 or over).

In the case of premature death of the client, thanks to the insurance coverage the family members and any heirs will be protected, in fact the insurance will cover the missing installments.

Regardless of the insurance coverage, the reference institution reserves the right to evaluate and possibly not accept the practice , because the insurance coverage could be high as well as the probability of premature death.

The repayment plan can be divided into two categories of installments:

  • 60 months
  • 120 months

Contrary to the convention, a payment in installments of 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108 and 120 months is envisaged.

Do you have other financing in progress? Such as the sale of the fifth or small inpdap loans? Contact an affiliated bank, so as to consider a renewal of the assignment of the fifth or possibly a second deduction eg. the delegation of payment.

Age limit 60 years for women and 65 for men Men and women within 85 years of age
Repayment plan 60 or 120 months 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120 months
Other Loans No Yes

Delivery times with the transfer of the fifth Inpdap

Assignment of the fifth inpdap rates: requesting financing through the transfer of the fifth Inpdap allows the applicant to obtain liquidity with certainly very advantageous interest rates .

Usually the waiting time to receive the loan is approximately approximately one work week after signing the contract. Only in the most complicated cases will it be necessary to wait even for 2 or 3 weeks to get the desired sum.

With the assignment of the fifth Inpdap, the times of loan disbursement may vary, in fact many factors influence, for example, the possible agreement between Inps or the financial chosen by the worker or the pensioner, as well as the various timing of the Inps offices.

Do you urgently need to get cash through a loan? We advise you to evaluate the solution of transfer of the fifth Inpdap in agreement.

Interest rates assignment of the fifth INPDAP

Below we will indicate the average rates applied by banks and financial institutions and also the corresponding usury threshold.

For retirees:

  • Age at the end of the loan: 18-65
  • Age on loan expiry: 65-80
  • Age at the end of the loan:> 80 years

For employees:

  • Interest rates for employees

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