Los mitos de las vacunas against COVID-19


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Cuando se trata de los mitos de la vacuna against COVID-19, el Dr. Iván Meléndez lohaes cuchado todo, tanto comomé dicoen la region fronteriza como director of Salud Pública del condadode Hidalgo.

In this first episode, Meléndez, compatió connosotros lo que piensan sus pacientes cuando les recomiendan vacunarse.

English translation

In this first episode, we’ll talk about the myths that still exist around the COVID-19 vaccine. Iván Meléndez, Director of Public Health for Hidalgo County, shared with us what his patient said when advised to get the vaccine.


Maria Isabel Gonzales: How do you react as a doctor when you hear someone tell you that you do not want to be vaccinated?

Dr Ivan Melendez: I respect their opinions. But my job, my duty, my responsibility, with statistics, is to keep talking about scientific truth. Eliminate all types of subjectivity and maintain objectivity, allowing people to draw conclusions unrelated to politics and unrelated to fake news on social media. There is a direct relationship between the number of people vaccinated and the outcome of deaths and hospitalizations. The difference between a year ago and now is not just about human behavior.

Sadly, even more Latin Americans have found it very difficult to wear masks, wash their hands, and keep their distance. It’s because of our Hispanic culture and because we have to work. It’s hard to stay at home when you have to support 5 or 6 people. It’s hard not to go to the grocery store when you only have two days to buy food. So what I’m saying is the only specific, objective thing we’ve seen is to use a vaccine.


Gonzales: When one of your regular patients tells you confidently, “Doctor, I’m not really sure about the vaccines. How to persuade them?

Melendez: First of all, you have to give them some credit. You have to know that the person has the right to have that opinion. # 2, identify the reason. What is the myth that led people to this conclusion? The most common thing I hear is, “The technology is new and the development is too fast. I can’t trust him because I don’t have enough time. And in the future, like any other treatment, it’s just me. I’m afraid that might be a problem instead. I may need to be vaccinated, but it is unknown and developed so rapidly that it is new and potentially dangerous technology. So I never envision this for my child. “

So I explain to them that we are giving them the wrong information. This technology is about 10 years old. The use of messenger RNA is not a technology developed this year or last year. Although relatively new, we have already been using this technology for 10 years. This technology is the safest because it does not inject a live virus, an attenuated virus, or part of the virus. What you inject is a recipe for making antibody-producing proteins developed by the vaccinated host.


Moderna and Pfizer were the first to be investigated and were successful because it is a very safe vaccine. It’s just a recipe for making protein so the body knows how to protect itself. If you have an antibody and get sick, it’s like having the police outside your house, and even if a thief comes, you can’t escape because there is a police.

Next thing I hear is, “I don’t want to participate because I think it’s a conspiracy for the government and the big pharma to make a profit. These conspiracy theories seem a little unrealistic to me, but let’s assume they’re true. The virus is here and it doesn’t matter why you are at war – the enemy is at the door.

Gonzales: What other myths do you hear about side effects?

Melendez: Other myths tend to be based on fear of side effects and there are thousands of examples people give: “It makes my arm smaller. It causes infertility. It will change the DNA. It will change the DNA. It will give men myocarditis. “Well, nobody’s arm got smaller. Myocarditis has been identified with many viruses. And they didn’t inject you with the virus, it’s impossible. They say it is a protein similar to the protein in a woman’s womb body, which gives you infertility because she is not trustworthy.


And finally, “my DNA is going to change. No. Human DNA lives in the nucleus of cells. It is known that messenger RNA is found in the cytoplasm of the human body and not in the nucleus where DNA resides. Therefore, it is impossible to modify DNA with an RNA vaccine.

Gonazuru: When I was told, “I think I have good innate immunity, so I don’t need a vaccine.” So if you are already sick, immune and think you no longer need them, what does science teach us about such cases?

Melendez: I think that’s a pretty controversial position. So if you have been through this before, you can say that: [COVID-19] And now I’m more immune than the vaccines. My answer is: you are absolutely right, but for how long? You can have better immunity for 60 days, 90 days, 120 days. do not understand.


We knew three weeks ago that the Cleveland Clinic, one of the best clinical centers in the world, said the same thing. If a person becomes ill, they do not need to be vaccinated. However, we continue to recommend vaccines. I don’t think it’s necessary, but I recommend it.

And why do they recommend it? People who already have immunity from natural sources only improve their ability to cope with antibodies, plasma cells and other cases of the disease, which is why they recommend it. So, for someone like me who was vaccinated five months after getting sick, he has excellent immunity. You go to war with a pistol, but also with a rifle and a grenade, and you have more tools to fight.

Gonzales: What do you say to the doctors, to those who listen to us and who have not yet been vaccinated, or who still have doubts?


Melendez: In the more than 30 years that I have been doing this, I have never encountered or imagined the pain and suffering that we have experienced with this disease. By allowing parents to live with exposure to tubes in the trachea. When I wait outside in the car because I can’t get out of the car at the funeral. When your body freezes and you have to wait 8 or 9 weeks for lack of space in the cemetery. If you have to get on a trailer or a refrigerated truck, it’s for food, but instead of food, there are 70-80 corpses.

My God! It was a difficult time for us. And that has changed. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have seen the numbers drop dramatically. At the hospital, a lecturer every 15 minutes said: “Watch out! I had to resuscitate a person every 15 minutes, so go to this or that room. Now things are back to normal.


What I mean is if not vaccinated this enemy has the potential to rise up with an ugly head.

Gonzales: If you are looking for information related to the coronavirus, please visit trib.it / vacunas.

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