New Alien sequel written and directed by Fede Álvarez

The horror genre has seen a resurgence over the past decade and one director that many horror fans have fallen in love with is Fede Alvarez. After facing Deadites in his 2013 evil Dead reboot and create its own unique franchise of horror thrillers in don’t breathe, it seems that Álvarez has found his next project. Reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, Álvarez will write and direct a new stand-alone Extraterrestrial film for 20th Century Studios and director of original series Ridley Scott will produce the project through its Scott Free banner. The new movie will be made for Hulu, rather than theaters, as part of an ambitious plan for 20th Century to make ten movies a year for the Disney-owned platform.


Not much is known about the film at this time, but THR’s sources say it is unrelated to previous films in the franchise. Those same sources say Álvarez is a big fan of the show and pitched the idea for this film to Scott years ago. That idea apparently stuck in Scott’s head all these years later, and he called Álvarez last year to ask if he still wanted to do it. the don’t breathe the director wasted no time in accepting the project and said yes.

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Seems to be quite the idea as 20th Century Division President Steve Asbel said they took over the project “purely on the strength of Fede’s speech.” He went on to say, “It was just a really good story with a bunch of characters you’ve never seen before.” Asbell also talked about the Hulu aspect of the project and how it allows them to not jeopardize their vision for a theatrical release. He said, “It’s not a movie that has to please everyone with these gargantuan budgets. They become authentically what they are. And it’s closer to its genre roots.

While it’s very disappointing that this movie doesn’t get a theatrical release given that horror is always better with an audience in a big, dark theater, at least it looks like the series is getting back to its horror aesthetic. deep. The original from 1979 Extraterrestrial was such a unique movie because it was a mix of a claustrophobic haunted house thriller and a slasher monster movie. Subsequent films took a more action-oriented approach, starting with James Cameron. aliens. Alien 3 as well as Alien: Resurrection mostly followed suit with this direction. Scott would return to the franchise in 2012 with the critic divided Prometheus which was a more mythological prequel film focused on the lore of the Extraterrestrial universe rather than a return to form for the series. Scott would return for another prequel in 2017 for the last film in the franchise so far, Alien: Alliancewhich was a mixture of Prometheus‘ mythology and classic Extraterrestrial claustrophobic terror. The franchise also currently has a limited series in the works for the FX Network.

It will be great to see Extraterrestrial become a full-fledged horror again, and if you’re going to hire someone other than Scott to do it, Álvarez is a great choice. As mentioned earlier, Álvarez already has experience rebooting a major horror franchise with evil Dead who also successfully introduced new fan-favorite characters to this decade-old series. Besides that, 2016 don’t breathe is hailed as a modern horror classic, and it actually bears many similarities to the original Extraterrestrial with its extremely tense claustrophobic atmosphere and the main characters driven away by a monstrous force. Álvarez also co-wrote and produced his underrated sequel Don’t breathe 2 last year and last month, the director produced and co-wrote the story of the new Chainsaw Massacre Netflix legacy sequel.

Álvarez has experience with major franchises and streaming services, which will most likely help this new movie get off the ground. Plus, with Alvarez’s deep love for the franchise as well as his great eye for gruesome visuals, it’ll be interesting to see what his take on Xenomorphs is given this looks like in a reboot and if any characters like the iconic Ridley will make an appearance of some sort in the film. For all the latest news on this new Extraterrestrial movie, stick with Collider.

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