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Do you believe in miracles? Expect a miracle! On

Expect a miracle! Over the Christmas break, the state’s first schoolchildren tournament will be held in southern Tulsa on a basketball court with this statement written on it. There is no question mark after the statement.

I believe in miracles. Bigger miracles than a half-field with a buzzer which only finds the net. I’m sure some would call this naive and maybe it is. Although in a way one would expect it, miracles surprise us.

It’s Christmas. If Christmas doesn’t make you think of miracles, nothing will.

The Christmas story says that Mary knew there had been a miracle. Joseph was said to be a righteous man and when he was told to trust Mary he did. Miracles require trust.

If Mary had supported the newborn baby Jesus, looked at Joseph and said, “He’s a boy. Joseph would have replied, “I know. They both knew. They believed.

Miracles don’t have to be big and far away. Walt Whitman, the early poet and baseball fan, wrote: “For me every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.

This Christmas Eve, I will once again be able to read The Night Before Christmas to the children of my family. I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been doing this but a lot. This year, as in recent years, I read it to my great-grandchildren. It’s a miracle !

Recently I heard a child defending Santa Claus. Well, defend the existence of Santa Claus. Over the years, I have heard all kinds of psychological and developmental theories about the “Santa Claus myth”. I believe in teaching a child to embrace fantasy, a belief in things that we cannot see or confirm.

I love the line from the movie Miracle on 34th Street that says, “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.”

What happens when the children find out that Santa Claus does not actually exist? Well, first, they could learn the vital skill of dealing with disappointment. And if it is so terrible, why are we in a hurry to perpetrate this fraud on our children? Go figure it out.

I believe that in a child’s ability to embrace illusion lays the foundation for grasping creativity and invention. When children believe, the magic shines brighter in their eyes and their hugs seem tighter. Miracles can make sense. Have faith.

I’m going to take a break from writing Just Thinkin ‘over the holidays.

Merry Christmas! Good year!

Take advantage of this miracle that God has performed.

“Strange, isn’t it? The life of every man touches so many lives. When he’s not around he leaves a terrible hole, doesn’t he? – Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life. Hal McBride writes a column, Just Thinkin ‘, published weekly.

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