On the way to Olympus: these 5 accessories will make you a Greek goddess

Greek mythology has always fascinated fashion in a way that would make Aphrodite proud. For you to go to Olympus, these pieces must not be missing from your style!

Not only in the world of fashion, art history and literature, but also in pop culture, we regularly come across motifs from Greek mythology. So regularly that we pretty much know what Mount Olympus is, who lived there, and know a story or two. The sense of aesthetics in ancient Greece is always a feast for the eyes, which can hardly be resisted in the museum. Along with the lightly draped and airy linen fabrics that gave grace and class, there were a few other essential style accessories.

On the way to Olympus: these accessories put you in the league of goddesses


The style of Greek antiquity is natural, minimalist, sumptuous and at the same time elegant. It makes us dream of heroic journeys and dinners. About mystical creatures and forests that enchant us. Designers who like to draw inspiration from Antiquity know this too. In terms of styling, it is therefore important to return to a palette of light colors: in other words, light tones such as beige, cream, ivory. To emphasize the shine, they are combined with golden accents. The suit alone looks very…Olympic.

The Hermès winged shoe has competition

Hermès already knew that the right shoe works wonders with its winged shoes, which gave it its incomparable speed. It’s out of the question for us, but to still have a little Grecian charm, we just opt ​​for gladiator-style sandals with toe separators and elegant calf lacing. The sole should be thick and stable, which makes it a reliable companion in everyday life.

jewelry family

Admittedly, the layering of jewelry is exhausting – for Greek goddesses too. Who has time to spend centuries untangling jewelry? It depends on the beautiful, but at the same time unobtrusive decoration. The best way to do this is with a matching coin, how could it be otherwise, gold! Use a mix of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Decorations depicting Greek heroes, gods and goddesses were popular in Hellenistic times. With bracelets and large rings, these come into their own.

head of hair

Open hair with bold yet elegant beach waves is our go-to for Grecian grace. Pin his hair up with chunky golden clips when he gets too much on his face. Braided hairstyles were also typical of antiquity – but not too severe. Rather… seductive. Elegance comes effortlessly with braided hair accessories. Nevertheless, the following applies: in moderation, not in bulk. Check out “Hair Cuffs” for a modern twist. They can be used in several ways: at the root of the hair or at the end.

Everything for size

Drape at home and experiment with lightweight fabrics. It doesn’t matter whether you want to give the long dress a waistline or a straight top. A drawstring waistband makes sure the whole thing holds up at the end. There is an additional Grecian chic with tassels and golden elements on the waistband.


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