Ozark and other movies and shows to watch on Netflix April 30, 2022

As April 2022 draws to a close, Netflix is ​​doing everything to keep audiences coming back for more with new original programming and old favorites added to its streaming service to enjoy. From expanding its anime library to shutting down many of its most acclaimed original series, Netflix’s new additions in the last week of April stand out throughout the month. And CBR is here to help you figure out exactly what to eat as May 2022 officially begins.

Here are all the biggest and best TV shows and movies to air the last weekend in April, from anime comic book adaptations to gripping crime drama endings.

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Bubble Boosts Netflix’s Commitment to Its Anime Library

One of the biggest anime titles coming to Netflix this year is the feature film Bubbledirected by prolific animation filmmaker Tetsuro Araki. BubbleThe arrival of on the digital platform precedes its theatrical release in Japan, with the film enjoying widespread buzz since its debut at the Berlin International Film Festival last February. Bubbles producer is influential Japanese animation house Wit Studio, which worked on the first three seasons of The attack of the Titans.

Bubble takes place in a world where man-made bubbles descend to Earth and separate entire communities from each other. In the aftermath, Tokyo has become a playground for young people following the collapse of modern society. With its gorgeous animation style and top-notch production team, Bubble will be one of the most memorable anime releases of the year.

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Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles brings the famous comic book to life

Comics creator Stan Sakai’s most famous comic book series is Usagi Yojimbo, following a samurai rabbit in an anthropomorphized vision of feudal Japan. Launched in 1987, the series is hailed for its story and its incorporation of Japanese mythology. Netflix adapts into an animated CG series, Rabbit Samurai: The Usagi Chroniclesfinally bringing Sakai’s long tale to life in a new medium.

The series follows teenage swordsman Samurai Yuichi, a descendant of legendary samurai Miyamoto Usagi. As Yuichi sets out to claim his destiny as a samurai, he is joined by a motley crew to traverse feudal Japan in search of a grand adventure. With plenty of medieval action and a deep dive into Japanese mythology, samurai rabbit will show why Usagi Yojimbo has endeared himself to fans around the world for decades.

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Grace and Frankie embark on one last wild ride together

One of Netflix’s funniest original series is Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as the titular protagonists. The series began with the husbands of Grace and Frankie announcing that they were leaving their longtime spouses to marry, leaving the two women to forge their own cohabitation friendship in their twilight years. Throughout the series, the two blended families grew closer, while Grace and Frankie successfully started their own business.

The comedy series is coming to an end with its seventh season, with the final twelve episodes of the final season finally arriving on the streaming service. The first part of Season 7 ended with Lily falling into a money laundering scheme to help Grace’s imprisoned boyfriend Nick. With the dynamic of the two women now facing the long arm of the law, Grace and Frankie’s friendship is about to be tested like never before.

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Ozark Ties His Bloody Ends

Another acclaimed original series from Netflix that ends in April, although very different from Grace and Frankieis the crime drama ozark. Married couple Marty and Wendy Byrde move to the Lake of the Ozarks in the heart of Missouri to run a massive money laundering operation for a Mexican drug cartel. This sets the Byrde family on a collision course with Missouri’s established organized crime element, leading them to evade the law and take on the Kansas City mob.

The first half of ozark Season 4 premiered last January, with the FBI pressuring the cartel, causing them to rethink their relationship with the Byrdes. As Marty and Wendy plan to return to Chicago, Navarro’s cartel enforcer Javier disrupts their own Missouri getaway. As the FBI closes in and the cartel and local crime syndicate pursue them, Marty and Wendy will have to think things through quickly if they hope to survive as ozark completes its four-season run.

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A fan-favorite Robert Downey, Jr. role that has left audiences wanting more is his two-movie turn as iconic private eye Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Guy Ritchie, Downey was paired with Jude Law and Holmes’ best friend and loyal companion, John Watson, as they solved crimes in Victorian Europe. The original from 2009 sherlock holmes and its 2011 sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows are available to stream on Netflix.

From his imaginative fight sequences to Downey’s hyper-verbal portrayal of Holmes, his two super sleuth appearances still hold up well over a decade later. Both films pit Holmes and Watson against particularly memorable foes, from Mark Strong’s Lord Henry Blackwood to Jared Harris’ Professor James Moriarty. Recently, Downey declared his intention to revisit the Sherlock Holmes franchise, making the review of these two films a chance to remember why his legacy still holds strong.

Holmes GoS

The Sherlock Holmes Theory: A Game of Shadows plot is revealed early in the film

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