Personal Loans Without Warranties, Guarantor, Paychecks: Online

Accessing a personal loan without an envelope and without guarantees could seem like an impossible undertaking. Let’s clarify right away that these two conditions together are not ideal for those looking for a personal loan: this does not mean that accessing a loan is impossible!

Personal loans without guarantee and paycheck

We have said that even those who are not employees and have no guarantees can theoretically access credit. Let’s find out what the requirements of most banks and the financial requirements for access to credit are. Once the absence of a paycheck and a guarantor who can take responsibility for repaying the loan in the event of non-payment has been identified, the financial institution or bank usually requires those who need a personal loan if other assets exist to protect them. the institution that issues the loan from any missed payments. In the absence of a paycheck or other guarantees, it is often possible to use a house or in general a property owned as collateral for the loan itself. This type of guarantee is however recommended only for large amounts of loans, as the risk connected to the loss of the asset is not always adequate to the benefit obtainable with a personal loan.

In addition to real estate, also movable property , such as the perception of a rent, a life insurance or a future pension, can be presented as a guarantee for obtaining loans without guarantees, even in the case of online personal loans. Some financial assets also accept valuable assets , such as works of art, jewelery or precious objects.

A last possibility for those seeking a personal loan without guarantee is given by the guaranty , ie the guarantee offered by a third party regarding the possibility of coping with the payment in case of problems in the repayment of the agreed installments by the applicant.

From what has been described up to here it is clear how the panorama of personal loans without guarantees and without a paycheck is rather varied; in fact there are many products on the market designed specifically for the subjects that correspond to this profile, with very different characteristics. In addition to the aforementioned movable and immovable property, it is therefore not ruled out that some financial institutions accept guarantees of a different type, to be considered at the time the application is presented.

How much is a loan without a paycheck and without guarantees?

We have said at the beginning that this type of loan is not the easiest to obtain for those looking for a personal loan. Please note that due to the lower diffusion compared to standard loans (designed for example for public or private employees), the actual cost of loans without payroll could be higher . For this reason, before the loan application is forwarded, it is always advisable to compare the bad credit loans, without neglecting the online loan market, able to offer advantageous and completely comparable products compared to those offered offline as regards the security and characteristics of the loans . personal loan.
In this sense, a personal online loan comparator is the recommended tool to quickly identify the product that most closely matches your credit needs, without having to enter the required data several times or having to visit many banks and financial websites .

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