Plaza Cielo Tierra has opened a new entrance and added scientific instruments

  • The ribbon was cut as part of the anniversary month of the creation of the Scientific Interpretation Center.
  • The new spaces include the entry and exit organization, the merchandise store and new scientific instruments.

As part of the celebrations of the four years of Plaza Cielo Tierra Scientific Translation CenterThis morning, the work of organizing the entry and exit of the property and the store of new scientific goods and instruments opened.

The new entrance via Chacabuco at 1300 will allow visitors to arrive in a more orderly manner and ensure a careful visit to all of Cordoba.

In addition, a commercial goods store was officially launched where science toys and trinkets are sold. New scientific instruments such as Rubens Tube, Mysterious Pendulum, Ames Window, Newton Pendulum, Traction Structure and 360 Degree Function View are also open.

During the ceremony, Education Minister Walter Grahovac said that the Plaza “It is a space that unites science with citizens and the intention to share knowledge.”

In this sense, the owner of the educational portfolio values: Thousands of girls and boys have managed to visit the place. It means a lot for a teacher or professor to tackle a subject, to come to the square, to see the tools, to plan for the future and to be able to motivate the students who, through this space, can through this appropriate space have knowledge and often something that is my imagination.

For his part, the director of Plaza Cielo Tierra Square, Daniel Baracco, said this “It is always said that young people are the future and it is true, but that future will depend on what we teachers do. “ In this sense, he announced the installation of three mobile planetariums that would crisscross the province to represent a true federation.

Coordinating ministers Silvia Rivero and Minister of Science and Technology Pablo de Chiara were also present. Secretary for the administrative management of the educational profile, Luciano Garavaglia; The municipal secretary for education, Horacio Ferreira, with the undersecretary, Maria José Viola and Cecilia Amis, deputy director of the Scientific and Technological Secretariat of UNU, among other regional, municipal and academic authorities.

What is Plaza Cielo Tierra?

The Scientific Translation Center is a joint initiative of the National University of Cordoba and the provincial government, and its main objective is to encourage public communication of science and technology. Located in Parque de Las Tejas in Cordoba, the space offers to enjoy, observe, discover, explore and learn more about science and history. It is mainly intended for scientific activities, promoting the education and training of children, young people and adults.

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