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CARE International seeks a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and where everyone lives in dignity and security. In Jordan, CARE will be recognized for its commitment to humanitarian protection and the empowerment of communities, especially women and girls, where rights are guaranteed and human potential realized for all.

CARE in Jordan leads humanitarian protection, economic empowerment and civic engagement interventions for women and girls from poor and vulnerable communities in the fight to overcome poverty, gender-based violence and social injustice. We encourage accountability, leadership and political will internally and among our partners to achieve this mission.

CARE values ​​equality, integrity, transformation, excellence, diversity and respect for the dignity and worth of every human being, where we affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of all; the communities we work with, partners, donors and staff.

CARE International established a presence in Jordan in 1948, created following the Palestinian refugee crisis. More than 70 years later, CARE has responded to the needs of Palestinian, Iraqi, Somali, Sudanese and now Syrian refugee communities.

CARE’s scope of work has evolved from emergency response to long-term development programming, now encompassing an urban refugee protection program, the Azraq camp program and the sustainable development program.

CARE International in Jordan is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex or disability.

CARE is committed to protecting and promoting the well-being of children, young people and adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We will do our utmost to ensure that only those who are fit to work within our values ​​are recruited to work for us

CARE International in Jordan has a vacancy for the post of Project Manager/Citizen Engagement:

Context and project description: In Jordan, the health sector is complex and interdependent. Despite the significant improvement in the sector, the reality experienced and the literature have shown the weaknesses of the country’s health system, in particular the decline in the quality of health services, the lack of coordination between the various health facilities, the lack of accountability, the shortage of administrative and medical staff, waste of medicines, unequal access to health services, among others.

The project aims to solve the problem of “drug shortage”, which aims to ensure equitable availability of medicines to those who deserve them by establishing a strong health system capable of providing health services to patients in an equitable, professional manner. and worthy. In addition, the project will attempt to put in place a control mechanism for the ordering, distribution and disbursement of drugs. Also, monitor the process and ensure that wastage and unavailability of medicines is maintained and reduced.

The project will attempt to address the following issues by implementing online and offline actions and activities.

– Patients are aware of their right to receive a fair amount of medicines and give them the necessary tools to fight against unfair practices in the prescription and purchase of medicines. – Physicians and pharmacists are aware of the fair prescribing and sale of the drug. -Formation of a public opinion issue by airing numerous public testimonies of patients on the difficulties they face due to the shortage of drugs to feel the urgency. – Donors of health projects put pressure on the ministry by setting the conditions for setting up an electronic mechanism that controls the request, distribution and disbursement of drugs. – A periodic and intensive request from a civil alliance and the trade unions concerned to feel the urgency.

The Project Manager provides overall technical direction and coordination with partners and other stakeholders to ensure the implementation and achievement of project objectives and results in accordance with the vision, objectives and principles, standards, approaches and CARE Jordan Program Strategic Plan. In addition, in consultation with the supervisor, he develops and monitors the implementation plan and budget and supports partners in the design and development of their activities to achieve the plan. Additionally, he/she ensures that an appropriate monitoring system is in place to track progress, project implementation deviations and lessons learned. In addition, he/she establishes and maintains effective working relationships with the project donor, partners, key government partners and NGOs working in the same areas.

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 1: Knowledge Management for Program Quality

Apply development theory and best practices to activities contributing to project objectives. -Incorporate CARE program quality concepts: principles of programming, program change, DME, reporting and communications, as well as cross-cutting themes of gender equity and diversity, climate change/DRR, HIV, governance , etc. best practices and technical assistance are integrated into project activities. -Contribute to CARE’s emergency preparedness and response, including DRR integration, risk monitoring and responses. – Ensures that the project under his supervision includes an appropriate logical framework and basic design; -Organizes a monitoring system to collect baseline and periodic data to track project performance and decision-making; -Plans and conducts quarterly and annual project review meetings to assess progress, adjust plans and capture/disseminate lessons learned; -Write comprehensive, high-quality monthly/quarterly/annual project progress reports -Instal an understanding of working in a multi-country program setting by providing linkages to the technical program team and other project teams country.

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 2: Financial and administrative management

Ensures compliance with applicable donor rules and regulations, including familiarizing all relevant project staff with them -Coordinates contract start-up and close-out processes and procedures with other relevant units, HR, Finance, Procurement , Auditing, etc. realignment of activities, budgets, contract extensions, etc. -Coordinates all sub-award activities and agreements and ensures compliance with applicable policies and procedures. – Manages budgets, including monthly reviews of expense reports. -Prepares procurement plans and monitors procurement processes. -Ensures safety and proper use of project and CARE assets. -Implement the audit recommendations applicable to the project.

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 3: Business Management: Planning and Implementation

With the project team, analyzes past experiences to systematize and integrate lessons learned into the planning process; – Based on achievements and past accomplishments, adjusts project objectives, strategies, resources and delegation of responsibilities to ensure appropriate progress towards project objectives; – Shares draft plans with the project management team, staff and partners involved in implementation and incorporates their comments into the plan; -Submits annual plans according to established schedules to all project stakeholders. -Organizes the process of implementation of all set objectives planned for each project with the respective supervisors, experts and other relevant staff working within the program departments; -Ensure that all staff have updated monthly and quarterly implementation plans; -Maintains ongoing communication with project stakeholders regarding project progress and challenges; – Continuously assesses the project context, assumptions and changes in the working environment to ensure that project direction, strategies and activities remain relevant and propose adjustments as necessary.

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 4: Manage External Relations and Collaboration

Establish positive working relationships with local partners who are primarily implementing this project, government organizations, NGOs, local and international organizations, academic institutions and private sector actors with activities relevant to the project in order to identify areas of potential collaboration. -Implement a communication plan for each of your key stakeholders to encourage ongoing collaboration and updates -Ensure communication of key milestones to necessary stakeholders within the community. – Gather/compile information generated in the field and complete periodic progress reports in a timely manner as per donor requirements for later incorporation into the program report. -Engage in communication with other CARE project managers to ensure consistent information sharing and collaboration across CARE projects.

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 5: Emergency Response/Staff Safety

Play a lead role in facilitating the delivery of quality administrative support functions in a timely manner at the time of emergency response – Guide and support management on security issues staff are aware of (in coordination with CD )

Qualifications (know-how):


Bachelor’s degree in development, social sciences, economics, public health or equivalent combination of education and work experience.


• MA/MPH/MSc. in sustainable development, social work, social justice or related fields

Technical experience/skills:

At least five years of experience in development and/or humanitarian organizations, including significant experience working with civil society organizations to deliver civic engagement and community organizing programs. – A proven track record of effective project management, including project planning and managing a budget – Excellent and proven experience in managing partner relationships and proven skills in building partnerships, influencing and negotiation with a range of humanitarian and development actors, including governments, UN agencies, academic institutions, networks, national/local NGOs and community groups


Substantial experience with one or more of the participating IWG agencies such as CARE, CRS, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Save the Children, World Vision, and civil society organizations Knowledge and experience of health services and delivery systems in Jordan Previous experience successful in managing multi-agency and multi-stakeholder collaborative projects Experience in effectively disseminating research results and in designing, organizing and managing large-scale learning events.

How to register

please use the link below:–Civic-Engagement–at-CARE-International-in-Jordan

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