Sailor Jupiter’s “random” powers have a simple explanation


While many don’t understand Sailor Jupiter’s seemingly incompatible powers, the answer is simple and sticks to Sailor Moon’s use of mythology.

Marine jupiter from the successful manga series, Sailor moon, is one of the main Sailor Guardians in the series. While the powers of her colleague Guardian make sense according to their planet in terms of Roman mythology, those of Sailor Jupiter are not so clear. However, they actually make sense from a broader perspective.

Sailor Guardians most commonly seen indoors Sailor moon include Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus. They are also called Inner Senshi because they protect the inner planets of the galaxy. Sailor Mars has fire abilities while Sailor Mercury has water abilities. Sailor Venus – also known as Sailor V – controls light and some of her attacks are based on love. This corresponds to the fact that her planet is named after the goddess of love and beauty.

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Sailor moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi. In the first volume of the Eternal Edition of the series, the translator’s notes include some details about the powers of Sailor Jupiter. Throughout the series, we see that she has abilities that are both Earth-based, pipe plants, and the sky. She is frequently seen controlling thunder and lightning. To Western audiences, it may seem like contrasting powers, but Roman mythology and Taoist (or Taoist) cosmology are both at play with this Sailor Guardian.

Sailor Jupiter Sailor Moon Manga

His powers over thunder and lightning are the most obvious ties to his planet. Jupiter is the god of the sky in Roman mythology and he is often depicted controlling thunder and lightning through storms. Unlike Sailor Mars (Rei Hino) and Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno), Sailor Jupiter’s civil name does not match her ability as a planet in this mythology. Mizuno means “water” and Hino Rei (in Japanese name order) means “spirit of fire”. Kino Makoto is Sailor Jupiter’s alter ego. Kino means “of wood,” which apparently has nothing to do with thunder, lightning, or the sky. However, this Sailor Guardian’s planet actually has the same naming convention.

In Japanese, the planet Jupiter is actually named mokusei. It means “wood star”. The Taoist teachings include eight trigrams that make up the cosmology of philosophy. These divide five basic elements into eight. The five elements are water, fire, earth, wood and metal. When the elements are divided into eight, lightning and wind are included under the wood element. When framed in this way, Sailor Jupiter’s powers have clearer ties to her role, making it appropriate that she can strike enemies with thunder or plants. Some of his attacks include Flower Hurricane, Jupiter Thunderbolt, and Jupiter Oak Evolution. This mythological combination also explains why she can use storm-like flowers for Flower Hurricane, since the wind is incorporated into her larger element. While the Western public is unlikely to view plants and electricity as complementary powers for heroes, Sailor moon‘s Marine jupiter remains a well-balanced powerhouse to be reckoned with.

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