Sailor Moon’s Sailor Mars Draws Her Fiery Bow In New Statue

Sailor Mars is ready to moonlight evil in an all-new Sailor Moon statue that truly captivates the heroic spirit of the Guardians of Mars.

the fiery Sailor March is ready to fight evil in a whole new Sailor Moon statue that captures the heroic spirit of the Guardians of Mars. The Sailor Senshi or Sailor Scouts are known as powerful heroines throughout the galaxy with exceptional magical powers. However, Rei Hino’s independent personality and shrine maiden powers make her a fan favorite among the Sailor Guardians.

First appeared in Sailor Moon vsh.3 “Rei Sailor Mars”, Sailor Mars rules as protector of her home planet Mars. Sailor Mars’ powers come from her Sailor Crystal, a powerful Starseed. Although powerful with fire, Sailor Mars’ strength goes far beyond Sailor Crystal’s powers. In fact, Rei’s priestess powers as a shrine maiden made her capable of battling the forces of evil long before she became a Sailor Scout. As a shrine maiden, Rei can drive away evil spirits with talismans and see the future with premonitions, which are significant powers she still possesses as Sailor Mars, where her powers are enhanced by her excellent archery skills.


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An Instagram post from Sailor Moon sailorsnubs review page features Sailor Mars in a fierce stance with her fiery “Mars Sniper Rifle” in hand. The bow and arrow – which Rei can create from flames thanks to the Mars Crystal – are translucent, with similar rings of flame appearing around Rei’s feet. Sailor Mars is usually seen incorporating her priestess purification powers with special flame attacks like “Akuryo Taisen”, a phrase that translates to “Evil Spirits, Be Gone”. The statue features her Sailor Scout design, with Rei’s color scheme matching the shrine maiden outfit she wears as a priestess.

The inspiration behind Rei’s maiden comes from designer Naoko Takeuchi’s time as a Shinto shrine maiden. This might explain why Rei’s passion for her priesthood translates so easily to her powers as Sailor Mars. Fans also know that Rei’s design is modeled after famous J-pop star Alisa Mizuki, however, the Japanese translation of her full name translates to “the spirit of fire.” Although Sailor Moon draws inspiration from both Roman mythology and Taoist cosmology, Sailor Mars’ association with fire comes not from the Roman god of war but from the Japanese translation of Mars meaning “planet of fire”.

This awe-inspiring statue captures the resolute spirit and intense firepower that makes Sailor Mars so beloved by fans, depicting her aiming for evil while relying on her Sailor Scout abilities. The iconic Sailor Scout designs are a big part of what makes Sailor Moon so iconic in the Magic Girl genre, featured here in Sailor March, who more than deserved her warrior pose.

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