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Medical Facts Editorial / Janine Padding 06 October 2021 – 08:42

UMC Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Alliance for the Elderly, painted a knowledge agenda for the elderly. The aim is to improve care for the elderly in the city. The Knowledge Agenda bridges the gap between scientific knowledge and the city’s elderly care issues.

It is a central theme in any scientific institution: how to ensure that society benefits from the knowledge acquired? And vice versa, how do scientists know which societal problems require scientific research? These are the questions that formed the basis of the knowledge agenda for older people. The agenda contains eight main themes which will be taken up in the coming years by the Alliance of Older Persons Amsterdam * and the UMC Amsterdam. This includes acute care for the elderly, care in the later stages of life, and care for people with dementia. The document was prepared in collaboration with older people, caregivers, policy makers and scientists, among others.

lively and healthy

Elderly care has been an important research topic at UMC Amsterdam for years. Professor of Acute Care for the Elderly Bianca Bormann: “We are conducting research on crisis prevention and home care for frail elderly people, but we believe that our knowledge is not reaching enough to the elderly themselves. It’s a shame.

Academics from UMC Amsterdam set the knowledge agenda in the context of the Amsterdam Live and Healthy program. The questions addressed were: “How to continue living at home if you need more and more care” and “Acute care near you”. On the latter topic, Wijkliniek has already been successfully set up, together with the Cordaan Care organization, to help older people who need emergency care without having to stay (for an extended period) in a ward. hospital emergency ( The theme of life was also put forward; Older people are living at home longer and longer, but how do you make it safe, sustainable and enjoyable?

Starting point

The knowledge agenda explicitly aims to take joint elderly care in Amsterdam to the next level. It is therefore not an exercise on paper, but concrete actions. We will not put this document in the drawer. It is an additional basis for jointly improving the care of the elderly in the city. We organize round tables, come up with concrete plans and do new research if we don’t have a solution to a problem.

You can find the Knowledge Agenda here

* The Amsterdam Alliance for the Elderly is part of the Vital and Healthy Amsterdam program, in which the municipality of Amsterdam, health insurer Zelverin Kreuz, health and social care providers gathered in Segra, associations de logement and Klintbelang Amsterdam are working together to anticipate the demand for care in the future. . Amsterdam UMC volunteered as a knowledge partner.

Source: Amsterdam UMC

Medical Facts Editorial / Janine Padding

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