SMU’s Mapletree real estate program improved with S $ 2.5 million contribution

Singapore, November 23 (Tuesday), 2021 – The Singapore Management University (“SMU”) Mapletree Real Estate Program (“Program”) was enhanced by a S $ 2.5 million contribution from Mapletree Investments (“Mapletree” or “the Group”). The additional funding will go to expanding the program which will now include undergraduate scholarships, graduate scholarships, postgraduate study trips abroad and support for SMU researchers on a 10 year period.

Following the success of the program which was launched in 2018, the expanded program aims to equip a larger group of students with the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to build a larger pool of talent for leadership roles in the real estate industry by Singapore and around the world. It also establishes thought leadership in real estate financing and investing, and develops an increased capacity for knowledge creation, dissemination and translation.

Mapletree scholarship

Two undergraduate scholarships will be awarded each year to deserving students enrolled in the Real Estate stream of SMU. The scholarship aims to motivate outstanding undergraduate students to achieve academic excellence and achievement. Each scholarship is valued at S $ 10,000 per year (S $ 20,000 in total for two undergraduates) and will support the recipient’s third and fourth years of study. A total of 20 Mapletree scholarships are expected to be awarded over a ten-year period.

Mapletree Graduate Scholarship

Three graduate scholarships will be awarded each year to deserving students pursuing the real estate course as part of the SMU Master of Science in Applied Finance program. Each scholarship is valued at S $ 25,000. A total of 30 Mapletree graduate scholarships are expected to be disbursed within the agreed funding period.

Mapletree Study Abroad Travel Fund

The Mapletree Overseas Study Trip Fund aims to enable students to visit major players, as well as gain regional and global exposure within the real estate industry and related government bodies in international markets. They will have the opportunity to gain project-based learning experiences, understand international real estate investing and develop an appreciation of macroeconomic factors that influence the performance of real estate markets across countries. The Mapletree Overseas Study Trip Fund is open to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Applied Finance, Real Estate Track.

Mapletree Research Fellows

Outstanding postdoctoral researchers in the real estate industry will be appointed Mapletree Research Fellows. Fellows will contribute to research, curriculum development, teaching and public seminars relevant to academia and industry.

President of SMU, Professor Lily Kong said, “SMU regularly engages key industry players such as Mapletree, in Singapore and the region, so that our researchers can benefit from a first-hand understanding of industry needs and innovate in our approach. This significant donation from Mapletree Investments affirms the quality and rigor of SMU’s education and research within the industry, and the impact it creates.

Also recognizing the need to develop talent that delivers both strategic and economic value, our close collaboration with Mapletree ensures that our program remains relevant to the industry and we continue to establish a strong leadership position in real estate education and knowledge creation.

Together, SMU aims to work closely with Mapletree Investments to explore further opportunities for the development and expansion of academic and research activities in the real estate sector. We are grateful for the continued support and partnership of Mapletree Investments and we continue to look ahead to our collective vision for growth.

Mr. Hiew Yoon Khong, Managing Director of Mapletree Group said, “The real estate industry today demands that its leaders and managers have a comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of the industry. Thus, providing this enhanced gift is a gesture of Mapletree’s commitment to expanding the real estate program that will provide students with skills that meet current industry needs. Ultimately, we hope that the program will equip students with leadership skills and real estate knowledge to eventually manage, lead and develop the real estate industry in Singapore. “

“We are also happy to celebrate the start of the new real estate industry as part of SMU’s Master of Science in Applied Finance. We hope this will become a full-fledged master’s program in the near future, ”added Hiew.

In September 2021, the first Mapletree scholarships were awarded to two undergraduate students, Teo Jia Rui, Jerry and Donovan Teo Kai Siang, enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Economics) and the Bachelor of Business Management (Finance) respectively. The first Mapletree Graduate Scholarships were awarded to three students – Jerrod Tan, Brandon Yeo Wen Yuan and Lee Hong Hui.

The enhanced contribution follows a S $ 3 million previously awarded to SMU when the program was established in 2018. The existing program includes the Mapletree Chair in Real Estate, the Mapletree Awards, the Mapletree Real Estate Business Scholarship for undergraduates and Mapletree speaker events.

A ceremony was held at SMU on November 22, in appreciation of the increased funding for Mapletree. It also enabled scholarship recipients to meet and get to know the management teams of SMU and Mapletree.

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